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Angel Herrero 04 Sep 2012
Hno. Angel Herrero was one of only two Spanish members of the Church when the work began in June 1969. He was baptized in May 1969 and called as a full-time missionary in August 1969 (no MTC, no LTM, not endowed). In October 1969 he was one of the 8 missionaries who opened the work in Barcelona.

In July 2012, Angel and his wife returned to Barcelona as a full-time missionary couple!
Clark B. Hinckley Mandar Mensaje
President Clark Hinckley's Blog 13 Aug 2012
Saludos cariñosos a todos--

Time and other distractions usually keep me away from reading the occasional digest that the Spain Barcelona Mission webmaster sends. Today I clicked on a link in the digest to which was maintained by the mission's recently departed mission president, Clark Hinckley.

For anyone who would like a reminder of the unique feeling that pervaded our Spain Barcelona missions, that blog might really connect with you as it did with me. I don't recall ever being so homesick as a missionary as I am homesick today for Spain (particularly missionary-life-Spain) after looking through that blog!

I was particularly moved at seeing the photos and reading the descriptions about the establishment of the branch in Ibiza. One day 48 people met for services in the elders' apartment!

Inspiration for new, varied, and possibly more effective contacting methods also appears to continue. I was thrilled to see that some missionaries are taking musical instruments (I saw three sisters with violins in the photos) and, as the photo descriptions state, share music in the homes of investigators. Wow! Not every door you may knock on may be ready right away to having you leave a prayer and blessing in their home, but I can imagine people not wanting to turn down a mini concert--after which they might realize that a prayer isn't an unusual reaction at all. Music, it seems, has ever been one of the keys to successful preaching of the gospel in Spain.

Lastly, I'll just point out what also appeared to be another brilliant revelation. Tours of the capillas are being offered, and, if I understand correctly, they are guided by local members. Wow, again! That could be so effective: put up a pancarta in front of the capilla, and then let interested persons talk with a local member and see what that mysterious little bajos capilla looks like on the inside. It's great! (I hope there's music going on inside those same chapels during the open houses!)
Ian Orihah Christensen Mandar Mensaje
RE: Se necesita un nuevo webmaster 16 Jun 2009
Hola a todos:

La página oficial de web de La Misión de España Barcelona necesita un nuevo Webmaster. Esto es porque yo empiezo un nuevo trabajo que me ocupará una cuantidad inmensa de mi tiempo. Lo que queda despues será tiempo para la familia. Quisiera que alguien que sabe programar páginas de web con php se encargue de ello para poder individualizarla. Yo no sé como programar, por eso la página ha sido lo más básico posible. La persona necesita ser dedicada para que la página se mantenga actualizada.

Si alguien tiene interés, por favor mándeme un correo electrónico. Después de evaluar a todos que respondan, haré una decisión sobre la persona adecuada. Gracias.

Eric Swensen
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Spain Barcelona Webmaster Mandar Mensaje
Facebook 19 Aug 2008
Hey... I just saw there is a Facebook Group for Barcelona Mission Alumni as well. Just search under "Barcelona Mission Alumni."

Rich Day Mandar Mensaje
Alcoy Members 23 Jun 2008
Alcoy was my first area Nov. 1997-Mar. 1998 and I love that beautiful city! I was just wondering if anyone has any information on some members there. Miguel Cabrera, Miguel's Cousins Miguel and Juan, Los Amoros, Pilar Jareno and her daughter, Los Story, and Paco Paya! If anyone has any infor that would be great thanks, Brian
Brian Chudleigh Mandar Mensaje
out 25 Jan 2008
Buenas a todos!!
Una pregunta alguien sabe algo sobre Daniel Maxwell???
Please contact me.
Montse Ortuño Melero Mandar Mensaje
Saludos a todos 21 Jan 2008
Me gustaría saludar a todos los exmisioneros que sirvierón, entre los años 1982-1984, con el Pte. Larsen, y especialmente a los que tuve el placer de conocer personalmente..
Me gustaría recibir noticias vuestras, y poder contarnos como van nuestras vidas, y nuestras experiencias.

Mi dirección de email es

Hasta pronto.
Matias Moreno Mandar Mensaje
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