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Reunion 22 Mar 2010
Philippine Bacolod Missionaries ;

There will not be a formal missionary reunion this year. We encourage you to get together as circumstances allow informally. Sister Biddulph and I are pretty tied down in our present call in the Idaho Falls temple presidency and have not been able to find a way to get away for the traditional Friday before Spring General Conference reunion. I have been in contact with the American mission presidents since 2000 and the Smith's are tentatively planning a reunion for next year .

As the business of life scatters us across the country and the world we have wondered about the ideal frequency of reunions . We would appreciate your input on this subject. We hope that this note finds you well and "true to the faith" .


President and Sister Biddulph
Charles J. Thiot Send Email
Cebu Temple dedication 12 Jan 2010
I was so excited to see that the temple is finally finished and will be dedicated later this year! I told myself that if the Philippines ever got a second temple, that I would return. Well... I am coming back! I will be taking my wife, and we are probably going to stay for about a week. I will be writing the mission president to let him know I'll be coming. I am so excited for all the saints in the new Temple district!!! Congratulations on an outstanding achievement. Your lives will truly be blessed.
Bradley Dallas Freestone Send Email
Travel assistance 11 Jan 2010
MY wife and I would like to travel to the Philippines to pick up our son, Nick, in December. I'm early in the planning stages. Is there any words of advice some of you former missionaries or parents could give me as far as where to stay, how to get around.......where to start?


Bro Stockton
Owen Stockton Send Email
Elder David Allred 25 Mar 2009
I am sad to post the following message regarding the death of Elder David Allred. Please see the following link for more information.
Tim Watson Send Email
hi! 07 Jan 2009
my Email Add is and .Please send a message.
Marlon Batoctoy Ibona Send Email
hi! 07 Jan 2009
dear dears,
kumusta na? this is elder ibona before, and i want to have a message to all of the ones who knew me...thank you!!!
Marlon Batoctoy Ibona Send Email
President Leishman on Facebook 24 Dec 2008
President Leishman has joined Facebook and is looking for former missionaries. He has also started a "Philippines Bacolod Mission - Leishman (1988-1991)" group on Facebook.
Please come and join us!
David DeWidt Send Email
Akeanon RMs 25 Sep 2008
Where all the RMs went?Anyone from Akean?Hai,kumusta man igto?Sister Roque here...:-)
Mary Ann Alinsunorin Malanum Send Email
helloo.. 24 Jul 2008
any one of you here who knows the e-mail add of Pres. and Sister snell? pls.. let me have it so that i can send them some message. thank you
Joemarie Sumalinog Balboa Send Email
mission reunion part 2 21 Jul 2008
President and Sister Smith would like to meet with the Bacolod RMs one more time on November 29, 2008. It's a Saturday and for those who are working, it's going to be a long weekend because December 1 (Monday closest to November 30-Bonifacio Day) has been declared a holiday.

Anyway, President would like to attend a temple session with the RMs (don't forget your temple recommends) then get together--and most probably eat!--with them afterwards.

He has not decided on the exact time yet; he wants to know what is convenient for most of the RMs. So please pass the word around and let us know of your suggestions (time and place).

See you!
Dianne Cacho Send Email
Reunion Pix 27 May 2008
To all RNs that their names didn't appear in the caption (pix), please spare me... I do not know your names cuz most of you served the mission when my days were counted.. I'm really sorry...
Yes, sister Cacho I accept it. Thanks too... This is just the least that I can do to those who attended the mission reunion..
Elgin Ausejo Topacio Send Email
thanks 01 May 2008
Thank you, Brother Topacio, for taking time to resize and upload our mission reunion pictures to this site. I really appreciate it...
Dianne Cacho Send Email
Reunion photos 01 Apr 2008
To all returned missionaries,

The pictures taken during the reunion with Pres. & Sis. Smith on March 6, 2008 at the Manila MTC are now available. But since maximum file size for photos to be uploaded in this site is only 150K per photo (I tried to reduce the file size but the least I can get is 165K), you can view the pictures at

You are free to add your comments there :-)
Dianne Cacho Send Email
ginagamit pa ini? 02 Mar 2008
Hey, i served from 2004-2006 and i was just reading through the messages and it doesn't look like anyone uses this anymore. Is there anyone who i sserved with who checks out this website? If so send me a message. Dahan.
Daniel Matthew Keyes Send Email
Address 29 Feb 2008
Hello everyone I have a brother who will be serving in Bacolod Mission within a week and I would like to know where can I send a package for him. I know where to send a letter but I would love to know where can I send him a package. Thanks. Take care everyone
Ailyne Bates Send Email
Victorias Branch 22 Jan 2008
In 1977 - 1978, Victorias Branch was almost closed and the members were to be divided between Cadiz and Silay Units.

The then District President had other ideas, he called my companion Elder and Myself to be councillors to Bro. Jose Zulletta the new Branch President.

In those days we had to have a permit from the local catholic priest to tract the town.

So how has this branch grown and what is the all the news of this area?

It would be most appreciated, how is the growth, the membership, and the history of the area.
Terrence Edwin James Swan Send Email
President and Sister Smith Email 27 Sep 2007
Hello. I am looking for President and Sister Smith's contact info as I need a verification of my missionary service for licensure as a CPA. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

John David Anderson Send Email
Locating Ike Tabernilla 24 Aug 2007
I'm trying to find the contact information for Ike Tabernilla in the Kalibo Stake.

He was one of the special guys I was able to teach and baptize, but I have since lost contact with him.

If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Ben Whitmer Send Email
Locating Ike Tabernilla 24 Aug 2007
I'm trying to find the contact information for Ike Tabernilla in the Kalibo Stake.

He was one of the special guys I was able to teach and baptize, but I have since lost contact with him.

If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Ben Whitmer Send Email
REUNION 27 Jul 2007
Hey!!!! guys ....:) good day to all of you. all of missionaries from the time of Sister & President Smith Please send us some informations about yourself.. listed below are some of the informations that we are needed like;

1 - Your Full Name
2 - Contact No. Home phone, work phone ,
mobile number and email address.
3 - Your Status in life; Married, Single,Widowed
and if you are working please state us the
nature of your work, company name ,contact
no. and address.
4 - Contact the following person for more details ......... Ms. Maylyn A. Olayta +639215962583 / 09222285196 or you may visit Sister & President
Smith @ MTC and talk about this matter... :)
Maylyn Apole Olayta Send Email
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