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Debit cards 02 Sep 2004
I was able to use my RBC debit card in Junin, a town three hours outside BA, and of course in the city too. Keep in mind the fees are high though -- in Canada at my bank it's $5.00 per international debit.
As long as your PIN number is four digits that is, it should work internationally.
Lindsae Marisa Johnston Send Email
Credit Cards 02 Sep 2004
Yeah they're pretty good at credit card acceptance. Towards the end of my mission we were issued master cards for our weekly "allowance" (Or rather monthly) we would often go to the grocery store to use it, but don't rely on having a credit card. Make sure you always have 10 dollars (or the recent inflation equivalent) in change and 40 somewhere in cash for in case the ATMS are busted or you can't get to one until next district meeting.
They had one that I remember at the bank in Pontevedra, at the grocery store in Rafael Castillo and several downtown in Caseros.
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
Credit Cards 01 Sep 2004
"Visa is everywhere you need to be," or at least in the big cities. I wouldn't use my debt because I don't know if they are set up to recieve or accept your pin number. But credit cards in the Capital Federal are accepted.
Robert A. Meier Send Email
Can a credit card be used in Buenos Aires? 01 Sep 2004
Can I take and use my own personal credit card? I also have my own personal debit card and was wondering if it could be used in Argentina? I would appreciate if someone who knows would get back to me, thank you so much,
Mitch R Walker Send Email
I wouldn't say definately 27 Aug 2004
Definately is kinda a strong word It would be nice, but I guarantee if you bring one you'll be the only one in your zone who has one.
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
Sleeping Bag 26 Aug 2004
You'll most definitely want to get a sleeping bag. But wait until you get to the country to buy one to avoid packing it around. That way if you don't feel like you need one, you don't have one, but you can still get one. Good luck.
Matthew Scott Send Email
Sleeping Bag 25 Aug 2004
I was in the 2nd best of three (in my opinion North would have been the cleanest - I was in West) Buenos Aires Missions. When we were in Campo during zone conferences 30-40 missionaries would spend the night in the same pench on chigger-infested matresses. It would have been nice to have had a sleeping bag, but you probably won't need it and will find that it is inconvenient to travel with. Contact your mission president. You have time.
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
Sleeping Bag 25 Aug 2004
I am entering the MTC on Oct 13 and on my list of things to take it listed a sleeping bag! Do I really need to take one and if I do can I buy one when I get into the country!!!
Mitch R Walker Send Email
The Leiva Family 17 Jun 2004
Does anybody out there know how the Leiva family is doing in Altos De Merlo II. I have been away from the mission since 99' but would really like to get in touch with this family again.

Hay alguien que conocen la familia Leiva en Altos De Merlo II. Si les conocen, por favor escribirme.
Jerrad Eames Send Email
la familia Santucho de Barrio Rivadavia 10 Jun 2004
estoy buscando a la familia Santucho (Oscar, Sara, Edu, Noelia, Salome, y el chiquito) si alguien saben algo de ellos hagame el favor de avisarme. gracias
Eric Leon Atkinson Send Email
The Food 07 Jun 2004
Hey, a couple questions about the food. How often do they cook for themselves, and when they do, what kind of things do they cook? Do they have a maid or someone that ever cooks for them? Are there common spices and things found at a store?

Paul Edgar Lyon Send Email
Mission Questions 27 May 2004
Is this mission all in the big city of Buenos Aires or is it spread out a bit?
Can you tell me how safe the water is to drink in the mission?
Are there many things available to buy? (Toothpaste, shampoo, winter boots, etc?)
Do you use a sleeping bag?
What are the most important things to bring that are not on the list? Thanks for answering!
Paul Edgar Lyon Send Email
FERRARI 16 Apr 2004
Escuche que Miguel Carrizo se va en la mision. Si alguien me puede dar su email o algo para que pueda conectarme seria muy apreciado.
C. Logan Deans Send Email
Y Bueno 14 Apr 2004
Soy Elder Deans y servi en Moreno III, Ferrari, Ituzaingo I y he mandado un monton de cartas a mis amigos Argentinos y no he recibido respuestas. Si alguien sabe algo de mis amigos, por favor, mandame un email.
C. Logan Deans Send Email
Junin 24 Mar 2004
Yo sirvi en Junin al final de mi mision. Yo quiro saber como va la Familia Cordoba y tambien la familia Irazabal (Alba). Les bautise y queiro averiguar como andan. Son familias de diez, si alguien teine sus direcciones (de email tambien) Porfavor mandemelas paraque les peudo escribir. Gracias. Email James Gabler
James G Gabler Send Email
Preparation 15 Dec 2003
My mother has the idea that I will be riding a bicycle every day on my mission. Can someone please confirm or deny this.
Benjamin Aaron McMurtry Send Email
looking for 04 Dec 2003
Hello everyone,
I am looking for my friend Robert Carter, if anyone knows how can I find him, please email me.

Cecilia Pezzullo Send Email
Elder Fisher 06 Oct 2003
Hi returned-missionaries, friends and families. I have been searching high and low for my trainer, Elder Kulaneakea Fisher. If anyone has any contact info for him, please email me. Thanks...

Jason Lee Dery Send Email
Pilar and Pavon 12 Sep 2003
I served in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission, 1986- 1988, before the split that created the west mission. The areas that I served in, that I believe are part of the west mission now, were Pontevedra, Parque San Martin and Pilar. At the time Pilar included Derqui, Tortuguitas and points unknown at the time. We had a baptism from Pavon while I was in Pilar. It was one hour or more by colectivo from Pilar to Pavon.

Any updates from recently returned missionaries who served in these areas would be appreciated. Both the North and West missions were/are wonderful. Those currently serving or have been called to these missions are very blessed.

This message was submitted by Gerald Breinolt. You can find his email in the friends section of this website.
Webmaster Team Send Email
Presidente Tidei 09 Aug 2003
Estoy buscando la dirección del Pte y la hermana Tidei. Si alguien la conoce, por favor, mandemela por email. Gracias.
Steven Paul Gravley jr Send Email

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