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Looking for Elders 11 Aug 2010
I am looking for elder Covey. He baptized my mom back in 1987 in Port Orchard Washington. Anyone know how to find him e-mail me at
Tina Henslee Send Email
Looking for a couple guys 29 Apr 2010

I'm looking for Brian "Gator" Smith and Te'o. Both served under President Thompson and Woodbury. Does anyone have contact info for either of them?
Steve P Murphy Send Email
Sis. Ann French passing 18 Apr 2010
A few years ago Elder Lamoti and Elder Bott baptized a wonderful elderly woman who was raised in Romania--Ann French. I have taken her to church every week, and shared many family things with her, she became a dear friend. I know other Elders knew her as well. Sadly, my dear friend Ann died on Wed. 15, 2010. A memorial will be held in May; contact me if you'd like more information. I will always be grateful for the day Elder Bott called and asked if I could give an investigator a ride to the church for a tour--it was Sis. French. My association with Ann, and the many friends she made in the ward is priceless.
Andrea Densley Send Email
Elder Johnathan Mack 02 Apr 2010
I am looking for my companion John Mack. I served with him in 2002 in Rochester. He is from Provo. If anyone know his contact info please let me know. l live in Utah now so i can go say hi to him.
Enkhbold Monhtor Send Email
Allen Missionaries in AZ 25 Jan 2010
Sister Allen contacted me today about setting up a mini reunion for all of missionaries currently living in AZ. The Allens will be in AZ on February 6th. When I get more information from her I will pass it on. Be sure to let any other missionaries that may not be on here about it so they can attend as well.
Shawna I. Biggs Send Email
Looking for Elders 28 Feb 2009
Hi, I'm looking for Elder Finlinson and Elder Walden, they served in the mission around December of 97 in the Lake City Ward in Lakewood Stake... They taught/baptized me and I was interested in getting ahold of them to thank them for how great they were and see how they are doing.
If anybody knows how I can contact them please let me know, my e-mail is Thanks!
Chris Urban Send Email
Wedding! 18 Dec 2008
Our son, Elder Paul M. Badger returned home from his mission October 2007. He met and will marry Carrie Bingham in the Mesa Arizona Temple December 30, 2008. I would like to get in touch with his companions. Thank you! ~Elynn Badger
Elynn Badger Send Email
Adoption 19 Aug 2008
We are finally starting the adoption process for our two little girls we have been fostering. The girls have been with us for 2.5 years so it is about time. It will take a while to complete but at least it is moving forward.
Shane C Johnson Send Email
Deployed 26 May 2008
Well Uncle Sam has deployed me to the desert again for 120 days. I've been gone at least 11 so far, working 12 hour shifts and not had a day off yet. I think I get one on Saturday. Just wanted to let you guys know I think about my mission companions all the time. Enjoy your freedom while I take care of the bad guys.
Joshua Cory Thompson Send Email
looking for hogan 29 Mar 2008
Hi everybody i am going to be in houston for some schooling. ill be there for ten weeks and i would like to get a hold of elder andrew hogan if anyone has his contact info please call me at 435-817-2288 thank you so much.
larn merrell Send Email
Pres. Allen Reunion Oct. 2007 01 Oct 2007
I am just looking to see if there are any missionaries still living in AZ that are looking at going up to UT for the reunion for President Allen that is being held on 10/05/07. If you are, and you have an extra seat please send me an e-mail and hopefully we can ride together and share the expenses!

Shawna Biggs
Shawna I. Biggs Send Email
Looking for Elders Mack and Baldwin 12 Jul 2007
Hey everybody, I'm looking for Elder Jonathan James Mack and Elder Kevin Baldwin, they both served early 2000's around 2001-2003. If anyone has recently talked to either of them I'd appreciate the help. Thanks
Darius Joe Ouderkirk Send Email
Coming home, sort of 01 Jul 2007
Well Uncle Sam has seen fit that my family return to the soil that brought us together. We are moving to Nellis AFB, aka Las Vegas. We are very excited about this new move. This will be the first time we live in a city with it's own temple. Being here in England has been sort of hard. My family will finally be able to see my 2 years old for the first time.
Joshua Cory Thompson Send Email
You will be missed 27 May 2007
I will always have a special place in my heart for President and Sister Thompson, that man changed my life he helped me through some rough times, I will see you at our reunion in heaven. I love you with all my heart, and my prayers are with Sister Thompson.
Joey Lee Wallberg Send Email
Egan!!!!!! 08 May 2007
i'm trying to get ahold of Elder Egan. if anyone has his address, let me know. thanks.
Lawrence W Matthews Send Email
President Thompson 05 May 2007
My dear President Thompson, you will forever be remembered, loved, and missed. Thank you for the love and support that you have given me throughout my missionary years, as well as recently. You are in my heart forever.

love, Sister JoAnn Brooks
JoAnn Brooks Send Email
President Thompson 03 May 2007
I regret to inform you that President Thompson passed away on May 2. Funeral information and Obituary can be found at the following link:
Landon W. Loveland Send Email
hulk (diddy kong) hansen 25 Apr 2007
I want to get a hold of hulk hansen!! if you have information help me out
chris david murray Send Email
needing addresses 18 Feb 2007
I am getting married! I am looking for addresses for the following: Pres. and Sis. Allen, Pres. and Sis. Andersen, Bell, Bodrero, Born, Buxton, Chadwick, Clement, The Cockrill Family, Cox, Dailey, Davis, Finley, Brother Finnegan in Allen, Fuller, Graham, Kelly and Barbara Gould from Aberdeen, Graham, Hansen, Hassel, Bishop Hayes from Winlock, Herzog, Hoffman, both Jacobsens, Kepler, Landon, Long, Logan, MacFarland, Moshier, Palmer, Pratt, Nowlin, Oldaker, Paul, Bishop Reed from Puyallup, Swan, Swindlehurst, Snow, Tesch, Wade, Wilson. OR IF SOMEONE HAS A DIRECTORY FOR 2001-2003 THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Thanks.
John Dallas Thacker Send Email
need your help, ASAP 27 Aug 2006
hi eveyone. I need a big favor. a fellow alumni is going in for major surgery in the coming month. he would really like to contact president thompson before the surgery. if anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know, so that i can pass it on. ** also, this fellow alumni would like, if possible, to contact fellow missionary companion Brent Asay. He was AP before he went home. if anyone knows how to contact Brother Asay, all would be very and dearly grateful. The surgery is serious. This Alumni may not survive. Any and all help is appreciated. thankyou, ulumni Sister Brooks
JoAnn Brooks Send Email
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