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Sad News 17 Feb 2007
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 4:14 PM
Subject: Sad news

Dear Missionaries,

We are extremely sad to inform you of the death of Ira Ocipenko. Evidently someone broke into their home Tuesday night and took things (including Ira's cell phone and their car). Ira was struck on the head and died as a result of the injury.

We are devastated and heart-broken. We got a call from Sveta Tolmachova (Vasil's niece) yesterday morning and an email from Olga Kondienko relating the sad news. The Ocipenko's had recently moved into a larger home with a garden (Ira loved to garden). We are having a hard time obtaining the address but as soon as we receive it we will pass it on in case you would like to send a card.

Vasil's email address is: Sveta seemed to think he wouldn't be checking his emails for quite a while as he will, of course, be out of the office.

You will remember that Ira and Vasil lost little Ivan in August of 2000. Two little girls were then born to them and a year or so ago they adopted another little girl. All of the children were home with Ira when the accident occurred; thankfully they were asleep. Vasil had been working (he still works for the church) and came home late (around midnight). Sveta said he had been traveling.

We love this precious family and we know you do too. Their names are on the prayer rolls and in the hearts and minds of all who know them. We were certain you would want to know so you could remember them in your prayers too.

We will let you know if we receive any more information.

With love,

Frank and Nancy
Wilf and Meka Voge
William J. & Manette Murri Send Email

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