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Elder Trias 31 Jan 2014
For any & all missionaries and their family members, there is a FB page called Philippines Olongapo Missionary Families, please come and join us! President Querido posts information and photos on a regular basis. Sis Trias, if your son hasn't yet been recalled to Tacloban, come check out the page!
Bonnie Email Not Available
Mission Call 07 Dec 2013
Just opened my mission call today.I'm assigned in Philippines Olongapo Mission. I'll be entering MTC on January 3, 2014. Excited na ako sobra.
Diana Rose Bautista Send Email
Elder Trias 29 Nov 2013
Hi, My son Elder Trias from Tacloban Mission is now being re assigned there in Olongapo, I hope he is ok and doing well, the last time i heared from him is that he is still having nightmares about his experiences during the storm in Tacloban, I was once a missionary under Baguio Mission and served in San Felipe Zambales. Please update me about him. thanks
christine trias Send Email
my sons mission calling 04 Feb 2013
My son has just been called to serve in the Olongapo Mission and will leave for the MTC on the 26th March 2013. He is the first missionary in my Family, and I don't know how to prepare him what he should take or not take, and if any one has any useful ideas to help us it would be so appreciated. Thankyou.
maureen Send Email
Sister Missionary 27 Apr 2012
Can sister missionaries wear open toe sandals while traking? We are trying to figure out whats the best shoes to get for the Olongapo mission.
Brenda Palmer Send Email
Olongapo mission 25 Apr 2012
Hi! My son Beau will be going into the MTC on July 18th, and going to the Olongapo mission Sept 18th. He just returned from BYU-Hawaii where he was majoring in music, and finished the year. He is looking forward to serving. I hope to connect with more mom's with missionaries in the Olongapo mission!
Aloha, Carole Kapeliela
Carole Kapeliela Send Email
Greetings from Antipolo 09 Apr 2012
hello, to everyone am glad to receive messages and notification from Philippines Olongapo Mission, I served under Pres Robert Kennerley so Olongapo is part of my mission or i am part of Olongapo Mission but was assigned only under Angeles Zone then part of our mission..:)
Christine O. Bornilla Send Email
Hello 28 Feb 2012
magangang Umaga..Kumusta po ka yo?? Hello everyone, i'm so glad to let you guys know that i only have one more week to go before i enter the mtc and to be set apart as a full time missionary for the church, and to labour in the Olongapo for the next couples of months and i'm soooo glad...hit me up onto my e-mail want to get out there and find the lost sheep from our heavenly father's fold...malo
Lose Mafi Send Email
Malo e lelei 30 Nov 2011
hello everyone, i'm so glad to find this page and i'm so excited also because i'm about to set apart as a full-time missionary..and i was call to labour in the Philippines Olongapo Mission and i have to report to the Provo MTC on the 13 of March 2012 and i can't wait for that day to arrive, and by the way i'm a Tongan and i'm so haapy to learn a foeign language and to meet with new people and a different cultures....Malo
lose mafi Send Email
Son headed your way soon. 15 Nov 2011
I am so looking forward to sending my son Newel to this mission. I am searching for information about all aspects of the Olongapo Mission. My son is at BYU so I have not even had the chance to read the packet that came with his call. I live in North Carolina. Anyone out there that would like to send me information, tips, photos, testimonies or anything. Bring it on. Newel is my oldest so this is my first time being a mission mom. I am so blessed to have a son worthy and willing to serve the Lord and to have him in your mission. Thank you for this site.
Andraa Cobb Send Email
Pictures for Mission History/Jubilee 07 Apr 2011
Hello everyone,
I'm Sister Monette Danoog, the Public Affairs Director in Olongapo. I have been asked to do a movie presentation on the history of the church in Olongapo. I have found info in this site very useful. I would like to ask for some pictures if any one has some, from the time the church was introduced up to the present. Please send photos thru email. I'd appreciate any help.
Let us all press on!
Monette Danoog Send Email
I'm called in Philippines Olongapo Mission 03 Oct 2010
I'm Elder Jovanni Graven, I'll be soon an alumni of Phil. Olongapo Mission. I will serve as Full Time Missionary in Philippines Olongapo Mission. I will enter in MTC this coming October 30, 2010. I'm so excited and honored to serve as God's representative to this mission.
Jovanni Graven Send Email
olongappo mission! 03 Jan 2010
i will soon be serving in your is my privilidge to serve and help God's work there..see you all real soon...God bless everyone!
Rica Uy Send Email
olongapo mission is my call!! 17 Nov 2009
olongapo mission here i come! to save soul and to serve god... im happy for this oppurtunity to harvest in the field of our god :) see you there @ jan 9 2010...
john paul ragasa Send Email
President Lyons 10 Sep 2009
Just wanted to let you all know that this past weekend our beloved President John H Lyons past away. His funeral was today in Gilbert, AZ. Sister Marlene Lyons our beloved mission mom was there in frail health. If any of you would like to contact me for more details that would be great.
Wendi Johnson Moore Send Email
mizz u all lds members 02 Jul 2009
hello again muzta na.

to all lds members miss ko kayo lahat, well nabalitaan ko sa sbma and citymall hv poster and half sis, ko well i feel really bless the truth i dont like celebrity life gusto ko magvacation sa gapo ulit but di ako nagbago i still simple person and humble, kahit maging celebrity ang sis, ko this month pupunta sya china sa lugar ng olympics at japan the europ america for beauty pagent

sa showbiz at modeling my pangalan na rin sya di ko akalain dito sa manila magkaroon ng katuparan ang mga pangarap nya

mizz you a lot wish ko lang naalala nyo pa ako,

Vanessa Sio
Vanessa Sio Send Email
hello sa mga taga gapo 03 Jun 2009
hello muzta na ang lahat dyan?

well i feel so bless d2 na kami ng family ko sa manila well sucessful bcz finaly my half sister nanalo ng ms. international sa slimmers world,

last month nasa gapo ako vacation hiking swimming and night life with all my barkada ang childhood friends, ngayon dito ako sa manila well kagaya ng dati wala na tlg ako panahon sa lovelife, bless nag extra ako sa local showbiz gma7 or abs-cbn malaki tampo sa akin ng half sister ko bcz ung day ung cornation nasa gapo ako,

pero napanood nila sa abs-cbn basta ung tisay doon half sister ko iyun

i really mizz calapacuaan branch and 3 branch sa gapo yap im failed maging lds member but nangungumusta ako sa inyo kahit paano my mga pinagsamahan tayo

your sister
vanessa sio Send Email
Re-connect 25 Apr 2009
If anyone checks this site and remembers me, Justin Burnett, holler at me. I have done a terrible job keeping in touch with mission buds. I'd love to catch up with anyone.

email is:
Justin Send Email
elder rhen aballe 06 Apr 2009
Hello Everyone! I'm wondering if anyone happens to know where Elder Rhen Aballe is currently serving now. He left for his mission to Olongapo sometime last year, 2008. I have been able to send him a letter but he has not replied. I am a member from his old branch here in Cebu, he is like the younger brother I never had and I would just like to know how he is doing now. Maybe an email address of him will do since it is much faster to communicate with them through that.

Thank you very much
Hanna Mae Aton Send Email
looking 4 Abanto family @ Guisguis 03 Apr 2009
hey sa lahat, musta po kayo dyan...ako si Ierome nag-mysion ko dyan sa olongapo...nag-serve ko sa Guagua,bataan,olangapo,Guisguis,n balanga zone....kung sinoman po ay kilala ng Abanto family there paki email na lang sa aking mismo... ako ng baptized sa kanya buong family at mga anak nya sara n sheena n kikoman ...pls let me knw if u kilala sila po or mga misionary dyan sa guisguis....
amatatalosaga ierome Send Email
E.David Burruss 03 Feb 2009
Hello!I have'nt hear anything from him for so many years..i still wondered what is he up to these days?If you know his contact info or email add please let me know im sure it will a big help.Thanks
Lilia Send Email
looking for an old friend. 27 Jan 2009
does anybody know the yusi family from pateros ward? i am trying to get in touch with this family. I was a returned missionaries from this area about two decades ago. if you have any information please post it. i would appreciate it very much.
kai kauhane Send Email
E.David Burruss/E.Kyle Larkin 24 Jan 2009
Hello! I was just wondering if anybody knows those elders I have metioned on my subject above.They were elders that was assigned to Mabayo branch before year 2000 i guess.Sorry,could'nt remember exactly the date when they served.Anyways,please send me and would love to hear from them.Thank you

Lilia Putt
Lilia Send Email
Im looking for sister Jocelyn Saluta 24 Jan 2009
Is anybody know's where I can contact the former missionary Sister Jocelyn Saluta? pls send me an email at Thanks!
Josephine Send Email
Merry Christmas to all 14 Dec 2008
The daily news paper screamed the headlines, Plane crash kills 43, No survivor of mountain tragedy. Two automobiles crashed when one went through a red light and six people were killed, Why should the young mother die of cancer and leave her eight children motherless,? Why did not the Lord heal her? A man died in his sleep, Wife found him struggling fighting for his life, His wife cried out in agony, Why? Why? would the Lord do this to me? could he not considered my three little children, who still need a father,? why did the Lord took his life while his wife is pregnant?

How can we say that the Lord love those people if He never answere them, Why?

They are not the only people who ask the Lord Why? I am not the only one who ask Him Why? Even Joseph Smith The Prophet of restoration, while he was in prison. In Doc. & Cov. 121:1-5

and even Jesus when He was on the cross in Mark 15:34

But the Lord answered Joseph Smith in Doc & Cov.121:7-9 and it helps me a lot. and i know if we only trust in HIm. we can find peace. even theres no answer to all the questions we have in mind.

and i know its not only us who feel the pain of loosing someone, Even our Father in heaven,

I would like to qoute what Melvin J. Ballard comment about Isaih 53:10

In that hour I think I can see our Dear Father behind the veil looking upon this dying struggles untill even he could not endure it any longer and like the mother who bids farewell to his dying child, has to be taken out of the room, so as not to look upon the last struggles, so he bowed his head and hid in some part of the universe, his great heart almost breaking for the love that he had for his son. Oh! in that moment when he might have saved his son. I thank him and praise him that he did not fail us, for he had not only the love of his son in mind, but he also had loved for us. I rejoice that he did not interfere, and that his love for us made possible for him to endure to look upon the sufferings of His son. For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

And in this Christmas time let us remember How God love us so much, He was born in a humble manger, He was born not for the rich, but for all the people who are poor. Let us enjoy this moment, this Christmas season with one thing in mind, That it is Jesus Whos saved us all. Let us look around us and find someone who needs someone to cheer them up. who needs a helping hand. who needs to feel love.and let us feel the true meaning of Christmas. Give love on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all.
Analyn Send Email
masaya at maganda balita 29 Oct 2008

u know what chanel 2 abs cbn wowowee suprise tlg nakapasa ang sister ko sa daily weekly and montly actually soon next year jan 10/09 final competition nila,

soon tuloy pa rin sya sa tourism ewan ko lang kung magpatuloy sya sa mutya ng Philippines i know curious kayo makilala kami ng sister ko i add nyo na lang kami sa email ko

happy holoween

savannah Send Email
1 msg rcv 23 Oct 2008
hi sister salazar,
ingat ka lagi.obey all mission rules.
mz u......
eriberto g cedron jr Send Email
mgagnda balita 12 Oct 2008

kumusta 11 Oct 2008
kumusta sa lahat.hope to hear some of my mission mates in olongapo are you guys doing?anybody knows the add of pres.sanders?hope to hear them again.I had the chance to visit my area.It was great to see the people we served in the great olongapo mission,"the mission of Excellence".May God bless us all always.

amor suerte Send Email
kumusta 11 Oct 2008
kumusta sa lahat.hope to hear some of my mission mates in olongapo are you guys doing?anybody knows the add of pres.sanders?hope to hear them again.I had the chance to visit my area.It was great to see the people we served in the great olongapo mission,"the mission of Excellence".May God bless us all always.

amor suerte Send Email

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