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testimony 21 Mar 2015
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the entire world to contact Dr.LOGOGO on his personal email address and
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keri Send Email
Missionaries served in Hayward or Ashland WI 16 Mar 2014
We knew several missionaries that served in Ashland between the time we were baptized in 1981 until 1988 then we have been back in Ashland since 1997. We were in the Hayward Branch from the first meeting with our then mission president President Thompson to form the Hayward Branch. So we have been in early formations of both branches. We are looking for any missionary that we had in our home (we had a bunch that came over regularly for a meal :). I specifically remember Elder Kirby Bean, Elder Bob McConnell, Elder Vuyk, Elder Moss, Elder Lucia, Elder Luke, Sister Fillerup, Sister Nelson, and couple missionaries Brother & Sister Harper, Brother & Sister Ellis, and Brother & Sister Flowers (who just left). I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us!
John & Carrie Nelson Send Email
packages 07 Nov 2012
If you send it to the mission home, he will be certain to get it by the next zone conference. It might take a little longer to get to him, though. I have a daughter serving in the Utah Provo Mission, and we have found sending it to the mission home is the best way to send it. If she were to get transferred before the package gets to her, then the mission home can still make sure she gets it. If it is sent directly to her apartment, and she gets transferred before it gets there, then it will take much longer to get to her. Hope this helps.
James Vandenbark Send Email
Packages? 10 Oct 2012
I have a friend serving in the Minneapolis Minnesota mission--he reported to the MTC September 5, and to the field on the 26th. I have a package for him, but I don't know if I'm allowed to just send it to the address I have for him, or if I need to send it to the mission home?
Emma Bradshaw Send Email
1971/1972 missionaries in SD & Mn 08 Sep 2012
Looking for Elder Jenson & Elder Stewart
Patsy Brown Send Email
Looking for Dave Hanson and Ryan Layton 08 Sep 2012
I was baptized on 17 Aug, 1992 in the Crystal, MN chapel by Elder Dave Hanson. Elders Dave Hanson and Ryan Layton taught me the gospel in 1991 and a year later I was baptized.

I am trying to get in touch with them. Will you please help. My email is and my cell number is 612-239-0906.

Kelly Edgington
Kelly Edgington Send Email
Hello 09 Aug 2012
Hi! My name is Teresa Miller, soon to be Sister Miller. I have been called to the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission. I am so excited to serve! I report on the 5th of September. I am from Las Vegas, NV. I do have one question for all of those who have served already. Would you recommend waiting to find a nice winter jacket and boots out there or try to find something here? I would love other pointers too if anyone has any. Thanks for your help! I cant wait to be out there and doing the Lords work!
Sister T. Miller
Sister Teresa Miller Send Email
Called to serve 08 Jul 2012
Hi everyone, Im Elder Wall. I'm from Mapleton Utah. I just opened my call and I have been called to serve the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission :D I report the the MTC on September 5th...
Also I have some questions, How do I get a login here?
and How do I see the mission boundries and the different areas in the mission?
Thanks, see ya :)
Elder Wall Send Email
hello! 12 Apr 2012
hey everyone! I just got called last night to minneapolis minnesota! I"m so excited to be there! i should be there around august 15th! I am from pleasant grove utah! my name is Benjamin Kent Weese! cya!
benjamin kent weese Send Email
Called to serve in Minnesota 05 Apr 2012
Hiiiiii everybody..........i am called 2 serve in minnesota minneopolis mission.......I am from Nepal..looking forward to meet great people in minnesota
Nischal Shrestha Send Email
Looking for missionaries that hung out at our home 05 Mar 2012
Hi all you faithful Missionaries who worked so hard to teach Brother Klous and keep us on the straight and narrow. Would love to get in contact with all you dear friends we have made over the years in the Virginia, MN area from 1978 -1993 and also Grand Rapids area from 1993- present. We truly did make so many great eternal friendships and don't want to have to wait until we get to the other side to be in contact with you again. If you remember our family please contact us at
FYI Brother Klous is the Mission Leader in the Grand Rapids Branch and having such a great time being a missionary himself. He/we love this gospel and want to share it with all.
Bob and Judy Klous
Bob and Judy Klous Send Email
Looking for one of my missionaries.. 09 Jan 2012
Hi I am looking for an Elder Campbell, he was one of the greatest missionaries (I THINK).. He taught me a lot and really helped me to understand the meaning of the church. He also told me that once he was gone I would forget his name. We guess what I never did. I have a hard time remember a lot of the missionaries name but you where not one of them. I belonged to the Crystal ward and lived in north Minneapolis. They missionaries that had that area didn't always have the easist time, the the area being bad. But I tell you they had the most increadible spirit. This was in 2003 under pres. Evens. I hope to hear from someone that can tell me how I can contact him and atleast say Thank you. And I remember your name. Thank, Nikki
Nikki Binkley (Valstad) Send Email
Looking for Missionaries 03 Jan 2012
I look for missionaries work with me and my kids. There elder Parmly and elder Mccord and elder Reber and elder Olson. Please help find them like talk tell them thank help know the church of jesus of latter-day saint. I tell them help me stop smoke and drink
Becky Plank Send Email
missionary locator 25 Jul 2011
A lady contacted me looking for an Elder Kim Dalton that Baptised 2 of her children back around 1980. Alinda Burg and Tom Burg are their names. I think that they were living in the Worthington, MN area. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Lincoln Dalton
Lincoln Dalton Send Email
trying to find a missionary 30 May 2011
I just posted an email concerning trying to locate a missionay approx. 35 years ago. I forgot to put my email address: THANKS again for any help anyone can do for me. May God bless you
Gordon Anderson Send Email
finding a friend 30 May 2011
If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. I'm trying to find one of the LDS missionaries who served in the Minneapolis area (Wayzata specifically). It was 1974. HIs name is David G. Anderson. He also served with an Elder Barker. I know he lived or lives in Utah.... He had a major impact in me coming to know Jesus Christ and would like to connect with him. I know this would be a miracle and if anyone can help me I would thank you in such a great way.
Gordon Anderson Send Email
Satterfield/King Reunion 23 Apr 2011
We are trying to put together a reunion in conjunction with the October 2011 conference. If you served in the mission during the President Satterfield and President King years, or have ties to the mission at these times, please contact me:

Mike Ledingham
Mike Ledingham Send Email
passports 18 Mar 2011
All the missionaries in this mission need passports because it does include Canada. We can't wait to have your children serve here. Welcome.
Linda Send Email
link to mission maps 22 Feb 2011
Go to -> Tools -> Maps. Sign in if you haven't already, this will allow you to see boundaries. On the left in the maps legend are icons, home, magnifine glass (search), and building. Search for the state Minnesota. After you search you will see a list of things you can see on the map. On the bottom of the list is boundaries, click on mission. You may need to zoom out to see all of the boundaries.
Aaron Shiley Send Email
mission boundaries 21 Feb 2011
I 2nd Mindy's question. What are the mission boundaries?
Sean Clancy Send Email
Mission boundaries 16 Feb 2011
That is my question. It looks like it includes Canada. So my son was just called there. If so we may need to get a passport. It looks like it includes Winnepeg which actually was my mission as well.
Lorie Send Email
Mission boundaries 26 Jan 2011
Can anyone tell me what the mission boundaries are or a websit that would show them?
Mindy Ashby Send Email
Looking for missionaries 07 Jan 2011
I am looking for two Hmong speaking missionaries who served in Roseville, California during the year of 1994. Unfortunately I do not know their original name, only their Hmong (missionary name) name given to them by the church members. Sadly I can only remember one of the elder's name; his name is Elder Txiaj Lis. I have been searching long, and have not gone very far. For all those who know any Hmong speaking missionaries in Roseville, CA mission field please email me at Thank you.
Pa Ngia Her Send Email
1967 Elder Vernon Nelson 18 Aug 2010
Looking for Elder Vernon Nelson who taught my mother Vivian Hugger the gospel in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1967. If any of you remember him, or know how I can reach him please let me know. He was from the Salt Lake City area. (208) 733-7660 Thanks!
Marlene Farnsworth Send Email
Looking for Elders who Baptized my Dad 03 Aug 2010
I am looking for the Elders who baptized my dad Dan Rees in Madison, WI in 1972. I suppose that would have been part of the Rockford Stake back then. Any info would be great.
Joshua Rees Send Email
trying to contact a former Elder 27 Mar 2010
I know this might be extremely difficult so It has to be of God if it works> I'm trying to contact a former Elder who had a mighty impact in my life and brought me closer to Jesus Christ. He served in the Minneapolis area in 1973 (Minnetonka to be exact) I've lost contact with him and would love to see how and what he is doing presently. I live in the st. louis metro area(Illinois) and so if anyone could assist me I would greatly appreciate it. i THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND GOD BLESS.
Gordon Anderson Send Email
Saludos 08 Mar 2010
Hi, My name is Sister Surdez, I served on Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission from March 2003 to July 2003, I was a Temple Square Missionary, I was transfered to Minnesota, I served in San Paul and Minneapolis in Spanish, and I was wondering if any of you guys know someone who served in that time, I would like to know their e-mails and phone numbers to keep in touch with them. And also if any of you is still in contact with the members of San Paul and Minneapolis stake, I really want to know how they are. My e-mail is and

I wish you the best to all of you
Maria del Rosario Surdez Ruiz Send Email
Elder Fife/Elder Oddenino 16 Dec 2009
I am looking for Elder Fife (UT) and Elder Oddenino(CA)
We just want to find them and see what they are up to.
My daughter wants to find as she is a Senior in High school and will be headed to college soon.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of these please let us know at the following email:
Hilda Blatchford Send Email
Just called! 31 Oct 2009
How do i get in on this site? i am entering the MTC on February 3rd to serve in the minneapolis Hmong speaking mission
Richard Gettys Send Email
Mission 1980-82 01 Feb 2009

I'm attempting to reach folks who served in the MMM during the period of 1980-82. I first served in Eau Claire, WI and I am looking to find folks from there as well as other areas. James Willis, Mimi Campenhout, Michelle Brumm, Steve Michaud and the Rindfleisch Familyh to name a few. I served under Pres. Brough and Mecham and would love to make contact with any of the Elders or Sisters who served during that time. I can be reached at or you can reach me at my office at 970.240.6888. I hope to hear from some folks.
Bill Mertz Send Email
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