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Looking for past missionaries! 12 Dec 2003
I am looking for two Elders and one Sister that I went into the mission field with in Vancouver. They were Jason Saunders, Kirk Ginn, and Tonya Behunin and would have served between 1994 and 1996. I would very much like to reunite with any/all of them as they were really good friends of mine. I had to go home early because of illness and haven't had any contact with them since I had to leave in 1994. Please if anyone could help I would be very greatful. Also they served under President Kapp if that helps anyone.
Joseph Micah Louis Sansom Send Email
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Vancouver Canada Mission Alumni Site
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Posts from Aug 97 to Sep 2003 07 Nov 2003

28th, 2003

A young man I baptized while serving in Norway served in the Vancouver British Columbia mission 5-7 years
ago. His name was Pedram Soleimanzadeh, but I believe he changed his last name to be Solomonsen prior to
serving his mission. I've not spoken with him in several years and I can't find his contact information

I could not find his name on this site, but wondered if you had any ideas of how I might be able to find
his contact info.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Derek White

4th, 2003

Hello everyone I'm Bro. Chuck Leber a former missionary from the Canada
Vancouver Mission in 1988 to 1990. If anyone wants to contact me please do so at I just came across this web page and hope
someone else I knew would find this posting and contact me. I'd love to hear from anyone from my mission.
Thanks to rfunk for this page.

21, 2003

Hello! My name is Yongtae Jung.I'm from Korea.

and I just served in Canada Vancouver Mission.

I love my mission.

President Stewart has said this many time.


What is the purpose of Zone Conference and other church meetings?



Perspective Missionaries!! Time to prepare to learn

Missionaries!! Time to learn!!

Reassigned Missionaries !! Time to Apply

Keep up the good work

Disciple of Jesus Christ / your brother in the Gospel

Brother Yongtae Jung

13, 2003

My name is Sister Dexter. I recently received my call to the Canada
Vancouver Mission. I look forward to sharing the gospel and meeting all of you. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I just thought I'd say hello.

See you all soon,

Sister Dexter

16, 2003

Hi all... This is Elder Michael Keeping from Lethbridge Alberta Canada. I was
in the mission from 1998 - 2000 (Kelowna, Abbotsford, Langley, Terrance,

Rupert, Sechelt).. Just dropping a line to let all of those who know me know that I will be getting married on May 16 2003... Thanks

my e-mail is

21, 2003

Hello out there! Ron & Alaina Sirtonski are looking for Reggie Heywood of
Phoenix Arizona & Kyle Smith of Pocatello Idaho, these were the missionaries
who baptized us in Prince George B.C. on 4 July 1983...we were the "golden couple" it took us 2 weeks from first discussion to

15, 2003

Hi, my name is Jena, and I'm searching for a friend of mine, Elder John Wah
Lee, whom I believe is serving or has recently served in the Vancouver mission. I'm not certain what his release date is/was and I haven't heard
from him in a very long time. We lost contact several months ago due to me temporarily losing his last letter. The last address for him that I have is
in Point Roberts, WA. Since our last contact my email address that I used before he left went inactive and was deleted and I went through a few dead
computers, taking his addresses (home, mission, and email) and all other contact information with them. If anyone knows how to contact him, please
email me at, or have him do so. I would be very
appreciative. Thank you.

Jena Vincent

7, 2002


I'm looking for a song called "Whom Shall I Serve". We sang it in the mission in 80-82. If anyone has a
copy of the words I would appreciate getting them.



1, 2002

Hi, do you have Jeff Scott's email address?? My wife knew him and his family quite
well in the late 70's after she joined the Church. Her name was Rose Toth. I joined the
church in 1976 in North Shore Ward.


Bishop Bill Spittle

Kelowna 2nd Ward

4882 Canyon Ridge Cres.

Kelowna, B.C.

V1W 4A2

Tel: (250) 764-2289



HI!! I'm ELDER LYNDON R. GARDNER. I served in the Alaska-British Columbia
Mission from Feb. 1970 to Jan. 1972. Some of the areas that I served in were: Vernon, Powell River, Chilliwack, Princeton, Trail, Terrace, Sidney,
and other areas. If anyone remembers me, I would like to hear from you. In my first area, Vernon, I taught a family by the name of Fry. If anyone knows
how to contact them, please let me know at,
GARDNER_CEU@HOTMAIL.COM, or I have not been back to BC
since I was released and I miss it a lot. I hope to get back some day! I want to show my wife where I served and to introduce her to some of the best
people in the world.

Your brother in the Gospel,

Lyndon R. Gardner


Hi!! My name is Tammie Pratt and I'm from Abbotsford, B.C. and I belong to the Abbotsford 3rd YSA Branch and my home ward is Abbotsford 2nd(the former Clearbrook ward). I am just writing to see if their are any missionaries that remember either me and or my family please drop us an email to let us know what you've been up to. You can write to us at we moved here from Surrey 3rd ward in 1994 so if you remember us from there you please feel free to write to us too. Hope all is well with all of you.



Hi my name is Barry Fisk.

I was baptized in Prince George on Feb. 29th 1992. I am searching for 4 missionaries who were instrumental in my conversion. I looked throughout the
alumni site and could not find any of them. I was a member of the Fraser Ward when I was converted and the missionaries I would like to contact are Elders
Brockbank, Bailey, Owen and Spears. I believe elder Owen & Brockbank were from
Utah, Elder Bailey from Texas and Elder Spears I'm unsure. If someone could forward any information it would be greatly appreciated.


My name is Amanda Bartel. I am trying to locate Elder Brett Martin from Mesa Arizona. He went home
just after Sept 11. 2001. I am also trying to find Sister Holly Davis from
Tremonten Utah, she went home Feb 2002. Both served in Langley for a period of time during their missions. Every so often your family will
connect with certain missionaries and these are two individuals who have touched our lives forever. If you have any info please email me at:


I am looking for two missionaries that served together in Vanderhoof, B.C. in
1982 and baptized my sister and I; Jeannie Greene and Dorine Greene. She was eleven and I was eight. I want to get in touch with them. They were Elders
Blair A.Bullock and Darin DaBell.

Address-2708 Pinnacles Road, Quesnel, B.C.

V2J 7G9 Canada

Dorine Lamarche(Greene)



I was just looking for an Elder who served in Surrey BC last year (2001). His name is Elder David Walkenhorst
and I just wanted to somehow get in touch with him and thank him for all the help he provided me with during me search of the
LDS church...Thank you.



Hi, my name is Kathy McCray Warthen. I served in The Canada Vancouver
Mission from 1985-86. If anyone who served during those years know the whereabouts of Jamie Tiedy-Berger or Jill'Ene Widdison Parkinson I would
love to get back in touch with them. Also if any other missionaries I served with read these, I loved an update on your lives. I am currently
living in Mons, Belgium with my husband and four children. I am serving as the Primary President in our ward and really enjoying our time in Europe. I
would love to hear from you.

Kathy -


Hello. I am Ron Starrs and I served in BC in 1973 - 1975. I am interested in
contacting a family I wrote to after my mission, but then lost touch with. If you know them, please refer them to my email address. They are Richard
and Nancy Cunningham from Quesnel or Vanderhoof. They joined the Church in Prince George in 1974.

Also, I realize the following are probably no longer with us as they would be over 100 by now, but I would be interested in hearing what happened to
them. Gene Walden, Creston. Molly Burgess - former mission home cook, North Van. Bro. Campbell, Vernon. Sis. Dey, Cranbrook.

Thanks for any information you have.

Ron Starrs



We here in Vanderhoof are having a reunion in the summer or 2002 on the July 6th wekend and we wanted all the missionaires that served here at one time or another to try to attend.
If you need more information, e-mail me at




Hi there,

I would like to leave a message for Jana Lee Ringle, who served in Abbotsford BC in 1995. She helped bring me back to the gospel, and I have
so much to thank her for! I know she has been married, I believe in 1996. If anyone knows her, please pass on this message for me!


Janna Henke (nee Goy)


I am hoping that you might be able to help my family
contact Elder Adam Darais.(sp) He served in the Canada Vancouver Mission from 1998 to 2000. He was in Kelowna
for Christmas in 1998.If you have any information about how we could get in touch with him, please
e-mail me.

Thank you!


Hi all!! We, the Freeman Family, have had lots of contact with the
missionaries in this mission. They have left many impressions on our hearts.
We still have decorations from the first Christmas in Richmond when we had 9 missionaries over and had them make us tree decorations before they ate.
Such special treasures. We remember with fondness the times we had missionaries over for lunch, dinner and even Breakfasts. We are looking for
a couple of Missionaries that are dear to our hearts, that served in the Vancouver Mission. Todd Turner, Chris Sills, Matthew Hirschi, Elder Laird
(served around 1997-98)

If anyone has info on them or can contact them and ask them to contact us that would be greatly appreciated.

Also any friends from the many places we have lived, we would love to hear from you too.

Douglas, Annette, Lionel, Brock, Harmony Moriah, and Jonathan FREEMAN.


Hi, Doug Garrett is a long time friend of mine and I have been looking for his e-mail address so I can get in contact with him it has been over 10 years the last I heard of him he was a member of the White Rock Stake Center. I would like very much to send him a letter if you could be so kind to forward this to him or send me his e-mail address I would greatly appreciate it.



My Name is Bill Forbes. Former Nanaimo & Kelowna
resident. Now living in Victoria. I became a member in the late 70's. The missionary who
baptized me was Elder David Huish(sp?).

I would like to find his address (e-mail) to say hello.


Hi there my name is Judy Schwenning and I am looking for the two missionaries who brought us into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Their
names are Elder Bell and Elder Bates and they served in the Campbell River area in 1995 I believe. Also I am looking for Elder Thorn who was one of my
baptizing missionaries. I would appreciate any help in finding them.I just want them to know that my children ( Jean'a and Luke) and I are still very active
within our church and I want to thank them for the miracles that have happened in my life because they brought the gospel to me and my family.


Judy Schwenning


Hi my name is Marcy Buchanan (Daignault). I live in New Westminster, BC. I
was baptized in May of 1995 and would like information on Elder John Holmer of Utah. I would like to touch basis with him and let him know how I am
doing. Also, my husband served his mission here in Vancouver, BC and would like any information on the missionaries that he served with between
1994-1996 under Pres. Kapp and Colton. If we can help you find someone please let us know. Our e-mail is


Marcy Buchanan


Hi. My name is Wendy Gorner (nee Milam) and I would love to contact the
wonderful sister missionaries who taught me the gospel in Victoria in 1976. Sister Rossalynn Hill and Vicki-Lin Terry, if you are out there I would love to
hear from you. If anyone can give me any information regarding their whereabouts, it would be greatly appreicated. I am so thankful for the gospel
and my testimony has been growing ever since the fall of 1976. I pray for these wonderful sister regularly. My family now lives in Abbotsford, B.C.

I recently met two people who were looking for my dear friend, Ginny Lepitre (now Terry), who first shared the gospel with me. If you are looking for
Ginny, feel free to contact me. Thanks for the webpage.




Hello....My name is DONNA (BROCK) RICHARDS. I was baptized April 10, 1965 (age 18) in Vancouver by Elder Richard Hemrick and Fred Rhoades, whom I have lost
contact. I remember being shy about getting baptized because I only had one leg. Elder Rowe and Elder Peterson (both from Idaho)
tracked me out in 1964 and I want them to know, as well as the other missionaries, that I still have a
burning testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.....I have been blessed immensely these past 36 years. I am eternally grateful for all those angels
(missionaries and members) who taught me the gospel.

In 1969 I attended Ricks College and then BYU to obtain a B.S. degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. I have served and been a faithful member of the church
since baptism. In 1986 I was married in the Seattle Temple (first and only marriage). Life does begin at 40!!!! Through my step children, I am a
grandma of three.

I would love to hear from missionaries and members from 1965 and up who might remember me. My passion (other than my husband) is Family History! I have
been heavily involved since 1971...not only for myself but in serving others.

I am currently Ward and Stake Family History Consultant. I learned sign language in 1971 and continue today interpreting for the deaf.

I pray Heavenly Father's blessings on all you former missionaries, who served so faithfully in this part of the Lord's vineyard, Canada.


Hello, we are the Pierson family and we lived in the Coquitlam ward from
1985-1997. We had many of you in our home for haircuts and cookies. We would love to hear from some of you who remember us and our children.
We also rub shoulders each week in the Cardston temple with the Kapps as they are the new temple presidents.


Wade Pierson family


I am looking for Elder Pounder from Missouri. He served in my hometown
of Kamloops in the early 90's. I believe he was part of the national guard in the states before he came out! Please contact me at the
following address:


Allan Reay



I am looking for any info on Sister Kimberly LaSeur or Elder Mike
Johnson. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. They served from 1993 - 1995. Thanks!


My name is Jackie (George) Newton, and I have been trying to find a very good friend of mine. Noel Case, served his mission around 1983/1984, and at some point was in Chilliwack, BC. He lived in Salt Lake City, Utah with his family and got married to Rebecca around 1994. I have since lost contact with him and would love to hear from him.

Jackie (George) Newton

46011 Cleveland Avenue

Chilliwack, BC V2P 2W8

(604) 703-0640


My name is Lonnie Smith and I served mission in British Columbia from the end of 1979 to the end of 1981. I am looking for Ron and Cathy Charlton,
whom I taught and baptized. They lived in Smithers and were part of the New Hazelton branch. They were baptized on 12 April 1981 in New Hazelton. The
last place I new that they lived was in Kelowna. If you know an address, email or snail mail, for them I would appreciate it being passed on to me.
I can be reached via email at


Lonnie Smith


This is a note to the sisters - can you give me any advice about what type of
clothing to buy in preparation for serving in British Columbia? I have the standard info, of course, but what worked for you? Also, are ankle-length
skirts inappropriate? Any suggestions or other information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Cara Vaughan (entering the mtc in August)

email me at:

post till August 15th


I would like to know if I could possibly locate one of my convert families to see what has
happened to them. Joseph and Elizabeth Crawford of Cranbrook, BC, he was an electrical contractor at the time, very Scottish, with three beautiful
daughters, possibly more children now. I baptized my father while serving, a wonderful experience, and Joseph helped fellowship him and attended his
baptism. I would love to be able to find them.


Ron Rowen



I'm looking for Sister Jennifer Dodenbier from Ogden, UT, she served from 93-94. I was her companion in the MTC and have lost contact with her.
Anyone who might have her address, e-mail, please e-mail me at Much appreciated.






My name is William Fisher. My son Brandan has just received his mission call to the Canada Vancouver B.C. Mission. He will enter the Mission
Home in Provo the 18th of April. We all are excited about the area in which Brandan will be serving and know that he will be an asset to the
Mission there. As a parent we would like to send Brandan out the best we possibly can. We have received information from the Mission Home but
were wondering if there was any additional tips or ideas we could use for the type climate that Brandan will experience in B.C. Any help
would be appreciated.


William Fisher


1973-1975. I just found this page last night from another Elder ,who served
there. I really want to say thanks to all of you. I found out what had happened to Br. Miller from Colwood
26 years ago. No I'm not Elder Robison
that Br.Miller asked about I'm the partner. THANKS AGAIN





My Name is Kathy McCray Warthen. I served in the Canada Vancouver Mission
From 1985-86. I am looking for two families from the Port Coquitlam area that I would love to hear from. The Kovaltsenkos and Grace & Walter Ashford.
We will be moving to Belgium in April 2001, but you can always contact me through my email address. Also any former companions.
Especially Jamie Tiedy Berger & Jill'Ene Widdison Parkinson.


Hi I am Dave Williams I served between 1995 and 1997. I Would like to know the
whereabouts or e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the Greenfield's of Langley.
Please e-mail me at thanks



This is Sister Pine. Just wondering if anyone is in touch with Sister Lin
(Chinese missionary from Taiwan). I am hoping to get in touch with her so please email me
with any information. Also, if any other missionaries (1991-1993) would like to send a note please do so.

From: Sister Pine


Dear fellow alumni,

Many of you may know me, many may not. I am Brian Bassett and served in the Vancouver mission from 1996 - 1998. Just wanted to send a Canada size
HELLO to all my comrades from the Colton days. If any wishes my e-mail it's I was
surprised the screen name was still available.


My name is Marcy Buchanan (Daignault) I was baptized in May of 1995. I am
looking for an Elder John Homer who taught me the discussions. He is formerly from Utah and was
attending BYU. If anyone has information on him please e-mail me at Thank you for your help.

October 15th,

My name is Ron Miller. We lived out in the Colwood/Glen Lake area in an
apartment building across from the King John Inn on Sooke Rd. My folks and I are members.

I love the web site. I came across it in a search for the missionary
who taught me the gospel. I live in Lethbridge now and a month or so ago we had a Stake
Leadership meeting with Elder Blair Bennett. He challenged us to try to contact the
individual who taught us the gospel.

My missionary was Elder Mark Lamont Robison, a fiery little guy about
5'6", solid as a rock. He had one big eyebrow and a smile the size of the Alberta
sky. He would have served probably from 1972 - 1974ish, President Killpack was mission
president at the time I think. He was from Salt Lake. He was driving truck before he came
on his mission and he was a self confessed "red-neck" of the first order. I'd
like to get in touch with the little "Tasmanian Devil" and tell him how much I
love and appreciate all he did for me. Do you have any suggestions?

Ron Miller

October 10th,

My name is Sherry Bonneau nee Simister. I am looking for two former Elders who
srved in Port Alberni BC Canada. Their names are Elder Mortensen and Elder Miller.

They baptized our family September 13 1969. I would very much like to get in contact with

My father is in active and recently started attending again with his new wife who is not
of our faith. the reason he comes is that she wants him to attend her church and that
being the case he told her that she had to attend with him to his. So they alternate
Sunday's at each other's church.

My father Allan Simister was recently asking about Elder Mortensen and Elder Miller. It
would be so nice if I could find them and they write my father a letter or note. I'm
hoping to have contacted them before christmas. That way I could surprise my father.

Thank you so much for providing this site. God Bless you Sherry Bonneau nee Simister

August 20,

My name is Stewart Lang, I was baptized in Oct. 1971 in good old Vancouver 1st Ward.
I would like to find Elder Gregory Cole (formerly of Seattle Washington) who was one of
the Elders that taught our family. I think he would be very pleased with what has happened
within our family over the past few years.


Stewart Lang


August 20,

Hi, do you have Jeff Scott's email address?? My wife knew him and his family quite
well in the late 70's after she joined the Church. Her name was Rose Toth. I joined the
church in 1976 in North Shore Ward.


Bishop Bill Spittle

Kelowna 2nd Ward

4882 Canyon Ridge Cres.

Kelowna, B.C.

V1W 4A2

Tel: (250) 764-2289


June 28,

I am looking for Elder Lyete (spelling close I hope) and Elder Dalton who baptized
and confirmed me in July of 1976. I know that Elder Lyete went to work for Jupiter stores
and then lost track of him. If anyone can put me in touch with either one it would be

David Mohr

June 10,

Hey there I served in the Surrey 2nd area from June-October 98. I was able to witness
the converson of the Kelley family and also Les Delorme. I have lost track of them. If
anyone can help please e-mail me at mailto:


Elder John Taylor

1, 2000

Barbara and Chad Nickle are looking for Shawn Jensen who served in the Abbotsford
ward in 1998. His dad made a glass blown Seattle Temple that is in our house. My husband
took to calling him "son" because they got along so well. Hopefully you are out
there Shawn, Chad would love to chat. We are in Alberta now please email us at Please post this for the next three months. Thankyou!

I am looking for Scott Monson who served in Maple Ridge in 1994ish. He married my
room-mate Darlene and then I lost track of him. I would really like to find him. I
am also looking for Stan Davis who baptized me in June of 1993, he also blessed my
daughter Jordyn later in August. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate it. Even
if you pass my email address along. Thank you.

Barbara Anderson Nickle

May 27,

My name is Tricia Slind and I'm currently serving in the San Bernardino, California
Mission. I was baptized December 21, 1995. I'm look for my sister missionary that taught
me the gospel. Her name is Fawn Duncan, she was from New Mexico (I think). She served with
Sister Elaine Lee in the Walnut Grove Ward, in Langley, BC. If you have any information
please write me at home. 26974 Alder Drive, Alder Grove, BC, V4W-3H1.

April 23,

I'm trying to find Jerry Lyons, me and my companion ( Elder Peck) baptized him in the
second ward on May 25th 1983 .Bro. Chuck Loveday ( a ward member and great guy)was
responsible for introducing Jerry to us. Some of the other members involved in Jerry's
baptism were, Clifford Stutter.Cindy Smith, Gary Smith, Shawna Hett,Wendy Stratton and
another member and good friend and also resent convert Wendi Laundry he had a sister
living in the ward that was inactive at the time. I can't remember her name. If any one
knows how I can get a hold of Jerry it would be great thanks,

Scott Wiggins.

April 17,


Just to announce the wedding of Mario E. Marin. (former Elder Marin) He will be married in
the Toronto Temple, August 12, 2000. You can contact him at: (his sisters e-mail, he
still not connected).

Elder Marin

April 4,

Hi my name is Donald Camille Cyr, I'm looking for the two Missionaries that
baptised me on August 22, 1981 there names are Scott Clark Rowley and Charles R. Usery, if
anyone know where they are please let me know.

Donald or Lonia Cyr

#18-950 Edge Pl

Victoria, B.C.



February 9, 2000

Hi! My name is Melanie Farmer, I used to live out on Vancouver Island a few years
ago. I was searching the Mision page, the alumni part, trying to locate 2 former
missionaries that served in Victoria, but there names were not listed. One is Elder Egan,
and the other is Elder Richards. They were serving in Victoria during the summer of 1998.
They served in the Young Single Adult branch. My friend and I moved away in September of
1998 and they were both still serving there. I believe they are both home now, Egan for
around 6 months maybe, and I am not sure about Richards. Elder Egan is from Utah and
Richards may have been also, but it seems to have escaped me!! Any information you can
pass on to me would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much,

Melanie Farmer

January 31, 2000

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Gabriel Chard. I recently accepted a mission call to the Vancouver Canada
mission. I have been called to serve in the Spanish language, for the past 19 years my
parents have been preparing me to serve in the Spanish language. I am so thankful to my
Heavenly Father for this beautiful chance to serve Him and mis hermanos y hermanas de
Canada. No puedo esperar !! Ojala que ustedes estan listos para mi !! I will enter the
M.T.C. on the 23 of Febuary. If any of you have Info on the Spanish speaking mission I
would be greatful to hear from you at

Thank you so much

With love,

Elder Chard

January 25, 2000

My name is Guy Elford. I was Baptised in Prince George B.C. in 1981. I am looking to
find the missionary who Baptized me. His Name is Elder Michael K. Ward. He was originally
from California but his folks move to Utah during his mission. If anyone knows who this is
or where I can contact him - please contact me at email address

January 10, 2000

I (Formerly Elder) Matthew McClaine served during 1991 - 1993 and served in
Quesnel, Nanaimo, Surrey, Terrace, and Sechelt. Looking for old friends from the areas I
served in. Specifically looking for friends from the Terrace Branch or at least is was a
branch when Elder Hill and I white washed the area. E-mail me at or

December 12, 1999

Hi! My name is Diane Hoppe nee Moore. I am searching for an
missionary that was serving in Prince George BC between 1972-1974. His name is Elder Jim
Blackett his companion at the time was Elder Davis. We became really good friends
and I haven't seen or heard from him in 25 yrs. I would really like to talk to him again
if it is possible.He can contact me at
or 780-679-4278. If anyone has any information on this gentleman I would really appreciate
knowing. I would just really like to say hi and see how he is doing. I would also
appreciate knowing where Elder Davis is also. Thank you for your time.

December 2, 1999

My name is Peter Brown and the reason I am e-mailing you is because I am looking
for two missionaries who baptized my father Ken Brown in Burnaby B.C. in 1970. I would
like to talk to them and tell them thank you. If you could put this e-mail in your post
section on your web page. I would be very thankful. Send all e-mail to

August 16th, 1999

Just a note to say hi to anybody who remembers me.

Dave Verman

August 8th, 1999

I am looking for two Elders who served in the Canada Vancouver mission. They are not
listed on the Alumni page.

The Elders I am seeking were serving in the New Westminster Ward in 1973. Elder Steve
Dubois was fairly new, I think and Elder David Funk was about to go home. As far as I can
recall, Elder Dubois was from Bountiful, Utah and Elder Funk was from Sacramento,
California. I heard that Elder Funk was going to be a dentist.

These were the Elders who taught me the gospel. I'd love to get in contact with them.

Thanks - loved the Mission page, by the way!


August 8th, 1999

I am trying to locate the missionaries who taught me in 1982 while I was living in
Vernon, B.C.

My name is Judi Makarenko (formerly Gourlie) My son is Jason Gourlie and currently serving
in the Canada Toronto West Mission. He has asked for this information

Our missionaries were: Elder Hart Heintze, Elder Randy Lamb & Elder Randy

Please post this message for at least two months.

Thank you, Judi Makarenko (

June 5, 1999

Trying to locate Grant Okamoto, served in Courtney spring of 77.

E-mail Kim Moss at

Thanks Rod

April 25, 1999


I really hope that someone out there can help me. I'm looking for a missionary named
Patrick Fowler who served in the Canada-Vancouver mission about 2-3 years ago. If anyone
has his address (e-mail or snail-mail) I'd greatly appreciate it. My e-mail is and my postal address is:

46-605 Carson Drive

Williams Lake, BC

V2G 1T4

Thanks again.

Tara Armstrong-Gagne

March 30, 1999


My son, Elder Dent, is presently serving in the Canada Vancouver Mission. Our family
is blessed by his good works, and by all he is experiencing as a result of this
experience. We love each of you as our brothers and sisters! Thank you for your valiant
missionary efforts and examples. Sincerely, Sister Sunny Dent - SLC, Utah

March 30, 1999

I have lost a very dear friend,the last time I saw her was in Dallas, Tx, she
was leaving with her new husband to live in Vancouver. Unfortunately, I lost her address
and can not remember her new last name. She is the former Debbie Leonard and I would
really love it if someone who knows her would give her this message, I really miss her and
would like to just talk to her.

Thank you,

Denise Jones

P.O. Box 434

Eddy, TX. 76524

October 21, 1998


Members and friends of the BC area. I was a missionary out there 84-86. I'd love to find
out where the French Family is that my companion and I Nate Ferguson tracked out and they
were eventually baptized. I'd also like to find out where Karmen Chalus is from Kamloops,
I know she went on a mission and I lost touch with her. While I am searching I'd love to
hear how the Duerichen's are doing up in Smithers and how that branch is doing - I had
wonderful time up there. Hope to here from someone soon...

Doug Elliott


October 10, 1998


My name is David Dalling. I am an Engineer at Boeing in Seattle. My wife and I are going
to be in Vancouver October 17th through the 22nd. Where do we attend church? Does anyone
have any suggestions about neat things to do?

We will be staying at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Vancouver.


David and Janet Dalling


August 29, 1998

Has anyone seen Tom they know where he is now?

Can you post this until he is found


T. Justin Williams


August 10, 1998

Hello, my name is Elder Taylor. I will be starting my mission on September 2, by entering
the MTC then 4 weeks later I will be leaving for Vancouver Canada. I would like to hear
from all missionaries to tell me about the area and its people of the Lord.

Any info would help. Please respond at this address.

please post until Sept 30th 1998. thanks a lot

Elder David Taylor

3115 W La Vida

Visalia Ca 93277

May 2, 1998

Bishop and members of Vancouver 1st Ward "A Big Thank You" My name is Stephen E.
Pajotte and was baptized by Elder Chatteron and confirmed by Elder Petterson in 1977. I
live in the Alum Rock Ward, San Jose, California. I would like to locate these elders to
express my appreciation for their assistance into the Church. I have certainly enjoyed my
membership during the past 21 years. If this information is available.

Please Email: I will
appreciate hearing from you.


Stephen Pajotte

March 7, 1998

Dear Elders and Sisters of the Canada, Vancouver Mission,

I am Elder Samuel K. Aina, and I received my call to serve a mission about 4 weeks ago. I
have been assigned to serve with all of you wonderful people of this exciting mission.
What an honor. I will be checking into the MTC on April 22nd (the day after my last final
exam) where I will be learning to speak the Mandarin Language. I am so excited to be
joining such valiant Elders and Sisters in progressing the work of the Lord in this area
of the field. I love the Lord, and this, His Gospel, with all of my heart, and am so
grateful for the blessing of sharing it with as many as possible. May the Lord bless all
of you in continuing with an eye single to this work.


Elder Aina

February 16, 1998

We are trying to locate Elder Mark Neal from Australia who served in the Canada Vancouver
mission in 1981 or thereabouts. If anyone knows of his whereabouts or address please
contact Sally and Steve Wiltse at
Thank you

December 9, 1997

Hello everyone,

I am John Taylor (yes there is a direct relation to the prophet) I report to the MTC next
Wednesday the 10th of December. I will probably be in the Canada Vancouver mission in the
Beginning of January. I get to speak english so its just a 4 week stay at the MTC. Well
anyway, I am from Sacramento California Antelope Stake. I can't wait to get out there and
to serve the lord and the people in B.C. Well see you there!!


December 3, 1997

Hi everybody! I have been called to the Canada Vancouver mission, Mandarin-speaking! I am
looking forward to coming to Vancouver and preaching the gospel to the Chinese community.
I go into the MTC on New Year's Eve, so I will probably be coming up about March. If
anyone has information on Vancouver (any kind of information), please send it to me.

May the Lord bless each of you. Many thanks,

Elder Nathan Reynolds, or Reynolds JungLao

November 15, 1997

Looking for Phil Arsenault

I was wondering if you could please helpme locate some one it is very important.His name
is Philip W. Arsenault. He would go to the Mormon church in Kelowna and he then moved to
Revelstoke where he bought a trailer park. He has two sons one is David and the other is
Kevin. If you know of any way to find Phil can you tell him John Woodward is looking for
him. Please keep my e-mail address. Tell him Tracy Woodward in Edmonton has a listed phone
number and to call information.

Thank you for any help you can give

Novenber 6, 1997

Looking for Eileen Cruikshank and sisters


I baptized four sisters in Quesnel, B.C, and have lost track of them. I know they did
quite well with their testimonies after their conversion, and married members, stayed
active, etc. If you could put a query regarding anyone having knowledge of them I would
appreciate it. The oldest was Eileen.


Ronald Rowen, 1963-65

October 17, 1997

If anyone knows the whereabouts of "Grant Yoshio Okamoto" please e-mail me. I
served with him on the island during the spring of 1977.


Kim Moss


This is to announce my engagement to Fiona Kwai-Fung Yiu. We will be
married in the Salt Lake temple on October 11, 1997. We both served in the mission and
were released in January 1997 after doing the best we could to bring the gospel to the
awesome people we came in contact with in Canada.

If any of you have friends from the mission that you are still in contact with, please let
them know of this web page. If we can all contribute, it will be a great resource to stay
in touch with the people we served with, as well as the mission's history and current

Chad Kotter

Aug. 7, 1997

Hello Vancouver!

This is Elder Matthew Brady Lisonbee from Highland, Utah. Yesterday I received my call to
serve in the Vancouver Canada Mission, Cantonese speaking. It will likely be a few months
until I arrive but get ready, I come with all the energy of heart and spirit I can
possibly muster. I look forward with great anticipation to my months of service and
growth. I enter the MTC on Sept. 10th. I can't wait to be junior companion/greeney and
share this glorious gospel. 'Til I join you in the field and for forever; My God's loving
hand guide our lives and soften our hearts.

A Humble Servant,

Elder Lisonbee

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