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Searching for a Sister and an Elder... 28 Sep 2010
I am looking for Elder Anderson from Millington, Tennessee. He served in summer 2007 in Clearfield and was known to the other missionaries as Andersing. I am also looking for Sister Ojeda from California, who served in East Layton in the summer of 2008. Both of these missionaries taught my family at different stages of our lives, and I wanted to let them know that I have received my endowments and my husband is preparing for baptism. If anyone knows how to contact these missionaries, please email me at
Elizabeth Beckwith Send Email
Pres. Jones 17 Dec 2009
Does anyone know how to get a hold of Pres. and Sis. Jones? We are going to be near Newport Beach for a couple of weeks coming up soon and I'd like to see them. Please e-mail me


Sarah (Daniels)
Sarah Adams Send Email
Looking For 27 Aug 2009
Dear Friends,

I am looking for the missionaries that taught and baptized a young friend of mine. His name is Rico Ramos and he was living in Garland, Utah at the time of his baptism.(18 Mar 2001) He was 11 or 12 when he was baptized. His father who is not a member did not keep any records of this special event. Rico is now serving a mission in Mexico and would like to let the Elders that taught him know that he appreciates all that they did for him and how his life has changed. All my other efforts to locate this information for him have failed. I pray you can help. (Would you be having a mission reunion in the near future or is there another avenue that I could use to help make this connection?)

Sister Connie Toone
P.Michael Gratiot Send Email
Elder Alan Denton 28 Jun 2009
Alan Denton died June 24, 2009, in Gilmer, TX.
Michael S. Ray Send Email
matt cusick 03 Nov 2008
hey I am looking to find a long lost mission companion of mine. If anyone knows how I can find Matt Cusick from around spokane WA let me know. my email is

President McBrides address? 29 Oct 2008
I too would like Pres. McBrides E-Mail or address....I recently got engaged and would like to send him an announcement
Randy Layne Proctor Send Email
President McBride 22 Oct 2008
If anyone has President McBrides address or anything that I can get in touch with him that would be great.

Daniel Singleton
Daniel Dewayne Singleton Send Email
Standard of Truth -- the music 01 Jun 2008
Back in 1990ish the UOM song was 'The Standard of Truth'. If you have a copy of the sheet music that we used way back then please contact me.

Michael S. Ray Send Email
Looking for Elder Benjamin Titz? 13 Apr 2008
Anyone have a current email or address for Benjamin Titz (1999-2001) of Germany, please email me. Thanks, Mibi (Sister Bradshaw)
Mibi L Harp Send Email
do you know 07 Apr 2008
I am looking for Stephen Rhead Mortenson. He was a missionary in the 1970's. He was from Ogden, and married Marilyn Johnson. His father is Ben F Mortenson. He served a mission in Bernalillo, NM Please help Thanks
ellen gorum Send Email
Wedding 29 Mar 2008
For those of you who remember me (Elder Wurth) I am pleased to announce I will be getting married to the most wonderful woman ever! Me and Amber Abram will be sealed in the Jordan river Temple on June 13th 2008.
Timothy James Wurth Send Email
Jones Mission reunion to be rescheduled 21 Jan 2008
Due to newly developed family events (weddings, engagements, etc) the Jones are needing to reschedule the mission reunion for Friday, April 3, 2009. That's over a year from now, but obvioulsy more than plenty of time for people to plan to attend. We will still hold it in the Layton/Ogden, UT area. Theirs and our biggest fear is that it's so far away people will forget, so please mark it on your calendars and when you plan for events next year remember to plan on attending the mission reunion april 3, 2009. We will still be collecting contact info for everyone between now and then, so please update your mission website info and then email Joy Prince (Becker) or myself with that info as well. We, along with the Jones', apologize for any inconvience this change may have caused. Please check the site as things develop more fully. And, of course, we can't wait to see you there.

Wendy Lowder (Studer)
Wendy Nikole Lowder Send Email
Mission Reunion for Pres & Sis Jones 03 Jan 2008
In October 2008 we are planning a mission reunion for all those who served under Pres. Jones, so we're hoping that will give plenty of time for each of you to make arrangements to attend. Sister Jones has committed she and Pres to come and is hoping for a very nice turnout. If you can or are interested in coming we will need a head count and contact information to send out the details. Please send your information to myself at or to Joy (Becker) Price at Like the Jones', we look forward to seeing so many of you.

Wendy (Studer) Lowder and Joy (Becker) Prince

If there is some egregious reason we should not hold the reunion in UT in October please make us aware and we'll see what we can do. Thanks.
Wendy Nikole Lowder Send Email
A thank you for Pres. Jones 02 Jan 2008

We are putting together a gratitude book for President & Sister Jones.

We are asking that you send a letter or a quick note with picture of
yourself and/or family & just let them know how grateful you are for them,

Please send it to the below email address. We are needing this by 1/15/08.

Please forward this on to other missionaries, if you have their addresses.

Here it is


Sister Miller (Tyczka) & Sister Gil (Jimenez)
Wendy Nikole Lowder Send Email
President Jones 25 Nov 2007
Does anyone have a mailing address for President and Sister Jones.
Please e-mail it to me if so.
Frederick William Dunn Send Email
I'm visiting Utah 13 Mar 2007
I am planning on visiting Utah on 19March until 24March for a vacation. I'll be staying pretty much at my cousin's place in University of Utah and brother's in BYU, Provo.

For those who know me and staying in Utah currently, when you see this message, please contact me. I wanna see you guys. My email is '' or ''.

Hope I can see you during my visit. Thanks!
Jang Hoon James Joo Send Email
concerning Elder howard 28 Feb 2007
I've met Elder Howard on my mission and we served in the same distrct in layton and he was very spiritual and also a gentelman he welcomed me in the mission fold with open arms and just like jesus would to any of his children. I remember him like yesterday and also he loved the lord and his works and mostly he enjoyed to write poetry about him and if you would like see it and hoping it's the same person , please contact me on my cell (801)628-3446 or e-mail me at and please excuse me for sending this so late i've juste found out today and i,m very sorry to hear about this he was a treat to have known him. Sylvain R Limoges
Sylvain R Limoges Send Email
to all Elders & Sisters of 91-93 U.O.M. 28 Feb 2007
hey, gents & ladies how's life treaten ya'll? please contact me if you remember the montreal canadian fella. here is my e-mail see you soon
Sylvain R Limoges Send Email
contact 19 Feb 2007
hello y'all,
does anyone know Jones, Clifford L. email address or any other contact info, if so do email me
Albert Jennings Send Email
Pres. Mcbride reunions 11 Jan 2007
Any one knowif Pres. Mcbride is haveing a reunion this year? If he is, please email me withe dates! Thanks,
Elder Seth Wege
Seth Wege Send Email
Re: Dewsnup's address 25 Dec 2006
President and Sister Dewsnup
P.O. Box 168
Almo, ID 83312

Rumor has it they are building a new home in Ogden.

Scott B. Wiser Send Email
President Dewsnups Address 17 Dec 2006
I need President Dewsnups new addresss???
Steven Allred
Steven W. Allred Send Email
Looking for Hatala 02 Dec 2006
Does anyone know where Aaron Hatala is? Or how i can contact him!!! Please let me know!!!
Darcy Wright Send Email
Contact Information? 16 Nov 2006
Hey everybody, I am looking for contact information for Adan Gonzalez from hidalgo, Mexico. I served with him in Logan in 2004. If anybody has any info from him, please let me know.
Scott Petersen
Scott Aaron Petersen Send Email
Contact info for Elder Bob Foster? 06 Sep 2006
Does anyone have any contact info for Bob Foster? Just curious.
Aaron Franklin Smith Send Email
any advice?? 30 Aug 2006
I'm entering the MTC October 25th and I will take any advice people give me. I don't have much insight on what works out in the field, mainly because I was just baptized back in June of 2005. So if you have any advice on what type of clothing to get, what you don't really need that much, etc. Anything that you wish someone had told you before you went out. Thanks so much!
~Elder Anderson
Jared August Anderson Send Email
Shmitty Here 05 Jun 2006
Hey guys, this is Shmitty, Smitty, Etc. here. Just dropping a line to say hello and that I'm not married yet. And yes, that does make me a 25 year old bachelor. I will graduate from BYU in Aug and take the LSAT in Sep and will start law school in 2007. I'm looking at some schools in Texas and So Cal and I do wan't to be a divorce attorney. Elder Gammons and his wife had a little girl Bailey, and Keating is about to have a little girl to go along with his 11/2 old son Leroy.
Aaron Franklin Smith Send Email
Baby 13 Apr 2006
Hi, Everyone!!! Just wanna let you know that my wife is pregnant and I am getting ready to become a daddy... I am really excited about it!!!
Marcelo José dos Santos Send Email
reunion 06 Mar 2006
Does any one know when the Dewsnup reunion is this year
Matthew David Alldredge Send Email
fields and dobson 05 Mar 2006
Hey everyone...
I am looking for Elders Wesley Fields and William Dobson. Somehow my husband and I have lost touch with them. Addresses have changed on all parties due to moving around. If anyone knows how to reach them PLEASE let me know.
Salinda J. Hamilton Send Email
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