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MTC New Zealand 2012 12 Jan 2013
Hello to Elder Tupan and Sister Kesaia Pola'ulu
Who we went through the New Zealand MTC with in March 2012. We, Elder and Sister Warrack are currently serving in Western Australia Mission, and are looking through photos of the MTC and enquiring as to how you are.
Elder & Sister Warrack Send Email
Heber McKay and W.O.Facer 12 Sep 2011
Heber McKay is my grandfather. He and W.O. Facer were sent from Samoa to re-open Tonga to missionary work in 1907. I am trying to find any information that I can about his mission. I have been told that there is a picture of my grandfather and his companions that hangs in the Tongan Temple. Is this true?
I would to have any information that anyone knows of.
Mark Mc Kay Send Email
Help me find these Missionaries!!! 18 Apr 2011
In short my Twin and I were borin in Tonga in August of 1977. Without the amazing help of some wonderful missionaries, I wouldn't be where I am Today or even alive. My Birth Certificate reads Sosaia Havea Fonua Finau. I was born in the Village of Ngele'ia. Desperately trying to find any Family or someone who knows the Missionaries who served during this time. Any help you could give or render would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you and God bless...
yahoo 18 Oct 2010
Google google
Rayford Send Email
asd 10 Sep 2010
Hi, you really have a nice website.
Swessalge Send Email
Missionary Fireside... 20 Sep 2006
Just a note: The Sunday just before General Conference, like this year, Sept. 24, the Missionary board of retired Mission Presidents, usually have a Fireside for all future and return missionaries, and all are usually invited... My guess this year will be in Salt Lake North or South Stake Centers, approx 6:30 PM, and theres a gathering the following friday usually for a outfit comp...ha, ha......just incase you don't have plans to go anywhere.

Address for North Stake Center is approx. 3250 South, 4450 West, in West Valley, Utah.

South Stake is approx: 5050 South, 4650 West...
Ofa Send Email
I need help that will be greatly appreciated 19 Sep 2006
Hey Elders and Sisters,

I need some Elders and Sisters that reside in UTAH that just recently returned from their mission in TONGA. We have a missionary fireside this Sunday and am looking for some speakers. I know this is last minute, but if you are available that day and is willing to do this please, please, please contact me at my email or contact Fred Falepapalangi at 801-635-7247. We prefer the palangi's most. Sorry to the tongan missionaries! haha..
Kalo Falepapalangi Send Email
Malo mu'a kau palangi loi he faitohi kuo fai he website ko 'eni....Tau foki pe mu'a ki he lea Tonga 'oku pau he 'oku 'ai ai 'ene ta'emahino e tohi fakapalangi mo e fakaoli e kalama...hehehe...Kataki pe mu'a si'i manatu pe ki he kalasi Tonga 'a Bro. Tukuafu 'a e lau a,e,i,o,u he 'oku tonuange pe ia mo pau...heheheh..'Oua
'e kohu ia na'a ke hange ha fo'i malala pea ke si'i vela ai..heheheeh...Anywaz, me'a lelei ko 'etau kei mo'ui mai he ngaahi 'aho ni pea say hi atu ki he kau MTC he ta'u Me 1992 'a ia ko:

Eld U Ahokovi
Eld M Ma'ukoloa
Eld Ma'ukoloa
Eld S Pulu
Eld F2 Samiu
Eld V To'a
Eld S Talivakaola
Eld T Talivakaola
Eld Toli
Eld O Tu'ifua
Eld Naitoko
Eld M Taufu'i
Eld T Tu'avao
Eld A Wolfgramm
Eld Fangufangu
Eld Taimani
Eld 'Otukolo
Eld Finau
Eld Ma'u
Eld T 'Iongi
Eld T Tu'avao
Eld S Taufa
Eld T Sopu
Eld P Na'a
Eld S Masi pea moe toenga hono kotoa

'Ofa pe 'oku tau kei 'i loto pe he church...Kapau 'oku ke 'i tu'a pea ke fetu'utaki mai ki he 911 ke 'oatu ha tokoni...'Ofa lahi atu kia moutolu hono kotoa...

ua Email Not Available
Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple photograph 04 Aug 2006
Does anyone have a photograph of the Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple they have taken that they would share? If so, please visit:

Rick Satterfield Webmaster
Rick Satterfield Send Email
Need help please 26 Jul 2006

We are looking to find a Semisi Makaafi.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.

My best regards,

Marc ten Bruggen Cate
Marc ten Bruggen Cate Send Email
Need help please 26 Jul 2006

We are looking to find a Semisi Makaafi.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.

My best regards,

Marc ten Bruggen Cate
Marc ten Bruggen Cate Send Email
Need your help 27 Jun 2006
Bula from Fiji,

I'm trying to locate a friend and would appreciate your assistance.

His name is William Peni Cornett and the last I heard of him, he was serving his mission in Niue. I think he's in the States now but am not sure.

If you know Peni or know anyone who does, would appreciate it if you could drop me a line.

Fotokalafi Ledua Send Email
Temple Schedule... Tonga 12 Jun 2006
Just wondered if anyone could direct me to find the schedule during the open and closing of the temple in Tonga during the month of July... if times are available too it would be appreciated. Thanks or at least a contact number or email...Thank you 'Ofa.
Ofa Send Email
Primary in Scotland 10 Jun 2006

I am on the Primary Presidency of a small branch in Thurso Scotland and have been looking at countries around the world who have lds members.
My own kids make up half of primary and are especially interested in Tonga as there dad served with a Tongan missionary.
If you have a primary who would be interested in exchanging info about each others country culture and church our kids would love to hear from you .
Let me know

Please let me know
Rebecca Winkle Send Email
attention. 06 Jun 2006
Hi, I need to get in touch with 'Eita Mafi who's in Australia now. If you can help would you please email me with her contact address or phone number. Thanks.
Latai Lauaki. Send Email
primary project 12 May 2006
I am from new Zealand we have a very small branch here , and we just got a new primary president my mother and we r trying to get the kids in to the sprit of the new program and the new songs for this year, holding hands around the world is one of them, so we have started a project we would like to become pen pals with other children around the world swapping pictures letters drawings and infor of there country we have a world map on the wall and we put the pictures of them up on our wall and place a ribbon and pin it in place . We would love to get as many primaries from all over the world doing this. if you could tell us about your country and the back ground so that the kids can learn some thing new. Ps ive been a member of the church all of my life and I am the new primary secretary and my mom is president. This project is about missionary work so i would love to have tonga in our project
daytooremember Send Email
I Am A Child of God 09 May 2006
I am looking for the words and music to I Am A Child of God in Tongan. For Girl's Camp this year, our ward has chosen to represent Tonga. I've been trying to find a Tongan hymnbook to get a copy of the music. Does anyone know where I may find the music and words? thanks!
Sister Ferrin Send Email
Family Tree 22 Apr 2006
My name is Mikel Taitusi Otufangavalu, and I am trying to get in contact with family. If you know of my family please contact me at my e-mail address listed above.

Mikel Taitusi Otufangavalu Send Email
Looking for Sister Hopoate 18 Apr 2006
Kataki kaunga ngaue kapau 'oku 'ilo ha taha ha email pe koe fika telefoni teu lava 'o fetu'utaki ai mo Sister Hopoate pea ke fetu'utaki mai. Neu hoa mo ia 'i Ha'akio, Vava'u 'i he ta'u 1991. Koe ki'i kole pe ia 'oku fai atu mei he Bay Area. Malo aupito.
Telesia Lolohea Nau Send Email
Reunion Info? 22 Mar 2006
Is there anyone who knows where/what time the Tongan Mission reunion fireside is being held this week in Salt Lake? Ki'i ui mai ange at
Rob Swenson Send Email
Tongan Plan of Salvation 04 Mar 2006
Hi, I'm in the midst of a project making Plan of Salvation cards in all the different languages of the Church, and as yet I don't have a Tongan translation. Here's what the cards look like:

If any of you have a bit of free time on your hands and could send me the translations for the following terms, I'd really appreciate it:

1. The Plan of Salvation
2. Pre-Mortal Life
3. The Veil
4. Earth Life
5. Spirit World
6. Resurrection
7. Judgment
8. Celestial Kingdom
9. Terrestrial Kingdom
10. Telestial Kingdom

My e-mail address is

Thanks! :-)
Ben Crowder Send Email
Trip to Tonga 22 Feb 2006

My wife and I went to Tonga last April. Call or write if you want more info.

Another friend picked up her son last June. I could put you in touch with them.

You'll never forget it! And you'll always want to go back!

Ralph Johnson Send Email
Looking for a missionary. 17 Feb 2006
We had a young man from the Tongan Islands serve here (Alamosa Stake) about five years ago. I thought he was such a special young man and he had such a special spirit and I loved him like a son (he told me I was his Colorado mom). I heard from him twice after he went back and never heard anything more. I have tried very hard to find him and have been unable to. Can anybody out there help me? I think about him often and would love to get in touch with him again. His name is Sateki Havili and he lived in Pangain, Ha'spai, Tonga. I would appreciate any information at all. Thank you.
Irene Martinez Send Email
traveling to Tonga 16 Feb 2006
Sister Ellesworth,

I am a return missionary from Tonga from 1984-86. My mother and sister came to pick me up from my mission - granted it has been 20 years ago, and I am sure a few things have changed, but here is part of what they expereinced:

Both brought the maximum amount of luggage allowed - one suitcase for clothing, the other full of things to give away (including candy). The bags with their clothing were lost, and never returned. But the others with those things to give away arrived safely. Unfortunately, they had no changes of clothes in their carry-on's - something I would strongly suggest.

At the time, flights leaving the country only flew about twice a week. Since we had about 4 days before we could leave - we took advantage of this time and took a little trip to the Vava'u islands - somewhere I was not able to serve, but is VERY beautiful.

I also had some investigators invite us all for a meal. They were very poor, but brought out their very best to offer us. It was humbling and wonderful.

Somethings to remember about the Tongan people - according to them, all Americans are rich, which comparitively we are, weather we think so or not. In Tonga, it is not considered rude to ask nfor something - only rude to refuse to give. So be prepared to give away plenty. If there is something (anything) which you absolutely feel you cannot do without - leave it at home. If you have something you would like to give (food, clothing, gifts, etc...) they will appriciate it all.

Also - be sure to make time for a trip to the temple - it is the most beautiful building in the country. My mother and I went through session in Tongan - only her 2nd time in the temple. she loved it.

The Tongans are wonderful people - there is a reason the place is called "The Friendly Islands." I am certain you will enjoy the trip.

If I can answer any other questions for you - please feel free to contact me at

Ofa 'atu

Tom Hallaq (Halaki)
Tom Hallaq Email Not Available
trip to Tonga 15 Feb 2006
I think the best thing is to email the Mission Pres (Pres Moleni) and ask him what is his guidelines of picking up missionaries. He'll let you know plus he can probably have you guys stay at the mission home while visiting Tonga. If I were you that's what I'll do also if you can, you might check the rate of fare right now for next year, cuz the sooner you booked and paid for it the cheaper it is. Anyways, that's my suggestion for you.... Good Luck !!

'ofa atu,
Tapaita Fevanga Send Email
Parents traveling to Tonga 15 Feb 2006
Our son Jacob has been serving in Tonga for almost a year. We would like to travel to Tonga to pick him up at the end of his mission next year. I know we still have a year to go but we need to start planning now. We are looking for some information about traveling there. Anyone who has picked up their missionary, do you have any tips for us? We welcome any help! Thanks!
Diana Ellsworth Send Email
Info for my parents- just called 02 Jan 2006
Dear Sir:

My parents, Gary & Peggy Scrimsher from the Pasco Washington Stake, have just received a call to serve in the Nuku'alofa Tonga Mission as CES missionaries. They will report to the Provo MTC on ~ March 6th, and be in Tonga later that month.

They have asked me to help find out some more about Tonga, beyond what I have found in my World Book Encyclopedia and in the current LDS church almanac.

Some general questions:

Will their Cingular based calling plans and cell phones work in Tonga? ( I say no.)

What is a major bank they could use for this banking needs?

What long distance carriers have good US to Tonga calling plans?

Who is the current Mission president and his email address or other ways to reach him or his staff?

I served in the New Zealand Christchurch mission from 1979 to 81 under Phillip Sontagg, so I know a bit about the Polynesian culture, etc.

Obviously I am a bit jealous - when my wife and I get empty nested in ~ 14 more years we plan to submit our papers and serve together.

Thanks for your time.

Michael Scrimsher
Burbank Ward, Pasco WA USA stake
Michael Scrimsher Send Email
I need your help with information?? 27 Dec 2005
I am doing a project for seminary. I was wondering

~where is the mission located
~Customs they have that are different form ours
~ What religion is prominent there
~ what does that religion teach

if you could please help me with this that will be great!! I have no i idea about this mission. SO i need your help.
please email me a
Amber Send Email
Tongan translation help 23 Dec 2005
Hi, I am trying to write a sentence in Tongan for a Christmas gift for a friend who served a mission in San Francisco speaking Tongan. Can anyone help me write "Follow your Dreams" or "Follow your Dream" in Tongan? I need to write it the shortest way possible.
Thank you so much for your help.
Ariana Escalante Send Email
Mele Kalikimaka 18 Dec 2005
aloha and malo e tau moe ngaue malohi mei he feituu na...ofa ke mou mau ha aho fiefia mo mohu tapuekina he kilimasi moe tau foou........ofa atu
shogo Falevai Send Email
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