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Elder Eric Laurence Van Dyke

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Hori Harvey (1989 - 1992)
Served: 1989 - 1991
Areas Served:
Camp Hill (Brisbane)
Office (Racecourse Rd)
Marsden (Brisbane)
Joseph S Bradley | Kadett Edwin Derry | Leonardo David Gomez | Warwick Albert Campbell Lyes | Michael F. Maloney | Keith H Robertson | Thomas G Stratton
Your Occupation: Computer Programmer
Spouse: Tonya
First to clarify regarding history, I've listed as companions a couple of folks that were not actually comps, but flatmates or MTC roommates -- specifically Bradley, Gomez, and Maloney, but I spent almost as much time with them as with comps, so I listed them. Webmaster can correct for accuracy if they like.

Other comps, not listed included Rob Ratliff (Rockhampton), Pauliasi Fifita Vakameilalo (who I trained In Logan), Van Orden (who trained me in Camp Hill), Harding (office), Thomas Stratton (office), Wynn (office), Bigallo (Marsden) and Willoughby (Chinchilla). Previously I listed Bromilow, but I was confused by the time that's passed (was thinking of Bigallo).

I'm still an active member of the LDS church (ward clerk). I got a degree in EE and married a beautiful girl named Tonya. We have four kids, a boy, a girl, then two more boys. We live in Salt Lake (West Valley).

I work as a computer programmer for a health care company. I'd like to make enough money to someday get back to Queensland and maybe some other parts of Australia/New Zealand, but if it ever happens, I'm years away.

It's fun to revisit the memories. In some ways they really are the best two years...though life seems to get better and better, still, they were a great time.
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