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Smooth Duce Niner 03 Aug 2005
This story takes place in the greatest area in the mission Gua Gua Pampanga! My comp at the time was Elder Prickett and this was my 4th or 5th month in the area so I was soon expecting a transfer (Little did I know about the funny side of Pres Sanders) Anyways one Monday Elder prickett and I decide to go to the palanke to do some shopping for some vegi's and meat. We knew this would be an adventure because it had been raining all month and there was about 4 feet of flood water over all the roads. So we made our way to the market trying to stay on high ground and as we got there we saw that the palanke was flooded also, but there were still some die hard butchers chopping away..... Slightly relieved that we didn’t make the trek in vane we proceeded in with me in the lead when I step on something squishy, slip and fell into the water. Quickly I lifted myself out of the water trying my hardest not to get any on my face.(You know Philippines flood water Mmmmm) So there I was boots filled and soaking wet trying to dry myself off with a sweat rag (ya right) when I see Elder Pricketts face go sour and look down towards the water by my boots. Frightened I look and screamed like a little girl. the squishy thing I had slipped on was a dead bloated cat that had been in the water for so long that all its hair had fallen off. Seeing the confused look on my comps face and my full body dry heaving a near by Philippino took the opportunity to sell to the funny Americans so we bought (not five feet away) and went back to the apt. Just another day in the Philippines Olongapo Mission Huh? Oh ya I ended up staying in that area for 9 months!
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