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Palesiteni Taniela Kelikupa Kivalu 19 Aug 2016
fakafiefia 'aupito koe sio kihe website ko'eni , Neu ngaue he taimi 'o Palesiteni Kivalu, pea neongo 'okune mama'o atu ka koe ngaahi tapuaki 'oku mau mau he 'ahoni ne makatu'unga ia meihe tangata ne pani 'ehe 'Eiki kene tataki kimautolu.
Petisi Liliokalani Vaitaiki Send Email
finding people 01 Oct 2010
Hello, My wife and I are visiting Tonga after about 25 years since my mission. I am looking to see some people. Can anyone tell me if they know where the following people are living? Siaosi Vai from Tokomololo, Tahavalu Samiu from Fua'amotu, Uluakinofo Talia'uli from Lapaha, Emili Valele Malapo area, Suli Malu from Tofoa, Halatoa & Senieti Vea from Pangai Eua, Simi and Ele Vea from Panai Eua, Kimi Funaki from Fua'amotu.

I would like to know where any of these people are now. Thank you so much.
Hal Tagg (Teki) Send Email
Pleasant Grove Utah Missionary Contact Information 01 Mar 2010
President Sitiveni Fehoko has a daughter that married an Elder that also served in Tonga after 3 years ago or so but is from PG Utah. If anybody has any contact information about him please let me know?

I believe his first name is Jordan and his Last name started with an E but not remember the rest.
'Afa Kehaati Palu Send Email
Kiora 03 Mar 2009
kiora te whanau.....

Malo e lelei kau faifekau misiona Tonga....Oku mou fefe hake? koe afe mai pe o say hello atu kiakimoutolu moe fktauange temou mau ha faahitau fiefia

tua ofa atu
lda Tmokofisi nd family
Tavakesina Mokofisi Send Email
Congratulations! 05 Nov 2007
To all missionaries here in Tonga, I would like to say congratulations for what we have done last weeks for the rededicated of our beautiful temple here in Tonga, and all the programs that we have done through out the weeks.. and a special thanks to our apostle who were here..
may god bless u
Alpha Marbel Marien Ma'u Send Email
Lunch with Banks 13 Jul 2007
This message is for all of those missionaries who served under President Banks. There will be a lunch at thanksgiving point on the 27th of July from 11 am - 3 pm. Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm. The cost is $23 per person, that covers room rental and luau buffet. Please call me if you are able to make it. I need to know by the 20th.

Ben Park
Benjamin Ross Park Send Email
02-07 Reunion 29 Mar 2007
'Oku fai ha ki'i reunion he uikeni ma'ae kau faifekau malolo na'e ngaue mei he 2002-2007. 'Oku fakahoko ia he 'aho 31 (Tokonaki) hili 'ae fakataha lakanga faka-taula'eiki 'o a'u ki he 11:45pm. 'E fai ia 'i he 644 N 2000 W 'i Lindon, UT (just off of the Lindon exit). Kataki 'o 'omi ha pa'anga $5 ke tokoni'aki 'ae building rental mo ha toe pa'anga 'e $5 ke fakatau'aki ha ki'i me'a tokoni. Fehu'i pe RSVP kia Ben Park (801-473-6003). Malo!
Robert Darel Swenson Send Email
Tulima Finau 08 Feb 2007
Hi Everybody,

Can you please find my niece Tulima Finau
possibly in Pahu in the Church office. Please contact us!

Ofa atu Kefi Valu
sister-in-law of Fakahau Valu
Patrick Hernandez Send Email
Tonga 100th Celebration 16 Jan 2007
A question was asked if theres anyone that knows anything about the "Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission 100th year celebration" planned in Tonga around June 2007. Please post, Malo.

'Ofa 'Eiki Atu,

Patrick Hernandez Send Email
April 1, 2007 Missionary Fireside 16 Jan 2007
This is to let you all know that BYU Hawaii President, "Shumway" will have a fireside after General Conference Sunday night April 1, 2007. Please let other "Alumni" that's not in this website know about this so we all can be there.The place and time will be posted soon by Siosifa Folau. With that, I like to thank Folau for spearheading this event.

'Ofa 'Eiki Atu,

Patrick Hernandez Send Email
Elder Argyle Update 28 Dec 2006
Elder Argyle called home for Christmas saying that he loves Tonga. He is curently in Ha'apai on the island of Koa I believe. When I could not find the island on the map he said he served in Muitoa and Fakakakai. I found these villages but the map said the island is Ha'ano. He is doing well and loves his bungalow. He states the sunsets are beautiful. They have been very successful teaching the gospel. They had five baptisms the week before. As we visited I could here voices when asked who it was he said it was the children grabing the fish out of the nets that just came in. He loves the people and they love him.

(Mom) Pam Argyle.

Thank you Sis. Argyle for the update.
Patrick Hernandez Send Email
looking for other huni's 26 Dec 2006
my name is sharyn huni my husbands name is taylor huni we r looking for other family members that are linked to this sitein tonga or aussie or hawaii
sharyn huni Send Email
Reunion Committee 16 Dec 2006
I proposed that we have a reunion committee setup for which Siosifa Folau will be the chair person. He will need representatives from each state to help him with this task. Please post your thoughts and questions or email me or Folau.
Merry Christmas everybody and a happy and joyous New Year.

‘Ofa ‘Eiki Atu,
Lopeti Tu’itavake

Ignorance has no beginning but it has an ending,
Knowledge has a beginning with no ending…
Patrick Hernandez Send Email
Spam/NeNe 11 Dec 2006
This is to inform you all that there is a person that is not given permission to email members and friends from this website. They use the name NeNe so when you see this please delete it out. If you have any more problems please contact me.


Lopeti Tuitavake
Patrick Hernandez Send Email
Looking for Elder Price 09 Nov 2006
I am trying to locate Joseph Price, a spunky Rarotongan, who served as my companion in the mission office in 1981. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Richard Nelson Send Email
Updates 02 Apr 2006
I have contacted the mothers of our missionaries currently serving in Tonga to give us a brief update on their son’s .

Sis. Featherstone said:

“The news we get from him is good. He is really enjoying his mission, and
is having good success as he teaches the gospel. He is serving right by the
mission office right now and enjoying that. He hopes to be able to go back out
to one of the smaller islands and serve and get to know more of the great people
of the Tongan islands. The language is finally good, he loves attending the temple,
and serving his Heavenly Father there in Tonga. He's been there 14 months
already, time is going quickly, but he is very happy and loves his mission.”

Sister Hernandez added:

“Elder Hernandez (Eleta Helani) is loving the MTC. He can now pray in Tongan
and do a simple testimony in Tongan. He almost has the First vision memorized.
He loves singing in Tongan. He is very excited about his mission.”

And finally Sister June Mathews closed with:

“Elder Mathews is on the island of Nomuku, and we haven't heard from him by
email since mid-February, and my snail mail since January. When we hear
something, we will send it to the website. I wanted to send a photo of him
as soon as I get one. Most of the photos I have are with people who were
baptized in December.”

Thank you so much Sisters for the input about your sons, our missionaries. I’m sure all of us here in this website can relate to the feeling we had gotten from a letter from home. Please feel free to post pictures of your missionaries, some of us like myself need to be reminded of the blessings.

‘Ofa Eiki ‘Atu,

Patrick Hernandez Send Email
ALOHA!!! 18 Dec 2005
Malo e lelei,
Tuku ke fai atu ai leva ha popoaki talamonu ki he teu 'oe Kilisimasi. 'Ofa ke tapuekina kimoutolu 'ehe 'Eiki 'ihe ngaahi 'aho malolo ko'eni. 'Ofa ke mou ma'u ha Kilisimasi fiefia moha ta'u fo'ou monu'ia. 'Ofa atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa.
Elder Vatikani
Veukitau Vatikani Send Email
malo e tau moe ngaue malohi!!!!! 11 Dec 2005
Aloha and malo e name is Shogo Falevai used to be Elder falevai from 2000-2002......i hope that everything is perfect over there and god be with you at all time...ofa atu tokanga ki he ngaue.
Shogo Hala Falevai Send Email
Ofa ki Tonga 20 Oct 2004
Na'a ku toki foki mai au pea mei Tonga 'i he aho 7 'o 'Okatopa. 'Oku ou kau ki hono fokotu'u 'o ha polokalama ke tokoni'i ai ha tamaiki palangi pe mei 'Amelika ni 'a ia kuo lahi 'a enau fai pau'u mo fefakakikihi'aki pea mo honau ngaahi matu'a. 'Oku loto leva 'a honau ngaahi famili ke totongi ke alu 'a e kau tamasi'i pehe ni ki Tonga ke fai ai honau fale'i mo fakatonuhia'i 'e he kau ngaue 'i he api ako nofo ko eni. 'Oku ui 'a homau kautaha ni ko Sorenson's Tonga. Pea 'e lava ke mou vakai ange 'a e web site he Ko e me'a malie ko e lava ke u ma'u 'a e faingamalie ko ia ke u foki 'ai ki Tonga. 'Oku fu'u faka'ofo'ofa 'a e 'otu'ofa'anga. Na'e lava pe mo 'eku 'eva ki he Fo'i 'one'one pea mo e Fatafatamafana. 'Oku ou lau 'ia ko ha tapuaki makehe 'i he 'eku mo'ui ni ke u toe tu'u 'i Tonga 'o toe fesiofaki pea mo e kakai 'a ia 'oku ou 'ofa lahi ki ai. Si'i tu'a 'ofa atu. 'Ofa pe te tau to e fe'iloaki 'i he Reunion 'a ia 'e hoko pea 'i Soleki Siti 'i he Sapate ki mu'a he Konifelenisi lahi 'i 'Epeleli 2005. Kapau na'a ke ngaue koe 'i he taimi pe 'o Pres. Uasila'a, 'oku palani ke me'a mai ange ia ki Soleki Siti 'i he faka'osi pe 'o Novema he ta'u ni, pea ko hono loto ia ke tau toe fakataha pe mo ia 'i he kamata anga pe 'o Tisema. Kataki pea fetu'utaki mai ke tau fakapapau'i 'a e taimi pea moe feitu'u pea mo hono tokolahi 'o kinautolu 'e lava mai ki he fa'ahing fakataha pehe. 'E lava ke ke ta mai ki he 'eku mopaila he fika 435-201-9910, 'a ia ko au ko Elder Takilesi 'i he taimi ko ia. Malo.
Andrew Jason Douglas Send Email
sista Huni si'oku tokoua... hehe 14 Sep 2004
'Ofa lahi atu Sista Huni....

tokoua meihe #107 *haha*
Kale Falepapalangi Send Email
Eld Smith 12 Apr 2004
Post all the names you need and we'll see what other's might know.
Tupou Hopoate Pauu Send Email
Return with Honor 14 Jan 2003
Although this alumnus is not included in this website, I wish to make mention of him here. Elder Aulola Tonga, who served in Tonga between 1982-84, was called back home to our Heavenly Father yesterday (13 Jan 2003). He is married to Sokopeti Po'oi, and has four little children between the ages of 6 to 11. The widow and children continue to reside in Laie, Hawaii. Aulola is a great example of Christlike character and one whom the alumni would be very proud to count as one of their own. Those of you who know or remember Elder Tonga and wish to know more info, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.
Kalake Fonua Send Email
86-88 17 Jun 2002
looking forward to remembering and sharing experiences from misiona tonga 86-88. pres. shumways. hoping also to find teki and fie'eiki who were trainers at the mtc in nov 86. and of course to read about experiences from years before and after. 'ofa atu, uongi.
Thomas Wong Send Email
More alumni? 08 May 2002
I just found out about this from my old buddy "Hokili" recently and wonder if all us are letting others know about it. I've lost track of most of my Kau Ngaue and would sure like to find them. 'Ofa atu,

Ken Law Send Email
Tongan Mission Reunion 01 Apr 2002
Just attended the mission reunion held in Salt Lake City at the newly dedicated Tongan Stake Center. Most of the missionaries malolo in attendance were form Shumway's presidency and previous all the way to 1940. Elders Johnsen, Kauvaka and myself were the only ones there from Presidents Kongaika and Uasila'a. There were some as well from Kivalu, Malupo, and Banks. Faivaola (Shumway) spoke to us, Ko e malanga malie. It was a great experience. The dance will be held Firday, April 5th, at the Liberty Wells Center at 400 East and 700 South in Salt Lake City. 'Ofa pe te tau fe'iloaki ai. Malo aupito ko ho'omou ngaue lahi pea mo lelei 'i he mala'e 'o e ngaue fakafaifekau 'i he Misiona Tonga! Tu'a 'ofa atu.
Andrew Jason Douglas Send Email
Other Side of Heaven 04 Dec 2001
I watched the movie the "Other Side of Heaven" base on the book "In the Eye of the Storm", by John Groberg. This movie is about Elder Kolipoki's missionary experiences in Tonga. I think the movie is being release nation wide in January 2002. If you have a chance to see this movie, it is the best missionary movie I have ever seen.
Dean Sakopo Fonua Send Email
Mission Presidents 15 Aug 2001
Nearly all mission presidents are listed up to Pres. Butler, in the book, "Unto the Islands of the Sea" by R. Lanier Bristch. I have a copy of thhis book and can research the info once again if you are interested.

Pres. Groberg served as mission president from 1966-1969, as per his most recent book, "The Fire of Faith."

Thanks for the great job of keeping this site updated. I know it must be demanding.

Ofa 'atu,

Tom G. Hallaq (Halaki) Send Email
Malo e Lelei... 14 Jun 2001
A very big and warm "Malo e Lelei" to all the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission Alumni out there. I was just surfing the net and amazed to see such an awesome site. Thank you to the webmaster for the great job. Hope we'll utilize this opportunity to meet, chat and catch up. And for those who served on Pres. Samisoni Uasila'a's time, BRING IT ON!!! Let's reminisce!!! Can't wait to hear from you all!!!
Fiona V. A. Tuikolovatu Send Email
Translator 21 Apr 2001
My husband who is the webmaster for this site is looking for someone that would like to help translate from English to Tonga this is so he could do the web site in both English and Tonga. Please send a message if your interested in doing this
Annie Lyla Tracy Send Email
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