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Gen conf anymission reunion 03 Apr 2015
Is there any SIngapore mission reunion this weekend in Provo or Salt Lake CIty. ? thanks Cathy King Fuller (served in SIngapore Malaysia and Sri Lanka 1985 to 1986)
Catherine Joy Fuller Send Email
Request for Malaysian Church history 10 Apr 2011
I am currently serving in the Singapore mission with my husband, President
Terrence A Clark. We have just been asked today, to put together a history
of the Church in Malaysia (West and East) to present to the Church history
department coming to visit the Singapore mission on Apr 24th (in two
weeks). Because this is such short notice, we are sending out a request
for information on the early days of the church in Malaysia. Who were some
of the earliest members, earliest local branch and district leaders? When
did the Gospel open up in West Malaysia? When did the Gospel open up in
East Malaysia? Are there any spiritual stories or miracles that we could
Please pass along this request for information, so that we can obtain as
much information (and possibly even pictures) as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much,
Sister Laraine Clark
Singapore Mission
Jan Dawson Send Email
Opportunity to host Chinese speaking students 25 Jun 2010
"Host an International Student!  Global Pathways at the University of Utah is seeking quality host families within a 60 minute commute by public transportation to the U of U.  Hosts provide a room and 14 meals per week for students.  Global Pathways provides training, support, and
compensation to hosts.  Apply by July 14th to host a student for four weeks starting August 15th or on a rolling basis to host for later start dates.  Contact Megan Richards at or call 801-581-5240 for more information."
Jan Dawson Send Email
Request for language assistance 14 May 2010
Dear Alumni,

Please see the message below from a Brother Isbell. Please let him rather than me know if you can help.



Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The young men’s presidency of the West Jordan, Utah Welby 3rd Ward has been actively engaged in the development of the young men to serve honorable missions. As one of our activities, the young men’s program
will be attempting to set a world record for reading the title page of the Book of Mormon in the most languages. The current world record set for this type of event stands at 111 languages for a poem read last year.

Over the next few months, the young men will be experiencing what it is like to have to speak a foreign language as they hone their skills and working on the pronunciation of the various words that comprise the title
page of the Book of Mormon. We are asking them to prayerfully seek assistance from the Lord so that can gain a small understanding of what it will be like in the mission field.

However, although we have several returned missionaries that are helping with the pronunciation; we have need of assistance in the actual phonetic translation or Romanization of many more. As an example of what we are
looking for….the word “India” may be pronounced (In-dee-uh).

We ask that if you or anyone you know has language ability in the following languages, please contact Brother Chris Isbell via email at We have the title page scans in a format that is both acceptable for the Guinness World Record group and easy for the young
men to read. Your assistance will be noted and recognized during our world record attempt.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and look forward to any support you may be able to provide as we attempt to prepare the young men for honorable missionary service, attempt to set a new world record, bring more publicity to the Book of Mormon and strengthen our quorums.


Chris Isbell
Guatemala, Guatemala City North Mission ’92-‘94


Afrikaans,Albanian,Aleun Fante,
Jan Dawson Send Email
Paul Chan 17 Sep 2009
Dear All,

I just got a tragic news about Paul Chan. He passed away on Dec 22, 2006. He is survived by his wife, Karen Tse, and two children.

Paul first served his mission in Hong Kong before he was transferred to Singapore Mission in the summer of 1989. He had blessed many souls during his missionary service and was a good leader. He is indeed our beloved brother.
Tak Keung Wong Send Email
Handing over this alumni site 20 Aug 2009
Hi all

I have been "managing" this alumni site for some time now, but I simply don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves and make it much better than it is at present. All I really have time to do is manage the approvals for people's profiles and pass on the occasional bit of news.

If someone else wanted to take it over that would be awesome. You can do it with no programming expertise whatsoever, but if you know a little about CSS, PHP and the like you can do a lot more with it.

Please let me know at if you're interested.


Jan Dawson
(Elder Dawson, 1998-2000)
Jan Dawson Send Email
Email Contact 23 Nov 2008

Does anyone knows the email address of the Delamares and the Houghtons.
Suki Abraham Send Email
New Church Bldg. 28 Oct 2007
The Singapore Mission has come a long way since I was there in 1975-77. We Elders (2-3) lived in back of the chapel in a small building that housed the library, our apartment and the mission office. I stayed in that same place for my entire mission. There was no tracting or proselyting allowed at that time. Has that changed? Keep up the good work Singapore Missionaires!
Marc Barlow Send Email
New Stake Center 22 Oct 2007
Haven't signed on to this site for about a year. When I served in Singapore, there were only 2 branches and (Leonard Woo had no grey hair). This new Stake Center looks beautiful...and what a blessing it is to the membership. It did my heart good to see how the Church has grown from that small foundation of members in the 1970's. The Chief Cornerstone provides the real foundation for us all. Congratulations to the Saints in Singapore.
Roger C. Baer Send Email
S'pore Stake Center Open House Info 22 May 2007
I found this on the country site for Singapore- thought everyone should see this.

"Singapore Stake Center Open House & Dedication Report
By Elder and Sister Palmer
30 March 2007

The Open House for the Singapore Stake Center was held on 12 & 13 January, with the Dedication Service following on Sunday 14 January 2007. The new five story building is a magnificent structure able to house 6 wards and 1 stake. The Theme of the Open House was “Strong Families Build a Strong Nation”.

Leonard Woo chaired the open house committee. Elder Palmer was the co-chairman, with Queenie Chan, Anthony Tan, Helen Ho, Josiah Chan, and Sai Lim Wong as committee members. President Steven Lai, 2nd Counselor in Singapore Stake Presidency, oversaw the committee.

Present for all open house sessions were Elder Donald L. Hallstrom, Asia Area Presidency, Elder Tan Su Kiong, Area Seventy and Victor Chen, Singapore Stake President.

Guests were greeted in the entrance lobby by the full time missionaries and escorted to the fourth floor to a reception area where they signed a guest book and received a nametag.

They were divided into groups of 6-10 for a 45-minute tour of the multi story building. While waiting 3-5 minutes for the next tour, a video “Home Front II” was shown.

The tour comprised a quick over view of the Church with a focus on families and included presentations by the Primary, Young Men, Young Women, Young Adults, Relief Society, Lay Ministry, Sunday School, Church Educational System, Missionary (Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon & Baptism), Family History and Family Preparedness. Each 3-minute presentation focused on how to help families be better and stronger. Each guest received a pamphlet on the Core Beliefs of the Church as well as other Church literature at each station. Tours were given in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Philippine, and other languages. Refreshments were served at the tours end. Over 1200 people attended the Open House.

On Friday January 12, 2007 a separate VIP session was held at 8:00pm. Over 280 personal invitation letters were sent, followed by a follow-up phone calls and email reminders.

Approximately 50 VIP’s were seated in the front 3 rows of the chapel. Among them were Hawazi Daipi, Senior Parliamentary Secretary from the Ministry of Manpower, Her Excellency Belen A. Fule-Anota, Philippines Ambassador, and Brother Michael Broughton and company from St. Joseph’s Institution.

Additionally, the chapel was packet with standing room only for approximately 300 attendees. There were 20 patients in wheel chairs from the Jamiyah Nursing Home also includes as guests.

After the program and their tour, the VIP’s stayed much longer than expected at the informal refreshment area and asked many interesting questions. A member of the Philippines Consul accepted a Book of Mormon from Bro. Woo.

A special Stake programme was created to invite the less-actives to a reunion of friends. The event was organized as “Old Friends More Treasured Than New Building” and was held on 6 January 2007 at 4:00 PM. The goal was to give the less-active members a tour of the Singapore Stake Centre a week before the official public open house and to renew friendships. An invitation card, a personal note and a letter explaining the background of the Stake Centre was sent by members inviting all the less-actives in the Stake.

The event was a success with over 400 members rejoicing and renewing friendships. Many of the less-active members expressed how happy they were to return to see the new Stake Centre. They appreciate the opportunity to catch up with people they had not seen for many years and see the growth of the Church in Singapore.

The following pictures were taken by Brother Kevin Koh of the Bedok Ward. To see more pictures of the Open House event, visit

The dedication service was held 14 January 2007 at 7:PM. Elder Donald L. Hallstrom presiding with President Victor Chen conducting. The 2 chapels were filled to overflowing with about 600 people and front seats were taken up well before the dedication commenced.

President Chen was very humble and full of gratitude for the dedication and the sacrifice of the members of the Church making it possible to have such a wonderful building. He gave thanks to the Bishops and bore witness that they were called of God. He expressed his gratitude for those members faithfully paying their tithing, which assisted in making this building possible. President Chen encouraged families to respect and to teach reverence of the building the building in their families. He encouraged members to keep the commandments and to help build the Church in Singapore. He cautioned to be aware of Satin and to be faithful in prayers and daily scripture study. He concluded with a strong testimony of the gospel and of the Savior.

Elder Tan expressed that he was grateful for the sacrifice of the Saints in this area. He stated that this new building was a milestone in the Singapore Church history. He quoted from D&C 64:34 encouraging the members to have a willing heart and mind, renewing their commitment to be better. He encouraged the Saints to have the faith and the testimony to live better lives. Quoting the Saviors directions to the Romans, he asked the members to desire to know the mind and the will of the Father. Build your testimony by prayer, scripture study and doing. Reciting the lines from “I Am a Child of God,Hymn no. 301” Elder tan emphasized “Teach me all that I must DO” – knowing is important, but doing is most important. We should abide by every word out of the Prophet and the Brethren’s mouths. Quoting Elder Bednar, he emphasized the our testimony is our greatest possession. He quoted Matthew Cowley teachings that “the gospel of Jesus Christ is beautifully simple and simply beautiful”. He spoke of a testimony of the head versus a testimony of the heart. He encouraged the Saints to develop a testimony of the heart by being spiritually converted. Being spiritually converted will see us thrugh times of trouble by knowing the things of Godliness. Quoting President Hunter, he said “Measure everything you do by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Do your very best. Elder Tan concluded with a fervent testimony of the Savior and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Area Presidency spoke on the power of the spirit. He encouraged us to dedicate our families and ourselves to a more refined way. He suggested that with the help of the spirit we ask ourselves what we need to do to be better, and then make the changes -we should ask ourselves how much faith we do we have when we are alone and know one is looking.

“Simon Peter was asked by the Savior do you love me, repeated 3 times. Then He said, “Feed my sheep”. We too, need to love the Savior more than the things of this world.” Elder Hallstrom then went on to say that activity in the Church is good, but be truly active, not busy with activities.

“Tonight is a night of change, a night of repentance and a night to return to the Savior.”

Elder Halstrom then asked everyone to bow his or her heads and then offered the dedicatory prayer. He blessed the building, the landscaping, the fixtures and everything in the building that it would be strong and withstand the elements. The prayed that the Sprit would always be present. He concluded the dedication in the name of Jesus Christ. "
Jacob Tyler DeWaal Send Email
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