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Finding Elder 25 Jan 2010
I am looking for a missionary that serve his mission in Aveiro in the 88's. Elder Aiducaytus I think this is his surname, but not sure of the spelling. He baptized my wife when she was 15 and she was inactive for more then 20 years, only to introduce the gospel to my son and I. So we would like to let him know that his work was not in vain... Can you help?
Carlos Fernandes Send Email
Trip to Portugal 14 Dec 2007
Hello All,

I made a trip to Portugal with Elder Ryan Sipherd. We returned this week and saw many native Elders and some Sisters, members, and even President Martins.

I posted our trip on my blog with photos at:

If you are interested in contacting any of the missionaries we saw or President Martins, feel free to contact me and I will pass on their information.

Shayne Scott (92-94)
Shayne Clay Scott Send Email
Christmas in Portugal? 09 Dec 2007
Hey our R.S. dinner is on Thurs.13th and the theme is Christmas around the world. I'm talking about Christmas in Portugal, how on Madeira they did amazing nativities...that sort of stuff. I could really use some help though if anyone has suggestios/input for me. Thanks so much!!!
C Erin Whiting Send Email
SLC 05 Nov 2007
Hey Guys, just a heads up for those of you that served with me. I'll be in SLC from the 11th Nov to the 16th before heading to Long beach then Phoenix. If any of you are around it'd be cool to catch up with you :)
Ross Mcgarvey Send Email
Mission Reunion 04 Oct 2007
Hello everyone! For all Missionaries serving under President Martins and President Peters:

We are looking forward to a great reunion on Friday, October 5th.. Unfortunately it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate for an outdoor get together, so we have made arrangements to meet at Tiffany (Kimball) Halls Stake Center. The address is: 4147 W. Skye Drive (9800 South) in South Jordan, west of Bangerter Highway. Please let everyone know of this change. We will also put a sign up at the park for anyone who misses this message. Call if you have questions or need directions: Tiffany Cell- 673-6894 or Paula Cell- 941-0232. See you all on friday!!!
Tiffany Halls Send Email
Mario Jorge Via Raposo 20 Aug 2007
Mario Jorge from Ribera Grande in Sao Miquel is in Ogden, he is trying to get a work visa and earn money to relocate to Utah. Anyone who would be interested in contacting him please contact me at I will provide an address and phone number where you can reach him.

I scanned the list of Alumni and tried to send a personal message to anyone who listed Ribera Grande as a location they served.

Best wishes.
Michael Vuyk Send Email
2007 Clegg Reunion 09 Aug 2007

The Cleggs are holding a reunion this rapidly-approaching October 2007 and wish to see as many of their former Elders and Sisters as possible!


When: Friday, October 5th, 2007
Time: To be announced (evening)
Place: Clegg's Home at 815 Mountain Holly, Park City, UT

Please bring yourself and your spouse or significant other. Due to space, please leave the kids with a sitter this time (but feel free to bring pictures).

SPEAKING OF PICTURES, if you would like to include a favorite photo or two in a special slideshow that will run in their media room, please send digitized photos a.s.a.p. to Justin Cracroft at Submissions should be in as quickly as possible, preferably no later than 9/15.

More info to come soon! Please feel free to check "Reunions" link at right for more details in the near future. -->
Justin Cracroft Send Email
Procurando!!! 19 Dec 2006
olá!!! eu e minha família (família Silva), do ramo de Ribeira Grande, S. Miguel, Açores, estamos tentando entrar em contacto com todos os missionários que passaram por cá, desde 1997. e-mail:

se alguém tiver algujma informação, agradecíamos. =)
Marina Zulfiqar Send Email
help in finding addresses for our missionaries 18 Dec 2006
We would love to contact all of the missionaries that served with us in Portugal July 1996-June 1999. Do any of you have mailing or email addresses for Elders and Sisters: Campos,Castle, Reginaldo Cruz, Da Cunha, Dos Santos, Daniel Ferreira, Gill, Melo, Monteiro, and Ulrich. Send them to us
Calvin Chipman Clegg Send Email
Looking for my trainer 17 Dec 2006
Hey I was trying to find my trainer Elder Eric Moore. He served from January '96 to January '98. I was also looking for Elder James "JJ" Anderson who was there about the same time. If anyone still has contact with them pass my e-mail address to them, . Thanks.

Marty "The Gov" Brown
Martin Brown Send Email
Looking for an Elder 08 Aug 2006
Hello I am looking for an Elder that Served in the Lisbon North Mission from 1996-1998. His name is Christopher (Chris) Young. I used to be a companion of his in Seattle while he was waiting for his Visa. Anybody knowes of his whereabouts or even have contact info?
Kelly Williams Send Email
Procurando 01 Aug 2006
Does anyone know how to contact Nina or Nuno Santos? They were in the Odivelas area when I was there and I would love to get in contact with them again. If anyone has their information PLEASE send it to me.

Elder Rory Knotts and I knocked on Nina's door back in 1996. We taught her most of the discussions before I got transferred. I later learned she was baptized and a strong member in the branch. Any information you have would be GREAT!

Spencer Owens Send Email
Torres Novas 28 Jul 2006
Nao sei se estas a falar sobre a mesma area, mas servi em Cidade Nova (torres novas faz-me lembrar dessa area porque acho que tivemos torres que nos chamamos <>. Foi a minha primeira area (Feb 2001).
Bob Coleman Send Email
procurando 15 Jul 2006
Estou procurando por todos/as Missionários/as que serviram em: Tomar, Torres Novas e Entroncamento.
Procuro em especial dois Elders que passaram por mim em frente da escola em Tomar, ao fim de um dia em junho/julho de 2003!! Esses são especiais para mim: fizeram que eu fosse procurar a Igreja (embora não tenhamos falado)!!! Quero saaber quem eram...
Quero também conhecer todos/as que trouxeram o Evangelho para estas áreas...
Julio Ferreira Send Email
going to back 26 May 2006
Three professors in my MBA program have decided to lead a trip to Spain and Portugal in May 2007. The catch is that none of them no anything about Portugal, they just wanted to go and get really cheap wine. So they have asked me to be the groups offical tour guide while we are in Portugal. I know the trip is still a year a way but I would love any suggestions on where to go, what to do, where to stay. As of right now, anything goes.
Oliver James Hansen Send Email
procuro... 20 Mar 2006
Hey guys I'm elder Francisco ferreira are you missing Portugal? I'm looking for some Elder's:
Marcelino Ferreira; Smith (my green); Miskin; Big Zig; If someone heard about them just let me know. THANKS
Francisco da Costa Ferreira Send Email
Mission Reunion 14 Dec 2005
Will there be a PLN mission reunion for those who served under Pres. Trost during this next april conference?
Bob Coleman Send Email
Hello 03 Nov 2005
Just good to be able to find some of you. We've all scattered to the wind and you tend to lose contact. Actually talked with Elder Gomes on the phone a few weeks ago...good to hear from him. We had some great times in Ribeira Grande. Just glad to hear so many are doing so well.
Jay W Stephens Send Email
Ensign/New Era 05 Oct 2005
I was reading either the Ensign or New Era for October when I saw...I can't remember the first name right now, but the last name was Martin from the Lisbon 5th ward. She had her picture in there and a small comment. It was cool to see the face of someone I was in the ward with in my first area. I thought I'd share.
Bob Coleman Send Email
Informações sobre membros... 29 Sep 2005
Olá não sei se alguém se lembra de mim servi nesta missão agora extinta em 1996-1998, se alguém quiser receber informações sobre quaquer coisa é só perguntar seria ótimo que um dia se marca-se uma reunião com todos os que serviram nesta época, foram momentos maravilhosos mesmo aqueles em que passamos pelas provações, um abraço a todos. Ex. Elder Gomes
José Manuel Nascimento Gomes Send Email
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