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Reunion Saturday 17 Apr 2015
6:30pm, Saturday April 18th
Catered food, pot luck dessert, good times, great friends!

33rd Ward Chapel
453 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Kirk Kristian Jones Send Email
Belarus 20th Anniversary 08 Jan 2013
A special reunion for all missionaries who served in Belarus will be held on April 4, 2012, in Provo, Utah. The exact location and time will be determined shortly.

The reunion is being held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the opening of Belarus for missionary work. Anyone with connections to Belarus is invited to attend. If you have questions, please email me.
Elena Liudvikovskaya-Miller Send Email
President Romney Reunion 03 Mar 2012
We are having a Moscow South Mission Reunion on March 30th at 6:30 pm at 97 Westview Dr. in Orem, UT for everyone who served under President Romney. I know that President and Sister Romney would love to see and catch up with each of you. The event will be low-key, casual, and hopefully it will give everyone a chance to catch up and reminisce. I will post information about this event on the different Moscow South Facebook pages, but I am very hopeful that we can get a really big crowd. Please forward this information to anyone who is not included in this email. 

RSVP to the attached google doc. 
David Taylor Dayton Send Email
President Marchenko 18 Apr 2009
I was heading off to stake conference on Saturday and I was told that a recently called Area Authority from Russia was going to be there. It turns out that it is President Marchenko from the the filioski branch. He and his wife both spoke at my stake conference in Rigby ID. What a small world huh? Anyway the said that the branch and the membership in general is bigger than ever. It was a great time.
John T Anderson Send Email
Reunion? 18 Mar 2009
Are we having a reunion or what? also, how many are on facebook? There is a group there for the mission as well.
Chad Kent Hutchings Send Email
Travel Plans 13 Feb 2009
My wife wants to go to Russia. I don't want to go through one of those pre-planned packages because I want to visit some of the cities I was in. Any of you traveled back to your cities? How did you do it? Can I contact you with questions about it?

Steven Baer Send Email
Translation Needed 12 Dec 2008
There is a family in our stake that just adopted two young girls from Ukraine. They only speak Russian and the sister missionaries here would like some help with them at church on Sundays. My wife and I both served in Moscow, but aren't overly confident in our skills anymore and are looking for some help. If anyone would like to help, please call me at 801-898-2302 ASAP. Thanks.
Aaron N. Call Send Email
Will you do me a favaour? 30 Oct 2008
If anyone know "FAITH IN EVERY FOOT STEP" in Russian will you send to me. Thanks.

My email address is

Puntsagtseden Tuul Send Email
To those who were under President Wright 28 Jan 2008
For all of you that have a facebook account I have set up a group for all those who served under President Wright. This way everyone can better keep in touch. Here it is;
Jason Daniel Anderson Send Email
Wedding bells 12 Sep 2007
Hey Everyone!
Just a quick note to say I'M GETTING MARRIED! James Ivan Tippets and I are getting married Sept 28th at the bountiful temple. Our recetion is going to be Sept 29th at the Elderedge Manor in Bountiful from 5:30 to 7:30pm Please come We would love to see you all!
Bethany Anne Peart Send Email
getting married 15 Nov 2006
Hey everyone I am getting married. Please come to my reception on Nov. 30th from 6-9 pm in provo at 1038 North 1200 east. its a church on cherry lane.
email me for more info. It's informal so feel free to come in jeans.
Bethany Ann Wilson Send Email
Info needed 18 Sep 2006
I am getting married on the 7th of October and would like to send an invitation to Pres. and Sis. Romney but I lost their new address and phone number. If anyone could email that information to me at, that would be great. Thank you
Theron James White Send Email
Pres. Solomein Airfare fund 14 Sep 2006
I just wanted to encourage everyone to be contributing to the fund that will get Pres. and Sis. Solomein here by April for our next reunion. We need to make this happen and we can little by little, so don't forget. Don't forget about that most remarkable time of your life and the people in it. C кучой любви всем, Сестра Brystal Ламсон
Brystal Elise Lambson Send Email
Phoning to Russia 06 Jun 2006
For those like me who are just realizing this - all the Russian city area codes have been changed. Until 2005, area codes began with the number "0."

Beginning in 2006, the first number of each city code has been changed to "4." The international codes (011-7) have NOT been changed.

So if, for example, you want to call Moscow you should dial 011-7-495 and then the telephone number.

Here are a few other city codes:
Borisoglebsk 47354
Podolsk 49765
Tula 4872
Voronezh 4732

Hope that helps someone out there!

Take care,
David Updike
David Updike Send Email
Buy stuff there 19 Apr 2006
Hey, Elder Moss. Congrats on going to one way sweet mission. When you get there everything should be nice and toasty. As for advice on what to buy I would say that if you like v neck sweaters buy them now. I had problems finding them there. In Russia they have a lot of zip sweaters (which really doesn't work to well with the suit coat) or round collar high neck sweaters. Also as for the boots, you can get some way sweet ones in Russia for the right price. But, there's a chance that they'll fall apart on you half way through the winter. Or they will make you feel like you are a part of the escapades with how much they make you slide. In my opinion though the winter coat is a great buy in Russia. I bought a coat, scarf, gloves, and hat. They are really warm and you look more like a russian. Anyway, hope that helped. Good luck to you.

Drew Thorstrom Send Email
leaving in 1 week 17 Apr 2006
hello all. im leaving for the MTC in a week and im just trying to finalize all the stuff i need. my call packet says to get boots and sweaters but im wondering if i should get them while in Russia or if i should get them here? also, are things generally cheaper in Russia, ie. watches, batteries, electronics, etc...? id appreciate any help i can get. thank you. jason
Jason Moss Send Email
Nelya in Smolensk 04 Apr 2006
For those of you who served in Smolensk and knew Nelya I thought you may like to know that she passed away on the 16th of March. This lady was awesome and I am positive that a Nelya shaped hole will be missing from the little branch and the hearts of those who knew her.
Tom Clarence Little Send Email
Mission Reunion 26 Mar 2006
There will be a mission reunion this Friday (03/31) at 6:30 at Kyle Bilbao's church (directions below). It is technically a reunion for President Romney, but all are invited.

950 w 1200 n
orem, ut

get off of the 800 north exit in orem and head east to 900 west. and turn
right (north), go to the end of the street where it "T"'s and you will be
looking at the church. it's at the end of the 900 west road.
Brian Robert Monsen Send Email
place to stay in july, moscow 15 Mar 2006
Hello! I will be in Moscow studying at the BKC International house during the month of July, and I need a place to sleep/shower. I can't pay much, maybe up to $100 for the month, but I will be buying my own food, and I'll be busy most of the day. If anyone is interested, please contact me!
taryn genevieve mcqueen Send Email

Lowell and Elaine Wright 1997-2000
Saturday, Oct. 8, 2005

Salt Lake Temple-Chapel Session and Endowment: Meet in the Chapel at 1:00pm. Temple President-L. Aldin Porter along with President and Sister Wright will speak to us. Endowment session will be at 2:00pm.

Later from 5:00-8:00pm
Granger North Stake Center
3175 South 3450 West
West Valley--Salt Lake City, UT

Last name food assignment: A-C - Bring 2 two-liters of pop D-G - Bring two dozen rolls H-L - Bring a large salad M-S - Bring a casserole, any type T-Z - Bring a large dessert

Slide Show, Games-Gatorball, Visiting, Introductions, Mission Update
Mark B. Rupp Send Email
Lowell and Elaine Wright 1997-2000
Saturday, Oct. 8, 2005, 5:00-8:00pm

Granger North Stake Center
3175 South 3450 West
West Valley--Salt Lake City, UT

Chapel Session and Endowment TBA—It will either be at the Jordan River Temple or the Salt Lake Temple around noon. A member of the Temple presidency along with President and Sister Wright will speak to us.

Last name food assignment: A-C - Bring 2 two-liters of pop D-G - Bring two dozen rolls H-L - Bring a large salad M-S - Bring a casserole, any type T-Z - Bring a large dessert

Slide Show, Games-Gatorball, Visiting, Introductions, Mission Update
Mark B. Rupp Send Email
Saturday, Oct. 8, 2005, 6:00 p.m.
Event ends at 9:00 PM.
Granger North Stake Center
3175 South 3450 West
West Valley--Salt Lake City, UT
Mark B. Rupp Send Email
Saturday, Oct. 8, 2005, 6:00 p.m.
Event ends at 9:00 PM.
Granger North Stake Center
3175 South 3450 West
West Valley--Salt Lake City, UT
Mark B. Rupp Send Email
Saturday, Oct. 8, 2004, 6:00 p.m.
Event ends at 9:00 PM.
Granger North Stake Center
3175 South 3450 West
West Valley--Salt Lake City, UT
Mark B. Rupp Send Email
Rent/ Stay with someone in Moscow 22 Jan 2005
Hi everyone,
My wife, baby and I will be living this summer (2005) in Moscow, Russia doing a clerkship in the Service Center with the church's attorney. I am looking for someone who lives close to the service center and would be willing to board us for two months (june 15 to Aug 15) and stay with my wife and baby while I am gone. We would of course financialy compensate them.

In the alternative, we are looking for an apartment to rent for 2 months.

Please let me know if you know of anyone trustworthy that might be willing to consider accomodating us.

Thanks, John Lore
John Spencer Lore Send Email
Voice-to-Voice seeking volunteers 19 Jul 2004
Voice-to-Voice is a new project started by members of the church in Detroit Michigan and Pavlograd Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk)

Voice to Voice aims to offer those in the U.S., one-on-one conversation with native Russian speakers while at the same time providing stable employment for everyday Russians.

Currently, we are seeking volunteers to help us with testing of our system and training of our "sobesedniki". This event will take place on August 14th from 15-00 to 20-00 Kiev time (6am to 11am Utah time -- 8am to 1pm Eastern Time)

As a volunteer you will be talking to several of our new "sobesedniki" in Russian via voice chat software in order to help them become familiar with the software and basic conversation methodologies. This event will be a lot of fun and a great way to practice your Russian and become acquainted first-hand with this effort to help Russian speakers in the poorest areas of the former USSR to become self-reliant.

For more information contact David Shurtleff:
(734) 513-3497

or Oleg Baklan

David Shurtleff
David Shurtleff Send Email
mission reunion 23 Mar 2004
The Mission Reunion will be held on Friday April 2, 2004 from 6-8 pm in Salt Lake City at the Monument Park ward meeting house. The address is 2000 E. 990 S. There will be dinner and a short program. Please bring $2.00 per person for pizza. Sunday dress. Please RSVP to or See you there!
suzy ward Send Email
Moscow/Utah Youth Olympic Games 28 Jan 2004
Just in case someone wanted to check this out, but did not receive the e-mail:

This Friday, nearly 300 athletes, performers, coaches and dignitaries will arrive from Moscow for the 2004 Moscow/Utah Youth Games, winter competitions. These games are an important part of our Olympic legacy. This is the first time Olympic cities have organized athletic competitions for youth, and competitions and cultural events will be held throughout our Olympic region for nine days. All events are open to the public and we invite you to come and enjoy them!

The Opening Ceremonies will be held this Friday at 6:30 p.m. at the new Olympic Cauldron Plaza at the Rice-Eccles Stadium. It will be an evening extravaganza of ceremony, music, dance and magnificent fireworks. The show will feature some of the best talent in Utah in an American legacy of song and dance, concluding with a special guest lighting the Olympic Cauldron. It is a bargain at just $10. Tickets are available at the Rice-Eccles Stadium ticket office, or by calling 581-8849.

The Closing Ceremonies will also be held at the Rice-Eccles Stadium on February 7th -- they will be equally spectacular. All of the athletic events are free, except the figure skating exhibition ice shows, which will cost $5. Please click on for further information and the schedule of events. You may also click here to download an informational brochure for the games.

Thank you for all your help to make the Moscow/Utah Youth Games a success!
Alissa Linn Wheeler Send Email
SHOSHLICKI 28 Feb 2003


3:30 PM
161 N 2970 WEST PROVO



I'm Getting Hitched! 10 Feb 2003
Hello All,

I am getting married and I wanted to send out some invites but I don't have any current addresses. So if you would like to come and are ambitious enough to send me your address, I'll look into sending out invitations. I can't promise anything though. Have a great day.

Tom Little
Tom Clarence Little Send Email
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"You are a great army of returned missionaries. Go forward with new zeal and determination, and through your example shine the light of the gospel in this troubled world. This is the Lord’s work in which we are engaged. God lives. Jesus is the Christ. We belong to His Church. This is my witness to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
- Elder L. Tom Perry
Ensign, Nov. 2001
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