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Belarus 20th Anniversary 02 Sep 2012
Attention all missionaries who served in Belarus under President Biddulph and President Lamont!

A reunion is being planned for members, returned missionaries, leaders, and their families to mark the 20th Anniversary of the dedication of Belarus in 1993.

The reunion will take place in April or May to correspond with the anniversary of the dedication (May 11 to be exact). More details will be announced as plans are made. We want to get the word out early to as many as possible so everyone can plan ahead.
James Miller Send Email
Facebook Page 13 Jun 2012
I updated a Facebook page I created a year ago. It is open for any alumni or friend to the Kyiv Ukraine LDS Mission. Please join!

Or search for the group Kiev Ukraine Mission...
Daniel Paul Sandoval Send Email
History of the Church in Ukraine Bus Tour 20 Aug 2010
Zoya Gulko has organized a special bus tour that will feature the “History of the Church in Kyiv.” This bus tour would show the first meeting places, mission homes and office, first branch buildings, places where General Authorities spoke, and the location where the country was dedicated. The tour would also point out other Kyiv sights. The tour will be done in English.
The bus can accommodate around 40 people and will cost approximately $5-$7 per person. The tour will be on Saturday, August 28 and will start around 9:30am. The tour is expected to take 2-3 hours. If you are interested please email Zoya at
John Lunt Send Email
Ukrainian Judges To Visit Utah 08 Aug 2010
Five Judges of Ukraine's highest court, the Constitutional Court, will visit Utah in late September. If you are interested in providing volunteer assistance in cultural and social event settings, to assist these non-English speakers, please contact me at We have a full daily program with professional interpreters but evenings we can use the help of those who live in the Salt Lake area.
David Nuffer Send Email
Kiev Temple Dedicatiion Pilgramage 25 Jul 2010
The time is drawing closer! I am so excited for the dedication of the Ukraine Temple! I served my mission in Novosibirsk, Russia, such a long way away from any surrounding temple. I love the blessings of temple service, but my heart goes out to those in Siberia because it is an arduous journey to attend any temple, one that many will not have the opportunity to make.

That is why I want to see the Temples come to them. I suspect soon a temple in Western Russia, and hopefully in my lifetime, a temple in Siberia. I want to be a part of that.

The career path I have chosen is architecture. I recently was hired on with Fetzer, an architectural woodworking company with close ties to the Church. I want to grow into an individual who can make a Siberian temple possible.

At the time I was serving in Novosibirsk, we were fortunate enough to be involved in the dedication of the Helsinki, Finland Temple, up to this point the most convenient temple location for the Russian Saints. The mission president at the time fought government and technological disadvantages to bring the dedication, by satellite transmission, to the members in the mission. To be with the Saints for that occasion, to see how eager they were for the opportunity one day to have their own temple, was an experience that shall never leave me.

It is my desire to continue to be with the Saints as the temple wave sweeps eastward. I am saving to make a trip to Kiev for the dedication, but I petition those serving in that area. If there is any accommodation anyone can offer to make such a trip possible, please let me know.

I hope President Hinckley's legacy continues as temples fill the whole earth. There is still much work to be done, but the Kiev Ukraine Temple is truly a victorious moment for the Lord and His Kingdom!
Nathan Blair Send Email
Adoption Facilitator 18 Feb 2010
My wife and I are in the process of adopting one (maybe two) children from the Ukraine. We are attempting to do this independently as so are trying to arrange for an experienced, in country, facilitator.

We have contacts with facilitators, but would rather use a member of the church who has experience with the adoption process in Ukraine. We happen to know of a member who has experience doing this but have been unsuccessful in contacting her.

If you have any information that can assist us in our search please contact me at:

We need to make our decision as to who to use as a facilitator in the next couple of weeks.

Kim Pelca Send Email
Looking for a translator 22 Jan 2010
Hello, my name is Connie Whitesides. I am a 3rd Grade Teacher at Thomas Edison Charter School in Cache Valley, Utah. I just received an 8 year-old boy in my class who was adopted from Ukraine. He currently knows very limited English. The school and family are interested in hiring a Ukrainian Translator/Tutor position. If you, or someone you know is interested please contact Mr. Eldon Budge (school principal) at 435-752-0123.
Constance Whitesides Send Email
Temple Dedication? 11 Nov 2009
Does anyone have an idea as to the approximate date for the Kiev Temple Dedication? Any information would be appreciated.
Nykolus Vail Send Email
Elder Ensign 18 May 2008
Does anyone knows how I can find elder Ensign! He served around 1999- 2000 his companions were elder Parkinson, Moore and I guess elder Smith or jones! I don't know about the rest of his companions, because august 2000 I left for Belgium and haven't been back ever since!
I wanna find him cause he was a great missionary and after I left he was the only missionary who actually spoke to my family, and asked if I was okay, invited my family to church! All of the missionaries I served with, have been baptized by and just considered close friends, they never even called my family to ask how are they doing! They all got on with their lives and never even bother to contact me or to answer my mails! Even my branch president who was baptized after me President Danko (lutsk branch), he gave up on me! He made me a promise and never kept it, in fact he never even called my family! I was at his baptism, and at his wifes baptism! I use to be his sons sunday school teacher, or just babysit them during the sunday service because they were so loud and draw all the attention on them! I concidered Danco family my friends! Everyone from my branch gave up on me, so I can't really relay on them in my searchy! please anyone, if you know where's elder Ensign now, let me know! I think he's from California! I'd like to thank him for what he did!
Tania Fedchyshyna Send Email
Ukrainian Research Study 18 Apr 2008
I am looking for native English speakers who have learned Ukrainian as a foreign language.

If you live in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, or Weber county in Utah, please continue reading.

As a Master's student of Linguistics at the University of Utah, I am running an experiment about Ukrainian. I am looking for native English speakers who have learned Ukrainian as a foreign language (It could be your second, third, etc). The experiment consists of sitting at a computer, listenting to Ukrainian words, and answering some questions. I am able to pay $10 to each participant. You can either travel to the Speech Acquisition Lab at the University of Utah, OR I can travel to where you are (within Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber counties) and run the experiments there.

If you would like to participate, please contact Albert Jarvi (home: 801-262-3196, work: 801-587-7545, email: Please contact me as soon as possible if you are able to participate. Thank you for your help.
Albert Jarvi Send Email
Kyiv Temple Photos 30 Mar 2008
I posted some photos of the Kyiv Temple Site, taken March 30, 2008, at
David Nuffer Send Email
Help find Elder Mizuno! 02 Dec 2007
Dear brothers and sisters,
We are trying to find any information about Elder Mizuno from Japan who served in Kiev in the very first years of the Church in Ukraine. If you know anything about him, please let us know! Thanks a lot!
Zoya Gulko Send Email
Chapel at Temple Site is not the Stake Center 19 Oct 2007
I though that the building next to the Temple site was a stake center. By the size of it, I sort of still consider it a stake center, but it's not where the stake offices are located. The address of the chapel at the Temple site is Яблунева 1 (Yabluneva 1). This street may not be on some street maps, so if you plan on going there it might be a good idea to circle the location on a map. You can find the location by zooming out of the map at the following web page . One person giving me the address added the following, Південна Борщагівка, Кільцева дорога (Pivdenna Borshahivka, Kiltseva doroha), which also may help finding it. I believe that there is an international branch and stake offices on the street Шота Руставели (Shota Rustaveli) but a traditional large stake center may be built somewhere else.

Thank you Max and Natasha for the prompt reply to my question about where I can go to church in Kiev.

Please let me know if any of this is not correct.
Alex Eagar Send Email
Kyiv Temple Site 19 Oct 2007
Google Earth images show the Stake Center, but they are a little slow, as there is now actually a big green construction fence around the temple site.

Lat is 50.40436884388709 N
Long is 30.39670693804786 E

In case you're interested...
Thomas Reese Send Email
Kyiv Stake Center Meeting Times 18 Oct 2007
I am going to be in Kiev on Sunday, November 11, 2007. I would like to go to church at the stake center. At what times do meetings begin and in what order do they hold their meetings? I can find the stake center on a map, but what is the street address of the stake center?
Alex Eagar Send Email
More detailed kyiv temple site pics 10 Oct 2007
Here's a few pics, a few more inside the stk center and such, from last spring when we visited with President Biddulph
Alan R Doan Send Email
47 Kyiv Temple Site Photos - 8/14/07 10 Oct 2007
Alex Eagar Send Email
Thank you for the Temple info 10 Oct 2007
I appreciate those of you who helped me find the Temple site. I had three responses and they were timely(no sarcasm, folks)! I was able to find the right coordinates on Google Earth.
Gregory Fessia Send Email
Kiev Temple Location 10 Oct 2007
You can see the Temple site on the following web page. You can then just zoom out to see where it's at. It will be on the same plot of land as the Stake Center.
Alex Eagar Send Email
Kiev Temple Location 10 Oct 2007
I don't know the exact location. What I do know is that it is near the Borshahivski "massive" development on the west side of the Kiev ring road, between the roads that go toward Lviv (E-40) and Odessa (E-95). What I have heard suggests that the site is in the Kiev oblast, and not in Kiev itself. With that information, a look at Google Maps suggests that the site is somewhere NEAR 50.42 degrees north and 30.37 degrees east. Google Maps' imagery is outdated enough that I'm not sure where the site actually is but I would guess it has to be on the west side of the road.
Michael Joner Send Email
Kiev Temple location?? 09 Oct 2007
I served in the Donetsk Mission and therefore am clueless about the geography of Kiev. I am wondering if any of you Kiev RM's can tell me what part of Kiev the temple is located or if you can tell me the coordinates so that I can look it up on Google Earth.
Elder Greg Fessia
Donetsk Mission(94-95)
Gregory Fessia Send Email
Death in Chernigov 25 Jul 2007
A sad note: :ast Friday 20 July little Igor Schveko, 5 yr old son of Nikolai and Lena Schveko, was killed in a vehicle accident. His oldest sister Anya is in the MTC or about to leave the MTC for a mission in Moscow.
William J. & Manette Murri Send Email
Do you know Ivan Lipski? 29 Jun 2007
The only convert I personally baptized on my mission in Germany was a Ukrainian named Ivan Lipski. That was in 1983, before the fall of the Iron Curtain and I have long since lost track of Ivan.

He was from Kiev and my guess is that he was likely to return there.

Please contact me if you know of him or how I might locate him.

Jesse Fisher Send Email
Google Language Tools 23 Apr 2007
If you want to translate a sentence or more to or from Russian, try using or if you want to translate single words use . They are both decent tools. It's harder to find tools for translating Ukrainian, but here is one dictionary . I served in Kharkiv, and most people there speak Russian. Kharkiv is in the Donetsk mission, so you might also have a look on the Donetsk mission web site at .
Alex Eagar Send Email
possible contact 21 Apr 2007
In 2004 my husband and I visited Ukraine for 3 weeks and adopted two beautiful daughters. We had an amazing experience there and are thrilled to get our little girls. Recently I have wondered it there is any possible way to be in contact with the girls birth mother, to send her pictures and tell her about the girls progress. We know her name and that she lived in the area of Kharkov. Of course we would need an interpreter for letters because of the language barrier. I thought perhaps someone in the missionfield or a member in the area would be able to find her and establish contact, this might be a good way to bring the gospel into her life as well. Please let me know if this is even possible.

Tami Jenson
tami jenson Send Email
Visiting Ukraine and Russia 11 Apr 2007
I will be in St. Petersburg from May 13th until July 29th and after that I will visit Kiev until August 6th. This is for anyone I knew in Ukraine: PLEASE contact me if you would like me to come visit you! I would love to. Send me a message with your phone number and I will call you to make arrangements to visit when I am there.

Hope to hear from you!
Nichole Trone (Tronchik)
Nichole Trone Send Email
Conference Call 08 Apr 2007
I am a parent of a current missionary and would love to talk with recently return missionaries. If you are a parent that would love to communicate occassionaly or a recent RM from the Kiev mission e-mail me and I will set up a conference call hopefully in May... Thank You Chuck Hawkins
Gary R Hawkins Send Email
Facilitator and Traslator 07 Apr 2007
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My wife and I are from Mexico.
We will be traveling to Kiev, because will adopt two kids. Requiere the services of facilitator member of the Church.
If you can help us. Please contact us: and


Alfonso Hernandez Mosso Send Email
looking brother Roman 08 Feb 2007
Dear Friends,

I have a chance for a 10 days stay in Kyiv for business and tour. A friend has introduced me Brother Roman Antuhov as an interpreter of English-Russian for me. But the email address of Roman which I got is no more available.
Can any one pass me correct email address of Roman. Or pass my message to Roman. My email is

Brother Yang
Louis Yung Send Email
Ukraine Trip 09 Jan 2007
We just got back from Ukraine and it was a blast. The trip went well and we delivered many pajamas. We went to church in L'viv and it was the first week that the members were able to meet in their new building. Thanks go out to all of you who prayed for them. It was a blessing to experience that day with those saints. I am producing a dvd with photos and video of the trip. If anyone wants to get their hands on a copy feel free to email me. Hope you all had a good Christmas season!

James Edward Clissold Send Email

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