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durban temple 11 Jul 2014
My aunt is hosting dignitaries from out mission that are part of building the temple she is trying to figure out what to feed them any help would be great in the next couple of days.
Darin Scott Barlow Send Email
Shipping Care Packages from the USA 29 May 2014
FYI - the correct address to ship packages is
South Africa Durban Mission - *your missionaries name
PO Box 1741 Wandsbeck 3631
South Africa

The office will pay the Duty (import tax) and allow your missionary to reimburse them.
Barry Chapman Send Email
madadeni 14 Nov 2010
madadeni has, as I last said been split into two branches. Osizweni is now well on its way to being a branch. Currently under Madadeni branch 1, it will very soon be able to stand on its own.
Vusumuzi Lunga Send Email
How the church grows 11 Jul 2010
After my mission I found myself back in Madadeni. Iam happy to report that it has since been split into 2 branches, with prospects for a third (Osizweni) on the horizon. Ladysmith also continues to grow.

help us re-ignite passion and love for the church in most of our YSA, as some continue slipping through the saviour's net. Any ideas and suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Vusumuzi Lunga Send Email
One love... 22 Sep 2008
l would love to hear from Elder Scott Carl Cotner who is coming in October...
South Africa Durban Mission on Facebook.com 16 Sep 2008
Also you can join the SA Durban Mission Alumni group on Facebook.com if you are a member.

Philip Ming Kwong Siu Send Email
South Africa MTC Facebook Group 08 Jul 2008
For those of you who were bles-sed (with two syllables!) enough to be able to attend the South Africa MTC in Johannesburg, please join us on its Facebook group.

Philip Ming Kwong Siu Send Email
join us 07 Mar 2008
there is a site that has been created just for the euvrard/stevensen group on face book come join the group.
General Information 25 Feb 2008
I was just called to serve in the South Africa Durban mission. I am to be speaking English. I am from Richfield, Utah. I am wondering if I will learn a new language though? Any information could help, concerning the mission, how it was, and stories in their missions, stuff like that.
Sammuel Send Email
new website 18 Jan 2008
I found a realy cool website


its a blog spot that the current mission pres uses to talk with family members and freind about what is going on in the mission. it has realy good pictures and information.
Sister EUVRARD's address 04 Dec 2007
I do not know how to update President EUVRARD (1991-1994) information so here are some information about him. After a long illness he died in 2000. I, his wife, remarried 3 years latter which is why my name is OBRECHT. Here is my e-mail: ovobrecht@aol.com. If any of you, who served with us, plan to come to Paris in the coming months or years, please let me know for I would very much like to see you again. Some news from you would be wonderful as well.
Veronique Christiane OBRECHT Send Email
Also Just Called 24 Jul 2007
Hey! I just got called and I leave early Oct. I was wondering if any of you mission alumni could send me some cool stories, vital info, things to know about S. Africa, etc. If some of you guys could do that that would be awesome. Thanks!!!
Scott Goldsmith Send Email
John Mountford 27 Feb 2007
I am looking for John Mountford's address for a companion of his, Simon Crowley, If any one can help with this please email me at wquirke@hotmai.com
Wendy Quirke Send Email
swaziland 18 Jan 2007
Is there anyone serving in Swaziland that could help me get some info from a govt office in Mbabane if so please email me at wquirke@gmail.com.
Wendy Quirke Send Email
Crandall or Rogers contact info? 25 May 2006
Does anyone have an email address for Dean Crandall or Keith Rogers from Pres. Stevenson & Fee eras?
Karen Stewart Send Email
Where is Sucia? 15 Apr 2006
Hello all. I'm trying to track down Elder Sucia who served under President Roberts. Last I heard from him was a couple of years ago and he was back in KZN somewhere. Can anyone help me?
Philip Dale Cahoon Send Email
Just called 07 Apr 2006
I got called to this mission, and I leave my home town on the 16th of May.

I was just curious about anything of this area that I will be serving. Any info will help. Thanks.
Edward Ricks Send Email
Sister Mthembu 30 Jan 2006
While over at the folks house for dinner last night, my sister informed me that she had met someone at the distribution center in Salt Lake from the Durban area. The person she spoke with was named "Sister Mthembu" and was from BB section in Umlazi. During the course of their conversation, Sister Mthembu indicated that she remembered me from my short time in Umlazi. Unfortunately, I don't remember anyone by that name.

If anyone has any details on this person (first name, husband's name, children's name, etc.) I would be grateful if you could shed some light on the subject for me. They gave my sister their email address, and I'd be excited to email her, but need to know who I'm talking to first.

Thanks in advance!
Eric L Wright Send Email
I got married 30 Jan 2006
Just to let you all know that 3 weeks ago i married the most beautiful girl!!
Chad Larry Gene Sabey Send Email
Please Read 28 Dec 2005
I am sorry to report that we have been scammed . Because of continuing e-mails and stories coming from a P. Musyoka asking for money for Kennith Malonza, my father inquired through church headquarters for the name of the local Stake President. He called the Stake President - President Hesbon Usi and asked him if Kenneth Malonza was alive and what had happened to him. Enclosed is his reply:
Thank you
I can today confirm to you that Kenneth Malonza is alive and is married with two children one of his and one adopted. Whoever sent this misleading information had the opportunity to corn money out of faithful saints. I highly regret the act, we will investigate and send you more information. But please do not give out money again, have the opportunity to check with local church leaders before sending assistance.
Thank you
Hesbon Usi
Nairobi Kenya Stake President ”

My family and I also lost a lot of money trying to help, and I deeply apologize to any of you that sent money as well, please do not send any more money. Who ever did this knows a lot about Elder Malonza and as the Stake President mentioned he is investigating. I will pass on any additional information that I might get. Again, I deeply apologize to those of you that lost money.

Virginia Flurer
Virginia Agnes Flurer Send Email
Passing of Tom Groves 16 Nov 2005
Many of you may have known Tom and Maureen Groves who lived in Umhlanga Rocks. They were baptised in 1993. In early 2005 they'd moved from Durban to Johannesburg. Shortly thereafter, Tom had a heartattack and passed away.
Derek Ward Send Email
New Baby 22 Sep 2005
Hey, just wanted to let you all know that my wife, Cassi, and I welcomed our little girl into the world on sept. 12th. She is healthy and will be blessed in St. George, Utah on Sept. 25th. Her name is Lexi Jo Jacobs and weighed 8 pds 4 oz and was 21 inches long.
John Robert Jacobs Send Email
Looking for Craig Johnson 30 Aug 2005
Any one know how to contact Craig Johnson?

Douglas Ted Bray Send Email
Roberts 18 Jul 2005
Hi!! I really want to get in contact with Pres Roberts, if anyone knows his contact details I would be so gratefull!!! giyabonga
Tim John Baird Send Email
Help contacting a family 26 Jun 2005
Howzit Guys,

I lost contact with a family we found, taught and baptised in Umlazi township, they stayed in F SECTION in 1998 and could still be there. If by any small miracle someone knows the contact details of the Mtembu family (Figile is the mothers name and forgot the baba's name - terrible I know, but he is originally from mozambique and speaks portugese) , please give me a shout. I am hopeful that you guys currently serving would be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

Gareth "Elder Cooper"
addresses and phone numbers 19 Oct 2004
I am looking for the addresses and telephone numbers of the following:
-Gugu viviane Baqwa ; mama Mota ; the Shabalalas; the Khulus(madadeni)
-the Zungus (Umlazi ,Z section)
-elder Jerome Jacobs and sister Michelle Truter
Julie Marie Powa Send Email
New missionary 11 Oct 2004
My son will be serving in the South Africa Durban mission. He reports to the MTC November 17th. I would really like some information about how to send packages to him in South Africa. I have no idea how big South Africa is so I don't know often the missionaries go to the mission home. Does the Mission President allow packages to be sent to the mission home and will they forward them to the missionary? How long would it take for my son to get a package this way? How safe is the mail service? Is there one way to mail that is better than another? Any ideas? Suggestions?
Tom Msimango 02 Jun 2004
Hey all,

Anyone know Tom Msimango's current address?? He used to live in Hammarsdale/Mpumalanga. Please let me know if you do. Thanks.
Damon Deru Send Email
mini reunion correction 26 May 2004
The date of the reunion will be on July9, not July 11. We are planning on doing it at about 6 pm.
Tom Allred Johnson Send Email
Mini-reunion! 25 May 2004
Darren Boyack Will be in Utah in July. We are setting up a mini reunion for Friday, July 11 for anyone who served with Darren. The reunion will be at Carterville Park in Provo. More information will be coming. Any questions, call me at 801-836-6707
Tom Allred Johnson Send Email
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