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Updated 09-23-2002
  1. Liahona, September 2002, p.1 Comment
    From: Carlos Aníbal Guilarte, Maracay Ward, Maracay Venezuela Stake
  2. Liahona, August 2002, p.1 Comment
    From: José Luis Gullo Prieto, Upata Branch, Guayana Venezuela Stake
  3. Ensign, May 2002, p. 111 13 Latter-day Saints Compete in 2002 Winter Olympic Games
    "Werner and Chris Hoeger represented Werner's home nation of Venezuela in the luge event."
  4. Liahona, February 2002, p. 1 Comment
    From: Primary presidency and teachers, Los Laureles Ward, Ciudad Ojeda Venezuela Stake
  5. New Era, November 2001, p. 30 Finding My Father
    "I became an international executive, which made it necessary for us to move … Venezuela ..."
  6. Liahona, October 2001, p. 1 Comment
    Luisa Cecilia Bonnet de Bamio, Nueva Segovia Ward, Barquisimeto Venezuela Stake
  7. Ensign, May 2001, p. 67 The Miracle of Faith
    "It [Aruba] is an island off the coast of Venezuela."
  8. Liahona, March 2001, p. 1 Comment
    Ingrid de Padrón, San Juan de los Morros Branch, Maracay Venezuela Stake
  9. Ensign, January 2001, p. 68 Latter-day Saint Voices
    "It so happened that I lived within the boundaries of a newly organized branch in Venezuela, and four months after my baptism I was called to serve as branch president.”
  10. Ensign, January 2001, p. Popup note
    Félix López Marchán is a member of the Charallave Branch, Ocumare del Tuy Venezuela District.
  11. Ensign, November 2000, p. 108 Caracas Venezuela Temple
    The Caracas Venezuela Temple … was dedicated in four sessions on 20 August.
  12. Liahona, September 2000, p. December Members Are the Key
    In Maracaibo, Venezuela, he said: "… put your arms around those who come into the Church ...
  13. Ensign, September 2000, p. 8 Members Are the Key
    In Maracaibo, Venezuela, he said: "… put your arms around those who come into the Church ...
  14. Liahona, August 2000, p. 1 Comment
    Adela Rojas Guzmán,Carúpano First Branch, Venezuela Barcelona Mission
  15. Ensign, June 2000, p. 71 President Hinckley Speaks to Press, Legislators, Diplomats
    "…and today we are assisting substantially in Venezuela, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe."
  16. Ensign, May 2000, p. 64 We Are Creators
    "These quilts have been sent … to disaster victims in …Venezuela … and other countries..."
  17. Ensign, May 2000, p. 52 Your Eternal Home
    "Satisfying … is the ready response the Church has made to disasters of nature, such as in … Venezuela..."
  18. Ensign, April 2000, p. 78 Church Sends More Aid to Venezuela and Brazil
    The Church … continues to send aid to …Venezuela … where heavy rains and mud slides affected thousands ...
  19. Ensign, April 2000, p. 39 We Hope They Call Us on a Mission
    "The Perreiras … joined the Church while living in Venezuela, then [they] moved to Avanca, Portugal..."
  20. New Era, April 2000, p. 22-23 I Believe in Christ
    Angela Johnson, 16; Caracas, Venezuela
  21. Ensign, March 2000, p. 74 President Hinckley's 1999 Travels
    August-Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  22. Liahona, March 2000, p. 26 Questions and Answers
    Juan Carlos Sivira, Los Laureles Ward, Ciudad Ojeda Venezuela Stake
  23. Ensign, March 2000, p. December Taking Temples to the People
    Caracas D.F. Venezuela, dedicated 30 Sept. 1995
  24. Ensign, March 2000, p. Popup note
    Alejandro Portal Campos is the former director of public affairs for Venezuela.
  25. Ensign, January 2000, p. 62 Latter-day Saint Voices
    "The problems escalated, and my brother left our home in Venezuela."
  26. Ensign, January 2000, p. Popup note
    Aurora Rojas de Álvarez is a member of the El Pinar Ward, Maracaibo Venezuela South Stake...
  27. Ensign, December 1999, p. 66 Members Survive Disasters
    "Heavy rains from a tropical storm caused serious flooding in northeastern Venezuela during August."
  28. Ensign, December 1999, p. 44 A Look at the Church: 1995 to the Present
    Temples in Planning/Construction as of 1 Oct. 1999: Caracas D.F. Venezuela
  29. Liahona, December 1999, p. October Latter-day Saint Voices: Gifts of Love
    "On Christmas Day in 1993, the single adults of the Caracas Venezuela Stake visited an orphanage ..."
  30. Ensign, October 1999, p. 75 President Hinckley Addresses Venezuelan Members
    President Gordon B. Hinckley recently addressed members in Maracaibo, Venezuela...
  31. Liahona, October 1999, p. 44 Latter-day Saint Voices: Joy in Following the Lord
    "The problems escalated, and my brother left our home in Venezuela."
  32. Liahona, June 1999, p. 27 Dream of Service
    "As I traveled with the group of 21 missionaries from … Venezuela, I looked out the window of the airplane."
  33. Liahona, June 1999, p. 22 Questions and Answers
    Elder Álvaro Yépez, Venezuela Barcelona Mission
  34. Ensign, April 1999, p. 74 Caracas Venezuela Temple Groundbreaking
    "Let us think of today as the groundbreaking for a change in our lives," said Elder … Viñas … at groundbreaking services … for the Caracas Venezuela Temple.
  35. Ensign, March 1999, p. 74 California Picnic for Diplomats
    "Countries represented at the picnic included Bolivia, Colombia, … Peru, … and Venezuela."
  36. Liahona, December 1998, p. 1 Comment
    Carmen T. de Ruscitti, El Marquéz Ward, Caracas Venezuela Stake
  37. Liahona, August 1998, p. 26 Questions and Answers
    Roneiline Martí, Guacara Ward, Valencia Venezuela Los Sauces Stake
  38. Liahona, August 1998, p. 1 Comment
    Elder Rogríguez H., Venezuela Barcelona Mission
  39. Ensign, July 1998, p. 76 Six Small Temples Announced
    The temple announced in September 1995 for Caracas, Venezuela, was re-announced as a small temple.
  40. Ensign, May 1998, p. 103 Elder Ned B. Roueché Of the Seventy
    Working with Scouts was good preparation for his calling as president of the Venezuela Barcelona Mission.
  41. Ensign, April 1998, p. 70 Random Sampler
    "The collection … includes … a wall hanging from Venezuela … among other things."
  42. Liahona, April 1998, p. 9 The Stories of Jesus
    Eniscar Barrios; Maturín, Venezuela
  43. Liahona, April 1998, p. 1 Comment
    Damelis Hernández de Mota, Pariaguán Second Branch, El Tigre Venezuela District
  44. Liahona, March 1998, p. 1 Comment
    Amelia Marcone, Santa Teresa Branch, Ocumare Del Tuy Venezuela District
  45. Ensign, February 1998, p. 78 President Hinckley's 1997 Travels
    August …Valencia, Venezuela
  46. Liahona, February 1998, p. 39 Temples in Operation
    Announced: Valencia Venezuela
  47. Ensign, November 1997, p. 105 President Hinckley Focuses on New Converts and Families in South American Visits President Hinckley met with leaders, members, missionaries, and reporters in …Venezuela."
  48. Ensign, November 1997, p. 49 Some Thoughts on Temples
    "Our previously announced plan to construct a temple in Venezuela is also going forward..."
  49. Ensign, November 1997, p. Popup note
    USA, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala …Ecuador, and Venezuela.
  50. Ensign, October 1997, p. 72 Earthquake and Flooding in Venezuela
    An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale struck Venezuela on 9 July.
  51. Ensign, May 1997, p. 101 Elder Dale E. Miller Of the Seventy
    "In 1979, he [Miller] was called to preside over the Venezuela Caracas Mission."
  52. Ensign, May 1997, p. 4 May We Be Faithful and True
    "The search for a suitable property continues in Venezuela."
  53. Liahona May 1997, p. 1 Comment
    Mireya Josefina Almea de Rodriguez, Bolívar Branch, Barcelona Venezuela Stake
  54. Liahona, March 1997, p. 7 "Every Nation ... Shall Be Blessed"
    Juan Carlos Gómes, Caracas, Venezuela
  55. Ensign, February 1997, p. 75 Membership Reaches Two Million in South America
    "Total Church membership in the countries of South America … Venezuela reached the two million mark..."
  56. Ensign, January 1997, p. 79 The Church in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela Conversation: The Church in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela
  57. Liahona, September 1996, p. 1 Comment
    Sister Lenna Chirino, Venezuela Barcelona Mission
  58. Ensign, November 1995, p. 109 Temple Sites Announced
    "… President Hinckley announced that leaders were working on the possibility of a temple in Venezuela ..."
  59. Ensign, November 1995, p. 51 Of Missions, Temples, and Stewardship
    "And we are working on the possibility of another in Venezuela."
  60. Ensign, November 1995, p. 41 Sacrifice in the Service
    "They moved from Brazil to Venezuela."
  61. Ensign, November 1995, p. 30 The Book of Mormon: A Sacred Ancient Record
    "The Tamanacos Indian tribes in Venezuela have the same legend of a white, bearded god."
  62. Liahona, November 1995, p. 21 Questions and Answers
    Edgar Romero Villamizar, San Antonio Branch, Venezuela Maracaibo Mission
  63. New Era, November 1995, p. 15 My Own Bible
    In Venezuela orders for books could only be filled when someone traveled to mission headquarters."
  64. Ensign, November 1995, p. 1 Report of the 165th Semiannual General Conference
    President Hinckley announced the possibility of a temple in Venezuela.
  65. Liahona, September 1995, p. 15 Comment
    In Venezuela orders for books could only be filled when someone traveled to mission headquarters. "
  66. Ensign, August 1995, p. 74 Colombia Reaches 100,000 Members
    "A missionary training center in Bogotá provides preparation for missionaries leaving from … Venezuela..."
  67. Liahona, August 1995, p. 24 A Bible of My Own
    "From the time I was a young girl in Venezuela I wanted a Bible of my own.
  68. Liahona, August 1995, p. 1 Comment
    Flor Leal Hernandez; La Trinidad Ward, Caracas Venezuela Stake
  69. Ensign, August 1994, p. 31 Teaching Truths, Shaping Lives
    Paul decided to accept a mission call to Venezuela in 1991.
  70. Ensign, May 1994, p. 112 Missionary Training Center Presidents Named
    Alejandro and Beatriz Portal, Maracaibo, Venezuela, to serve in Peru
  71. Ensign, March 1994, p. 79 Conversation with the South America North Area Presidency
    Elder Jensen, area president, and Elders Dávila and Ayala of the Seventy, counselors."
  72. Ensign, October 1993, p. 80 Ground Breaking for Colombia Temple
    Other buildings will accommodate members traveling long distances from Venezuela.
  73. Ensign, July 1993, p. 44 A Celebration of Service
    A sister from Caracas, Venezuela, works on clearing an area around a meeting house."
  74. Liahona, May 1993, p. 1 Comment
    Sonia Bellorin, San Felipe First Ward,San Felipe, Venezuela
  75. Ensign, April 1993, p. 67 The Visiting Teacher: Compassion: Feeling and Acting
    A group of sisters in Caracas, Venezuela, … visited a nursing home as part of a service project.
  76. Liahona, April 1993, p. 25 Visiting Teaching Message: Compassion: Feeling and Acting
    A group of sisters in Caracas, Venezuela, … visited a nursing home as part of a service project.
  77. Liahona, March 1993, p. 21 Questions and Answers
    Rosa Beatriz Pérez Baudino, 19; Los Laureles Ward, Ciudad Ojeda Stake; Cabimas, Venezuela
  78. Liahona, November 1992, p. 36 Sculpture: Second International Art Competition
    The Last Nephite Battle. Carved wood sculpture by Victor De la Torre, Caracas, Venezuela.
  79. Ensign, September 1992, p. 77 Elder Dallas N. Archibald Of the Seventy
    Those … aspects have come in handy as Brother Archibald's career has taken him … Venezuela ...
  80. Liahona, September 1992, p. 21 Not My Time
    "I know the Lord wanted me to serve where I am now, in the Venezuela Maracaibo Mission."
  81. Liahona, August 1992, p. 46 Camping in Abidjan
    …her family will soon return to the United States, and will then move to Venezuela.
  82. Liahona, April 1992, p. December Fun Page
    Caracas, Venezuela, to Kingston, Jamaica
  83. Ensign, March 1992, p. 78 Church Highlights of 1991
    New missions were created in … Venezuela.
  84. Liahona, November 1991, p. 36 Expressing Our Faith: Latter-day Saint Art
    Lehi's vision of the tree of life: carved by Victore de la Torres, Caracas, Venezuela.
  85. Ensign, August 1991, p. 42 Sculpture from the Church's Second International Art Competition The Last Nephite Battle. Carved wood sculpture by Victor De la Torre of Caracas, Venezuela.
  86. Liahona, August 1991, p. 1 Comment
    Carmen María Tolentinoi; Curaçao Branch; Venezuela Caracas Mission
  87. Ensign, May 1991, p. 104 Eleven New Missions Open
    Venezuela Caracas West Mission.
  88. Liahona, April 1991, p. 1 Comment
    Jesús N. Marvez Núñez; Caracas, Venezuela
  89. Liahona, March 1991, p. 1 Comment
    Estela de Hoffman; Naguanagua Ward; Valencia Venezuela Stake
  90. Liahona, December 1990, p. Popup note
    Jorge Valbuena is a member of the La Paz Ward, Maracaibo (Venezuela) South Stake.
  91. Ensign, July 1990, p. 32 A Covenant Restored
    Shown here are … a circular wood-carving of Lehi's dream of the tree of life from Venezuela…
  92. Liahona, May 1990, p. 31 Questions and Answers
    Elder Garcia, 20; Venezuela Caracas Mission
  93. Friend, April 1990, p. 5 Funstuf
    Caracas, Venezuela, to Kingston, Jamaica
  94. New Era, January 1990, p. 48 FYI: For Your Information
    "Noche De Logros" in Maracaibo
  95. Friend, January 1990, p. 8 Friend to Friend
    "For example, in our area, which includes … Venezuela … we have … three thousand … baptisms per month."
  96. New Era, June 1989, p. 17 Q&A: Questions and Answers
    Elder Lugo, 20; Venezuela Caracas Mission
  97. Ensign, May 1989, p. 88 Missionaries taught a first discussion on radio
    It is broadcast not only in Colombia, but also in Venezuela, Ecuador, and part of Peru.
  98. Liahona, March 1989, p. 33 Partners in Everything but the Church
    He even proudly supported me financially on my mission to Venezuela and Colombia.
  99. Liahona, October 1988, p. 25-26 The Spirit of Elijah
    "As president of the Barquisimeto (Venezuela) District…
  100. Liahona, September 1988, p. 17 Elder Charles Didier
    Assumed duties as president of the South America North Area which included Venezuela.
  101. Ensign, July 1988, p. 49 Partners in Everything but the Church
    He even proudly supported me financially on my mission to Venezuela and Colombia.
  102. Liahona, April 1988, p. 47 Republic of Faith
    "It [the Dominican Republic] is a tropical island in the West Indies, … north of Venezuela."
  103. Ensign, February 1988, p. 76 The Gospel Blossoms in the Azalea City
    Mobile member Ricardo Mendoza is a student from Venezuela.
  104. Ensign, January 1988, p. 74 Artworks to Be Displayed through February 15
    Included in the exhibition are works by artists from … Venezuela ...
  105. Ensign, July 1987, p. 74 Four New Areas to be Organized in August
    …Venezuela … will remain in the South America North Area.
  106. New Era, June 1987, p. December To Prepare
    "… the Aaronic Priesthood … makes you get busy," said Elder Christensen of … the Venezuela Caracas Mission.
  107. Ensign, May 1987, p. 52 The Lengthened Shadow of the Hand of God
    "… from a typical agenda: … a new building for … the Caurimare Ward of the Caracas Venezuela Stake."
  108. Liahona, February 1987, p. 25 "Why Would They Need Another Mormon in SLC?"
    The 2 elders work with Spanish-speaking people from Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, and El Salvador."
  109. New Era, January 1987, p. 44 Fiction: Six Dimes
    "Things will be a lot different in Venezuela, but I know you'll be able to handle the changes …"
  110. Ensign, November 1986, p. 110 LDS Scene
    Eighty seminary students from several wards in Caracas, Venezuela, recently held a "Super Saturday."
  111. Ensign, July 1986, p. 80 Regional Representatives
    Caracas Venezuela, Maracaibo Venezuela regions, Felix A. Jelinek, real estate executive, former stake president.
  112. Ensign, June 1986, p. 74 Stake Presidents
    Guayana Venezuela Stake, Luis Antonio Aguilar Guevara
  113. Ensign, May 1986, p. 101 Elder Gardner H. Russell of the First Quorum of the Seventy
    Brother and Sister Russell spent a six-week "honeymoon" in Venezuela.
  114. Ensign, January 1986, p. 77 New Assignments for Members of the First Quorum of the Seventy (Venezuela)-President F. Burton Howard, counselors Loren C. Dunn and Helio da Rocha Camargo.
  115. Friend, July 1985, p. Friend July 1985
    July 5, 1811, Venezuela declared its independence.
  116. Ensign, June 1985, p. 73 Mission President Assignments
    Venezuela Maracaibo; Cesar H. Cacuango
  117. Ensign, May 1985, p. 98 Changes Announced in Area Presidencies
    New Presidency: Cook; Brewerton; Kay; (Venezuela); Current Presidency: Didier; Wells; Howard
  118. Ensign, August 1984, p. 75 Church Modifies Geographical Administration
    (Venezuela): President Didier; counselors, Wells and Howard.
  119. Ensign, July 1984, p. 76 Four New Missions Created, New Mission Presidents Called
    Lavar D. Skousen; Venezuela Caracas
  120. Ensign, May 1984, p. 87 Church Announces Five New Temples
    The Bogota Temple will serve some fifty-five thousand members in Colombia and Venezuela.
  121. Ensign, September 1983, p. 74 New Assignments for First Quorum of the Seventy
    (Venezuela): President Howard, Counselors Camargo and Gibbons.
  122. Liahona, October 1982, p. 29 Anywhere But
    When the missionaries asked me where I wanted to serve my mission, I told them, "Anywhere but Venezuela."
  123. Ensign, July 1982, p. 66 Anna Elisabeth Nielsen Jensen: A Century of Spunkiness
    Her direct descendants came from as far away as Venezuela to help her celebrate her birthday.
  124. New Era, February 1982, p. 26 Missionary Focus: Anywhere But
    When the missionaries asked me where I wanted to serve my mission, I told them, "Anywhere but Venezuela."
  125. Ensign, December 1981, p. 71 "Meet the Mormons" in Movies
    Three more still in process are being filmed in Brazil, Venezuela/Colombia, and Japan.
  126. Liahona, April 1980, p. 3 First Presidency Message The Uttermost Parts of the Earth
    "These are names that must become as familiar to us as Japan, Venezuela … and Denmark have become."
  127. Ensign, January 1980, p. 79 26 New Stakes Organized
    The other new stakes are …Valencia Venezuela …
  128. Ensign, November 1979, p. 42 The Administration of the Church
    "... in Caracas, Venezuela, which I visited in about 1976, the mission president called a meeting..."
  129. Ensign, July 1979, p. 2 First Presidency Message "The Uttermost Parts of the Earth"
    "These are names that must become as familiar to us as Japan, Venezuela … and Denmark have become."
  130. Ensign, June 1979, p. 76 Nine New Missions Announced
    The new missions are the …Venezuela Maracaibo ...
  131. Ensign, November 1978, p. 98 Teddy E. Brewerton Of the First Quorum of the Seventy
    "He presided over missionary work in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela."
  132. Liahona, September 1978, p. 2 Administration of the Church
    "... in Caracas, Venezuela, which I visited in about two years ago, the mission president called a meeting..."
  133. Ensign, April 1978, p. 71 Administration of the Restored Church
    "... in Caracas, Venezuela, which I visited in about two years ago, the mission president called a meeting..."
  134. Ensign, March 1978, p. 74 Record Number of New Stakes in 1977
    And as Venezuela received first stake, the total of nations in the world that have stakes increased to 35
  135. Friend, January 1978, p. 34 Simón Bolívar: El Libertador
    "… he had been president of Bolivia, Venezuela, new Granada (now Colombia), Peru, and Ecuador."
  136. Ensign, October 1977, p. 84 Changes in the Church Educational System
    "By the end of this year, the literacy program will have been introduced or tested in … Venezuela ..."
  137. Ensign, September 1977, p. 96 Hijacked Mission President!
    "There were several nervous hours until Venezuela granted political asylum to the hijackers…"
  138. Ensign, August 1977, p. 76 Nine New Missions Formed, Fifty Mission Presidents Called
    Alejandro Portal, Venezuela Caracas
  139. Ensign, June 1977, p. 92 Seven Presiding Bishopric Area Supervisors Named
    "Allen E. Litster … as Presiding Bishopric area supervisor for the … Area, which includes … Venezuela."
  140. Ensign, May 1977, p. 107 Latin America Area Conferences Report
    "Those who attended are among 300,000 Saints residing in … those seven countries plus … Venezuela..."
  141. Ensign, March 1977, p. 22 The Gospel Counterculture
    Sister Gonzales of Miranda, Venezuela met a sister who hardly knew how to read.
  142. Ensign, February 1977, p. 92 Elder Robert E. Wells Assigned to Chile as Area Supervisor
    Tuttle assigned as supervisor for the area, which includes Venezuela.
  143. Ensign, February 1977, p. 34 Ecuador
    Ecuador, part of a federation between Venezuela and Colombia, became a separate state in 1829."
  144. Ensign, February 1977, p. 27 Colombia
    Parts of Colombia became Equador, Venezuela, and Panama.
  145. Ensign, February 1977, p. 14 Area Conferences from Monterrey to Santiago
    The second series of conferences: March 2-6, in Bogota, Colombia for members in Venezuela.
  146. Ensign, February 1977, p. Ensign February 1977
    Contents: Special Features: Venezuela by Mario G. Echeverri.
  147. Ensign, November 1976, p. 142 Area Conferences Scheduled for South America
    The final conference of the series will be in Bogota for the Saints from Venezuela.
  148. Ensign, November 1975, p. 138 Report of the Regional Representatives Seminar
    "His [Tuttle's] assignments are Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile."
  149. Ensign, May 1975, p. 74 Success Is Gauged by Self-Mastery
    "Now let me give you a little experience I had in Caracas, Venezuela."
  150. New Era, May 1975, p. 2 Feedback
    Elders F. A. Ricker and C. R. Jernigan; Venezuela Caracas Mission
  151. Ensign, January 1975, p. 78 Tabernacle Choir Records Tapes
    "A television program featuring the Choir was broadcast in Venezuela …"
  152. New Era, January 1975, p. 15 "The Plane Will Get Down Safely!"
    "… he just leaned back and thought about … the wonderful people he was leaving behind in the Venezuela Mission..."
  153. Ensign, September 1974, p. 94 Area Conferences Scheduled for South America
    In informing leaders in Venezuela of the conferences, the First Presidency stated: "If there are members of the Church … who would care to do so, they are welcome to attend either of these conferences."
  154. New Era, September 1974, p. 29 My Personal Jungle Book
    "That promise was fulfilled recently in the jungles of Venezuela when I helped lead an expedition ..."
  155. New Era, September 1974, p. 2 Feedback
    Owenna Nagy; Merida, Venezuela
  156. New Era, March 1974, p. 41 Mormonad
    Venezuela 1968
  157. Friend, October 1973, p. 33 Friends in Venezuela
    "Venezuela, or "Little Venice," was named nearly 500 years ago.
  158. Friend, October 1973, p. Friend October 1973
    Friends in Venezuela
  159. New Era, June 1973, p. 18 Missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    100. Venezuela Mission; Apartado del Este 62476; Caracas, Venezuela; Spanish
  160. Ensign, February 1973, p. 80 Our Readers Write
    Bruce B Muir; Merida, Venezuela
  161. Ensign, September 1972, p. 87 New Regional Representatives and their assignments are:
    Samuel Boren, Mesa, Arizona-Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela missions.
  162. Ensign, September 1972, p. 40 The Church in Central America
    Venezuela was added to the jurisdiction of this mission and missionaries were formally assigned to labor there.
  163. Friend, October 1971, p. 34 "Prince" Bolivar
    "… they did not want to leave the … mansion in … Venezuela, that had always been their home."
  164. New Era, July 1971, p. November New President Named at Church College of Hawaii
    "Brower, who has been serving as president of the Colombia-Venezuela Mission, succeeds Cook..."
  165. Ensign, June 1971, p. 123 Mission Presidents
    Clark D. Webb, Orem, Utah, to Venezuela
  166. Ensign, June 1971, p. 113 New College Presidents
    Brower, president of the Colombia-Venezuela Mission will head the Church College of Hawaii at Laie.
  167. Duties and Blessings of the Priesthood, p. 257 Being Honest: Lesson 31 An experience of one member of the Church in Caracas, Venezuela, illustrates the kind of honesty expected of us.
  168. The Latter-day Saint Woman, p. 51 Honesty: Lesson 7
    President of the Caracas Venezuela Third Branch strongly desired to go to the temple.
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