South Dakota Rapid City
Mission Presidents

South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Craig W. Mecham (2000 to present); Sister Maryann Mecham

John R. Reese (1997-2000); Sister Gayle Gardiner Reese

Gene W. Atkinson (1994-1997); Sister Linda Atkinson

Donald D. Hooks (1991-1994); Sister Margaret Hooks

Marvin Knowles (1988-1991); Sister Knowles

William S. Bush (1985-1988); Sister Charlene Bush

R. Perry Greenwood (1982-1985); Sister Greenwood

Morris Q. Bastian (1979-1982); Sister Elaine Bastian

Glen E. Van Wagenen (1976-1979); Sister Van Wagenen

Dakota-Manitoba Mission

Clarence Bishop (1973-1976); Sister Bishop

Northern Indian Mission

Rex C. Reeve, Jr. (1970-1973); Sister Reeve

Harvey A. Dahl (1967-1970); Sister Margaret Dahl

Grant Roper Farmer (1964-1967); Sister Farmer

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