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Looking For my missionaries 14 Apr 2011

I was baptized in Taylorsville Utah in October 2000. I am looking to connect with the missionaries that baptized me, I cant remember their names. I was 12. I just want them to know I am Active, and Serving A Mission and to say Thank You!
Ryan Dollinger Send Email
Looking to reconnect 09 Jan 2011
Hi my name is Steve St. Thomas and I am looking for the missionaries that baptized me or that taught me the lessons anyway. I don't remember names but I know one is from Mongolia and the other was from New Mexico. I was baptized in Nov. of 2002 into the SLC emigration stake. I was 18 when I was baptized. I would really like to reconnect with the Elders that helped me in so many ways. Thanks

Steve StThomas Send Email
35 Year Mission Reunion 03 Apr 2010
We want to let the missionaries who served under President Eldon Cooley (also those under Pres. Eberhardt) know that we will be having a 35 year Mission Reunion on Friday October 1st, 2010.

For more details and/or to be added to the Mission Directory and recieve all updates and information on the Reunion, please contact Sister Valerie Furrow at (832) 594-6849 or vjfurrow@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing all who served in the beginning years of the great Utah Salt Lake City Mission.
Cooley era Mission Directory 30 Nov 2009
To anyone who served any period of time under Eldon Cooley (1976 to 1979) please contact me to make sure you are in the Mission Directory and that you are receiving your updates. You can reach me at (832) 594-6849 or vjfurrow@gmail.com .
Going to be in SLC April 7th - 10th 27 Mar 2009
Wondering if any of my old missionary companions are around in the SLC area?
William Jeffrey Clark Send Email
looking for Elder Manolo Yanes 11 Aug 2008
If anyone knows how to get in touch with Elder Manolo Yanes who served from 1995-1997, please let me know.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia.


RAndal Banagas
Randal Wesley Banagas Send Email
President Christiansons whereabouts 27 Jun 2008
Wondering if anyone knows where President Christianson is nowadays? I would love to attend a fireside or class he could be giving.
William Jeffrey Clark Send Email
I AM ALIVE 21 Jun 2008
Whats up yall its me Tramel, all that knew me i am still around and doing well, send me a E mail if you knew me. stramel@ocyellow.com hope everyone is doing well, oh yah rember when i threw a microwave and a couch off a 4 story balcony? ha ha good times!!
shaun "CRAZY" tramel Send Email
Elder ward and guay 28 Dec 2007
Hey I was looking for contact info for elder ward and elder guay whose served from 96 to 98 under president christiansen, any info will be helpful.
Nephi alma Iverson Send Email
President Thorderson 11 Dec 2007
I tried to put an update under mission reunions but I am not sure it worked so here it is.
President Thorderson will be able to come to Utah in July 2008 for a mission reunion. I would like to organize a commitee to help plan the reunion. We also need to pass the word around to all missionaries. I don't have very many email addresses.
If you are interested in coming and/or helping organize the reunion, can you contact me soon?

my email: rolandlep1@gmail.com

Hoping to hear from you

(Elder) Roland Lepore
Roland Eric Lepore Send Email
President Cooley 07 Jul 2007
I found out through Maureen just yesterday that President Cooley passed. What a great leader he was. He cared so deeply for each missionary! I don't know any other Mission President that would call each missionary individually to make sure they were coming to the reunion even after many years had passed. I have many fond memories of him and his wife and the great influence they both had on me as I served as a missionary. Sure love ya!
Diana (Nugent)Fields
Diana L Fields Send Email
Elder Hartman 18 Sep 2006
I was wondering if anyone knows Elder Johnathan (I think) Hartman's contact info. He really helped me decide to go on a mission I just wanted to tell him thanks.
Weston Zentner Send Email
Sister Davis (Kitchens) 19 May 2006
I was hoping to get a message out to Sister Michelle (Davis) Kitchens who served in the Sandy Central area in 1992. She and a sister Leavit who was from Canada, taught me the gospel. I had recently been discharged from the Navy and had a fiance at the time who very much disapproved of me taking the missionary discussions. Maybe that will help her to remember me.

I just wanted to thank her for her missionary service. A few years after I got baptised I went to college at Utah State University and met a BYU student that became my wife. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple in April of 1997. And we have four great kids. My wife is a retuned sister missionary, and I serve as the financial clerk in the Elkhorn Wisconsin Ward.
I just wanted to thank her and to let her know that she really made a differnce in my life. I would love to be able to thank her in person. If someone know her please make sure she get this message.

Thanks, Lee Bishop
Lee Bishop Send Email
looking for elder wolthuis 01 May 2006
Hi, I am looking for elder wolthuis, who did not serve in Utah but he is now living in Utah...
He was a mssionary in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2003.

If you know his contact detail, please let me know.

kei sugimoto Send Email
Elder Liwai 25 Apr 2006
Our other mission web site at www.slcmission.com has his e-mail as andwho@hotmail.com
Thad Forester Send Email
Contact info for Elder Andrew Liwai 25 Apr 2006
Does anyone have any contact information for Elder Andrew Liwai, who served in 1996 in Sandy?
Danielle Crane Send Email
mission contribution 27 Mar 2006
We are looking forward to seeing you this Friday, March 31 at 89 East 11100 South building. Families are welcome to come with you. Dinner will be catered and we will receive donations if you wish to contribute with the cost. The Walchs will be there to see all of you wonderful missionaries and get an update on your lives. We also have heard from several of the senior couples who will attend. It should be a great night.
Shawn Tanuvasa Send Email
hello to all 13 Mar 2006
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that there is only one more week till my due date and hopefully the baby won't wait that long. Things are going great here, we just moved at the beginning of the month and hoped that all the packing would help the baby decide to come sooner but as of now no luck. Anyways once this little one comes I will update with some pictures. Hope that everyone is doing great. Talk to you soon.
Alanna Renae Leavitt Send Email
Mission reunion 19 Feb 2006
Please Check reunion notice, the time, date and locaton have been posted. See you there.
Shawn Tanuvasa Send Email
mission reunion 06 20 Dec 2005
Please email me if you are attending Walch reunion on March 31st. Also provide the number in your party attending. Email address is tanuvasasv@ldsces.org

thank you.
Shawn Tanuvasa Send Email
phone number 13 Oct 2005
looking for Trotter or Strub's phone number?
Matt Robert, Earl Leitch Send Email
looking for elder da silvas address 23 Aug 2005
If anyone has Elder Samualson Da Silva's address or phone number I would like it. He served from August 2001-August 2003.
Ryan Hall Send Email
Ethel Wilson Passed On 23 Apr 2005
Ethel Wilson, age 87 passed away peacefully at home in her sleep a few moments after her husband said good-bye on 4-19-2005.

Many of you new this missionary giant and new of her absolute testimony of the Book of Mormon and fearless nature to act on it!

Her viewing is at Goff Mortuary 8100 S State on Monday 4-25 from 6-8 PM. Funeral Services will be held the following day at 1250 West Chavez (9700 s) from 10:30 AM - 12PM.

True to form, Ethel had asked for a missionary funeral. All missionaries that new Ethel are encouraged to attend. She had asked me (Eric Olsen) earlier to convey her joy in working with you, and her desire to each of us happy in the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

She will be missed, and we are all eternally blessed to have known her in this life.

If any of you have questions or comments please call me at 503-351-6603.

Eric Olsen
Eric Olsen Send Email
Anyone heard from Ratnayake or Kalyani? 29 Dec 2004
With the news of this Tsumani, I was worried about Elder Ratnayake & Sister Kaliyani. Last I remember, Rat was in Hawaii, so he should be safe but I wondered about his family. I wasn't too sure if Kaliyani was still in Sri Lanka (although part of me thinks she ended up at LDSBC). Has anybody heard from either of them? Are they safe? Are their families OK?
Michelle Ann Pedersen Send Email
Mele Kalikimaka to you all! 02 Dec 2004
Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this beautiful time of the year and ALOHA!
Aketa Tanieru Awerika Send Email
Holy Ghost Dialogue 01 Dec 2004
Hey can anyone send me a copy of the Holy Ghost Dialogue please and thank-you
Shane Faganello Send Email
reunion 29 Sep 2004
does anyone know what we are supposed to wear to the reunion on firday?
Ben Gotsch Send Email
Great News 16 Sep 2004
The news is out so guess it's time to tell...we were just called to be the president and matron of the Memphis Tennessee Temple...we are excited and invite any or all of you to come visit us in Memphis Tennessee. Just thought you might like to know. Love you all, Sister Thorderson
J. Richard Thorderson Send Email
Looking for sis Michelle Frye! 27 Aug 2004
sister Michelle Frye and I were MTC companions. I lost contact with her after I moved home to Canada, before she got married. Her married name is now (Veazie). If anyone has any info on her that would be great! Thanks!
Ashley Rae Wilson Send Email
President Ken Harbaugh passes away 21 Jun 2004
Ken Harbaugh passed away June 17, 2004 in Mesa Arizona. Ken had served as counselor to President Eldon Cooley in the Salt Lake City Mission. Cards and flowers can be delivered to:
Ann Burnham (480-461-9968)
1326 East 1st Place
Mesa AZ 85203

Funeral services will be held this coming Friday, June 23rd, in the Lazona Chapel at the corner of North Lazona and University. The viewing will be held at 10AM Friday morning and the funeral will follow at 11AM. If you would like more details please contact Sister Cooley at 480-964-8565.
Tim Luscher Send Email

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