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Finding Elder Vela 17 Jun 2010
Where in the world is Elder Jonathan Vela??
Brian D Thomas Send Email
Elder Vannekerk (sp?) 24 Oct 2007
Hi. I am trying to get ahold of Elder Kirk Vannekerk, (sorry, not sure of the spelling). If anyone has a contact please let me know. Hope all is well with everyone. We are great. Trevor and Tyler have both recieved mission calls to Brazil (different missions) and leave the day after Christmas. John and I are finally empty nesters!!!
Joelyn Wells Send Email
any missionaries in Provo 23 Oct 2007
You are all awesome- if any of you are at BYU or UVSC and I haven't talked to yet since i got up here call me- my # is on my profile-
Benadi Craig Lotze Send Email
Any who served 21 Oct 2007
I'm looking for any missionaries who served under Pres. Snow in the years 1981 to 1982. That is when I served 5/1981 th 10/1982.

Steve Rodgers Send Email
Looking for John Kimbrough 17 Jul 2007
Note: Posted by webmaster
Hi -- I can't register for this site because I didn't serve my mission here
-- but I'm looking for a missionary who served in Utah 1988 -- Elder John
Kimbrough from Fairfax, Virginia. He baptized Ane Marie (Johansen) Kofod
who was an exchange student from Denmark. She has lost track of him and is
trying to get in touch with him. She will be visiting the states soon and
would like to get in touch with him. Could you post a message and have
anyone who knows Elder Kimbrough or how to contact him -- email me with his
contact info?
romayallen@hotmail.com -- Thanks so much!
RoMay Allen
Kathy Wasden Send Email
Training notebook 22 Nov 2006
I was recently called as a ward missionary and my copy of the mission training manual was hijacked by some elders I worked with in my ward in Utah. If anyone still has this manual and I could get a copy of it for working with the elders in my new ward, I would love it. Thank you and of course I would pay for the cost of copying or shipping it.
Robert Thomas Scott Send Email
Thank you 25 Sep 2006
My questions have been answered.
Michelle Squires Send Email
David Alexander 22 Sep 2006
I see a David Alexander on the Alumni list. I think he is the missionary that taught my father.

Does anyone know where he is from? The elder that taught my father was from Canada, I think by Montreal.

Does anyone know how to contact him, there is no contact information listed.

Thank you.
Michelle Squires Send Email
Hope to see you 07 Aug 2006
I will be going to Snow College in the fall.
I will be heading to SLC on August 17 and would love to see everyone from my Mission.
Ryan Ashley Ferree Send Email
Polynesian Cultural Center Tickets 14 Jul 2006
Looking for a favor...a while back a missionary talked about tickets to The Polynesian Cultural Center. Me and my family are going to Hawaii on September 2. Would love to see if anyone has access to tickets...If you can help out please email me. Thanks
Louis Emery Azure Send Email
status 31 May 2006
Hey everyone I am at school with Sis Brodien in BYUH so if you are coming for vacation or something give us a call. I saw Sister Walker so I am hoping to see you guys.
Laisani Lynn Railala Malani Send Email
I am coming to visit! 19 Apr 2006
Aloha! For those of you who actually read the messages on this website, I am coming to Utah on May 2 for Sister Sulca's wedding.
I am very excited and can't wait for finals to be over. And, Sister Malani and I visited Sister Spencer who recently returned from the mission. It was great!
Poerava M. Brodien Send Email
Moving to Utah 29 Mar 2006
Hey everybody! I am currently planning to relocate to the great state of Utah the end of the summer. I have never relocated like this before, so I am looking forward to the adventure. I will be looking for a job and a place to live. Please contact me with any helpful information that you may have... and heck... if you don't have any information to send my way at least let me know who is out there!!! I would love to see some old faces.
Tiffani Poulsen Send Email
John Furr 22 Feb 2006
Does any one know how I can contact John Furr. I believe he served from 1984-1986. He is from the Florida panhandle, south Alabama area.
Samuel V. Kriser Send Email
finding old companion 11 Sep 2005
Does anybody have Patrick Cannon's contact information?
Peter Sean Linfield Send Email
Airline tickets 08 Sep 2005
Just a tip for those of you planning on flying out to SLC for the reunion that have not yet purchased tickets. Go to www.bookingbuddy.com. There you can input your flying dates and airports, and then you have the option of searching up to 30 different travel search engines. They're all right there on this one page, so you don't have to go to each individual search engine. It saves a lot of time and finds you the best deal. I've found the best search engines (gets you the cheapest flights) are Orbitz, Sidestep, and Hotwire, (though Hotwire doesn't allow for flexibility in your flight schedule). Sidestep has a great filtering function for those of your with stringent schedules. Orbitz is just all around cheap and lets you choose from a variety of flight times at the same price.

Anyways, I know most of you use priceline, or expedia, or travelocity, but this lets you search for even cheaper flights than those websites.

I'm excited to see everyone at the reunion at the end of the month. Hopefully, this will help you acquire an affordable way to attend.

And for those of you scared of flying, I have some news for you. One, your wings are not going to fall off. Perpendicular to the flight path, your wings can be subjected to several tons of force. The wing will not break until it is bent to over a 45 deg angle. Considering that wings are typically set at 0-10 deg, you have a lot of leeway. In the flight direction, your wings won't fall off unless the pilot overstrains the aircraft by going too fast too many times. Because commercial pilots aren't allowed to fly even close to that limit, structurally, your wing is fine. Two, your plane will not fall out of the sky unless all the engines fail. The good news here is that you have a better chance of having your plane hijacked than you do having an engine fail. But, if they happen to fail on you, then your plane will fall out of the sky like a rock. Death is pretty much guaranteed, so there's no use worrying about the pains you'll suffer. Three, flying in an airplane is safer than getting in your car and driving down the street.

That's about all I have for you. Happy flying everyone!
Michael B Rose Send Email
Just an Update 28 Mar 2005
Hello Everyone!
I hope things are well with you all. Things here are great. My mother moved to Bowling Green, where I am currently living, so I get to see her more before I move out west to finish school at the University of Utah. I got an amazing job at the hospital here in town so I am trying to capitalize on that while I'm still here too...:) Dating is fun but not serious....;) The gospel is still number one: I have had great opportunities to share my testimony at work regularly with my coworkers; even had some new friends start coming to church with me...(I'm the ward choir director and I have nonmembers in my choir!!!) Anyway, that's what is new with me... best of everything to you all! Life is beautiful!
Deana Marie Anderberg Send Email
Wedding Bells Are Ringing 22 Mar 2005
Well, Everyone, it has been a really long time. I got home from the mission and went to work to pay for some college. I now have enough saved up to start school again and finish in my nursing degree. I then shoot for my goal of being an anesthesiologist. While all this was taking place I met a young lady (Karin) while I was rock climbing and we became friends. It has now been a year and a half and we are getting married in the Nauvoo Temple on April 8, 2005 at 3:00pm. Anyone in the area is welcome to share this special moment with us. There will be a reception on April 9 in Byron, Il. from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and one on April 23 in Rexburg, Idaho from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. You are welcome to visit us there as well. It would be good to see some old friends. Karin has finished school with a major in English and a minor in Spanish. Things are really taking off. I am so excited and it was really exciting to hear about some of you. Congrats on your doings! Keep in touch 208-356-7627 or P. O. Box 281 Rexburg, Id 83440. Also e-mail. Later, friends.
Richard K Mallard, III Send Email
reunion? 20 Feb 2005
I'm going to be in SLC for conference this April and was wondering if there is going to be a reunion this year. Does anybody have any info on this?
Peter Michael Bianco Send Email
Big News! 09 Jan 2005
It's been a long time since I've been on the website so I thought I'd give everyone an update. On December 27, 2003 I got married to the lovely Nicole Cotton. To make things even better, she just gave birth to my first son, Nicholas Austin Yacktman, on January 6, 2005 at 6:18 pm. He weighs 6 lbs 11.8 oz and is 20 in long. If anyone is interested in seeing a picture of him please refer to this web page:


As soon as I figure out how it's done, I'll be sure to post a picture of me and my wife on our wedding day.

I hope everything is going well for everyone.

With Love
Robert Yacktman
Robert Yacktman Send Email

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