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Alaska Anchorage Mission

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The Last Frontier

This site is dedicated to all the missionaries who served in the Alaska Anchorage Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Please feel free to browse the Alumni Database, check out the Recent News or post to the Message Board.

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What's New?

11 Aug 2013   Current: Nathan Short
28 Jun 2013   Current: Mitchell B Urrutia
24 Jun 2013   Current: Chad Bradley Russell
12 Jun 2013   Friend: Amber Barber
11 Jun 2013   *Alumni: Rodney J. Brown
05 May 2013   Alumni: Elizabeth Tae Petersen
01 May 2013   Alumni: Lincoln Stanley Crandall
29 Apr 2013   Friend: Tuuta Inoke
05 Apr 2013   Current: Briana Hallmark
11 Mar 2013   *Alumni: Craig C. Harris
28 Feb 2013   Alumni: Susan Robison (Oftedahl)
22 Feb 2013   Alumni: Jacob andrew fisher
18 Feb 2013   Alumni: Nathan Darren Coleman
11 Feb 2013   Current: Hunter Jeirson Martin
05 Feb 2013   Friend: Marjorie Weeks
30 Jan 2013   *Alumni: Mark J Warner
27 Jan 2013   Alumni: Matthew Coombs
21 Jan 2013   Alumni: Phillip D Morris
18 Jan 2013   Current: Tyson Kay Thompson
13 Jan 2013   *Alumni: Brian S Downing
11 Jan 2013   *Friend: Lynda Matthews
19 Dec 2012   Friend: Randy Shurtz
14 Dec 2012   Friend: Judi Stevenson
11 Dec 2012   Current: Tyler Joseph Shurtz
26 Nov 2012   Current: Maxwell Clemens
25 Nov 2012   Friend: Brad Joers
11 Nov 2012   *Current: Kevin Corby Bradshaw
04 Nov 2012   Alumni: Robert Echols
19 Oct 2012   *Current: Katelin Elizabeth Bullen
04 Oct 2012   Alumni: Jared D Bills
 * = Updated

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