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2015 Reunion 24 Mar 2015
Please come to our annual Switzerland-Zurich Mission Reunion on Friday, April 3rd, 2015, 7:00 PM in the Monument Park 14th Ward. The address is 2255 South Wasatch Drive, 84109, in Salt Lake City.

President and Sister Holbrook will share thoughts. Please brinbg finger food and be prepared for some great conversations. We love you!
John Hamilton Holbrook Send Email
2014 Reunion 22 Mar 2014
Please come to our reunion on Friday, April 4th, 2014, at 7:00 PM in the Monument Park 14th Ward. There will be talks from President and Sister Holbrook, followed by finger food and conversation. Please spread the good word. Also, please bring some finger food for our buffet.

We love you!

President and Sister Holbrook
John Hamilton Holbrook Send Email
Missionary Discussions 29 Oct 2013
While sharing stories of my mission with my sons, I have tried to relate to them the content of the "rainbow discussions" (a.k.a. A Unified System for Teaching Families). I went through my memory box to find them, but came up empty. Can't Google 'em either. Does anyone have them around still? I'd love a scanned copy. English or Deutsch.
Gregor McHardy Send Email
Swiss Ambassador visiting Utah 11 Sep 2012
The Swiss Ambassador to the United States, Manuel Sager, will be visiting Utah this week and will be the guest at a private luncheon at the SL Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, September 13th, 2012. If any other "Geweseners" have also had post-mission business dealings with Switzerland, or have Swiss roots otherwise, I could probably get a few souls into the luncheon. Please contact me if you are interested.
Paul K. Savage Send Email
Phone number to mission office 29 Apr 2011
I am visiting here in Zurich on business and need to contact the missionaries or a member to get a Book of Mormon for a friend here. If anyone can be of assistance please reply here or contact me via email at THANKS
Brad Ipsen Send Email
Reunion, 2011 28 Feb 2011
Please come to our 2011 reunion to be held from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM on Friday, April 1st, at the Monument Park 14th Ward, located at 2255 Wasatch Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109. President and Sister Holbrook will speak. We will enjoy a pot luck buffet and conversation. Missionaries, spouses, dates, children, members and friends are invited. Please bring finger food.
John Hamilton Holbrook Send Email
Deseret News article on Swiss Government 29 Dec 2010
Check out my post under "News"

All the best,

Frank X Jacobberger Send Email
Glen Douglas Lybbert 23 Nov 2010
For those who served under Presidents Mabey and Christensen, albeit few of you are registered, you may want to know that Elder Glen Douglas Lybbert passed away March 28, 2008, in Las Vegas, NV, from melanoma. Doug was my LTM companion in the St. Gallen District. Also, if any of you have contact information regarding other elders of the St. Gallen LTM District (June to September 1967) , i.e., Gerald Hyde, Richard (Dick) Jardine, Tim Reynolds, I would love to hear from you so that I might contact them. (Mitch Wilson, who was in our St. Gallen District, was killed in an automobile accident in August 1969, in Austria just a few weeks before he was to return home).
Kent R. Jensen Send Email
Mission Reunion 01 Mar 2010
Please come to our 2010 reunion to be held from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM on Friday, April 2nd, at the Monument Park 14th Ward, located at 2255 Wasatch Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109. President and Sister Holbrook will speak. We will enjoy a pot luck buffet and conversation. Missionaries, spouses, dates, children, members and others are invited. Please bring finger food.
John Hamilton Holbrook Send Email
Members I knew 23 Feb 2010
Can anyone recall these members? They were baptized 1961-64.

They will likely not be with us, but if so, I'd like to contact them, or their children.

Sister Meier, had 2 children, Eddie and Lily. I heard that Lily later joined the Church, and served a mission in Great Britain(?)

Fraulein, later Sister Frei. She was a handicapped lady that worked as a seamstress from her house. Memory fades, but I believe she lived just outside of Biel.

Sister Kiener, who had two children, a son , Willi, who was a barber, and a daughter, Elspeth.

Any help will be appreciated.
Carl A Crosby Send Email
Change in Mission Boundries 13 Feb 2010
Nathan E. Hammer Send Email
Visit Konstanz and Kreuzlingen 07 Oct 2009
After business meetings in Munich next week, I'll be heading to Konstanz and attending the Kreuzlingen branch. Looking forward to visiting a member there - convert from 1992.

Almost 18 years since I was last in Konstanz/Kreuzlingen area. Looking forward to it.
Terry Cutler Send Email
Apartment photos? 16 Nov 2008
I am looking for pictures of missionary apartments. I was looking through my pictures from 20 years ago and realized that I never took pictures of some of the places I lived. Anyway if anyone who served back then and lived in Winterthur, Itingen, Bern, Weingarten or Weil am Rhein, and has pictures of the apartment from the outside, I would appreciate a copy of it. Thanks.
Galen Louis Anderson Send Email
Swiss Days 28 Aug 2008
Swiss Days in Midway is every Labor Day weekend which is tomorrow 8/29 and Saturday 8/30. It's a lot of fun with all the Swiss stuff and a chance to reminisce back to the mission so you should all come. We could all go and practice our Swiss German.
LaDawn McPherson Send Email
member info needed 27 Aug 2008
Can someone get me an email address for Susi Marbacher? I think this is her current address:
Büelstrasse 3
8910 Affoltern am Albis/ZH

*044 760 25 13
Doug C. Terry Send Email
one visiting teacher? 22 May 2008
My daughter arrives on June 1st to live in Zurich area for one year. I am just trying to reach one mom who will check on her once she arrives in the Wetzikon Ward.
Darlene Leyton Send Email
Place to stay for two nights? 13 May 2008
Anyone know a member family in the Zurich area that would be willing to house a pair visiting from the US? (in June)

Or perhaps a good hostel?
Rusty Howell Send Email
Missionary Reunion 02 Apr 2008
Please come to our annual reunion on April 4th, 2008, at the Monument Park 14th Ward, 2255 South Wasatch Drive at 7:00 PM. Pres. and Sister Holbrook will speak. There will be plenty of time to talk. Please bring spouses, dates, children, Swiss members, etc. Please bring finger food. We love you,

Pres. and Sister John Holbrook
John Hamilton Holbrook Send Email
friends 14 Mar 2008
Brothers and Sisters!
Me and my family are going to be close to Bern.

Please help me!
I'm looking for email and phone number of Bishop of Bern and Zollikofen Wards.

Thank you, see you.
Ilya Druzhkov Send Email
Buckner Mission Reunion 4 April 2008 13 Mar 2008
We have scheduled a mission reunion for all missionaries, family members, and friends for those who served with the Buckners (2004-2007). As last fall, it will be held in the Bountiful Meetinghouse located at 102 E. 1400 South. Take exit 316 or the 500 South exit. The reunion will run from 19:00 to 21:30. We invite one and all. Contact all your past companions and let them know. We will have visitors from Switzerland with us. Come and enjoy! Looking forward to see one and all.
The Buckners
Brent L. Buckner Send Email
Elder Cody Carr 31 Jan 2008
To those who served under President Worlton--Elder Cody Carr, from Tremonton, UT, passed away over 10 years ago in an accident at his parents' home. He left a young widow, but no children. He was still with the Air Force at the time, having returned to the US Air Force Academy after his mission in 1978, but his death was not related to his military service. Elder Carr was a fine missionary with whom I had the honor to serve in Singen, Germany, in 1979.
Rodney Quinn Jarvis Send Email
Familien bestehen fuer immer 20 Jan 2008
The following comment has been submitted by Paul White.

Dear Jonathan,

...FYI, I have scanned and loaded onto YouTube the filmstrip presentation called "Familien Bestehen für Immer", produced by the missionaries in 1982. President Bischoff is the narrator. There are two versions of the film available, English and German.

For anyone who was ever in the Zurich mission, certainly for those around
82, this should bring a smile. Sorry about the quality of the pictures and audio, but I used the filmstrip and tape several times a week on my mission, then stashed them in a box for 25 years.

So, please let people know the presentation is out there. Thanks.

Alles gueti,
Paul White 82-84
(Go to the YouTube home page and search for "Familien bestehen fuer immer".)
Jonathan Ussery Send Email
Contact companions and friends 11 Oct 2007
I have been trying to contact some of my companions in the mission. I am especially looking to contact Joseph Zentner, Joseph Harline and David Humes. Does anybody have any information about the Muehlematter family from Ostermundigen?
John Eyring Rieske Send Email
Kurt Frischknecht 09 Oct 2007
Elder Frischknecht was a good missionary who could get anyone to laugh. As a young missionary, I looked up to him as one who had it all together.
Jerry Christensen Send Email
Elder Kurt Frischknecht 08 Oct 2007
For some of you this may be very old news, but I received an email from Manfred Grzan who was my last companion in Balingen, Germany back in 1979. In his email, he informed me that Kurt Frishknecht who served with us from 1977-1979 and who also was a companion of Elder Grazan, was killed in an auto accident some three years ago. I was not aware of this, but had been thinking about Kurt a lot lately and was trying to locate him. I'd given up trying and then received Manfred's email. Just thought some of you who didn't know might want to.
Todd Alan Deitrick Send Email
Parker Bradford Death 01 Aug 2007
Dear Friends,
Some of you you will remember my sister, Melissa Dalton, and brother-in-law, Randall Bradford, from the MTC where they were instructors during 1985-1988. Just days ago their oldest child, Parker, died after being involved in a drowning accident. I have included the link for Parker's obituary.
Hilary Dalton-Zander
Hilary Dalton-Zander Send Email
Buckners Speaking in Sacrament Meeting 08 May 2007
President & Sister Buckner will by speaking on Sunday July 29th 2007 in the South Weber 4th Ward located at 7989 South 2250 East in South Weber Utah. (Go to and find a map to the building) Sacrament Meeting starts at 12:50. We'd love to see any and all returned missionaries and parents of currently serving missionaries. We are excited for President & Sister Matern and the blessing they will be to the mission!

President & Sister Buckner
Brent L. Buckner Send Email
When is the President Buckner Reunion? 25 Apr 2007
I was wondering if anyone has heard when the reunion will be held. If you know, let me know.

Clint Jay Cottam Send Email
Zermatt hotel 19 Mar 2007
Hi all,
I received many wonderful responses from folks when I asked some questions about travelling on an upcoming trip with my daughter to Switzerland. Thanks for all of the recommendations.
I have another favor to ask. I am planning to spend a couple of days in Zermatt. Does anyone have recommendations for specific hotels/zimmer frei, etc there? Thanks.
Andrew Joseph Scoggin Send Email
Our reunion 10 Mar 2007
We will hold our annual reunion on March 30, 2007, in the Monument Park 14th Ward in Salt Lake City. The address is 2255 South Wasatch Drive. We will hear from Presidents Koch and Holbrook. Spouses, children and friends are invited. Food will be potlock. Please bring finger food. Drinks will be provided. There will be plenty of time to visit.

We love you!
John Hamilton Holbrook Send Email
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