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Our Mission Assignment 01 Oct 2004
Dear UPM Missionaries,

For those of you we weren't able to see at the reunion tonight, we have been called to serve in the Mexico Monterrey East Mission as CES missionaries. To find more information, check and you will see some photos and find out what life is like there.
The church's website has a photo of the Monterrey Temple, opened in 2002.

We are so excited! Our report date to the MTC in Provo is January 17th and is for 18 months. We are already taking a Spanish class at the MTC with a tutor from Chile, even though we will be teaching English at two universities in Monterrey.

We have looked forward to serving another mission, and feel this will be perfect for us. We hope we will be able to learn enough Spanish to be helpful in our service when we arrive. Pray for us.

Love and blessings, President and Sister Smith
Ralph W Smith Send Email
Need a place to stay? 24 Sep 2004
For any of the Elders coming to the Smith reunion from far away (or not so far), there are two empty beds in my apartment that you would be welcome to use if you need a place to stay. You would be welcome to stay over the whole conference weekend if you need to. I live fairly close to campus (1565 N University Ave). Just email me and let me know you're coming. I hope a bunch of you are coming. I'm looking forward to this reunion!
Dean (Elder Stonehocker)
Dean Riley Stonehocker Send Email
Our Mission Call 23 Sep 2004
We have received our mission call! We will be announcing it at our reunion in October, so we hope you will be there for the news.

We continue to think of you often and pray that you are all doing well and are happy. We hear many good things!

For those of you who live too far away to be in attendance, we will post it after conference weekend.

Love and blessings, The Smiths
Ralph W Smith Send Email
Kasia's CD 19 Sep 2004
I bought the music CD "Lubie", made by Sister Katarzyna "Kasia" J. Haroldsen (formerly Sis. Cholodowska, for those in the '91-'92 mission) and gave it a listen. It makes for very pleasant Sabbath music, so I recommend it to everyone that appreciates clean music.
Beaufort Clifton Addison III Send Email
engaged 10 Sep 2004
To anyone whose interested, I got engaged last Friday 9/3/04 to the love of my life, Larkin. Our plans are to be married next summer so I'll keep you posted!
Bobby Joseph Jones Send Email
olá 08 Sep 2004
olá queridos como vão vocês estou com saudades de todos da missão mil beijos de sua grande amiga
Adma Cristina Morais do Nascimento Send Email
Elder Chwalek 03 Sep 2004
Does anyone know Elder Chwalek's contact information? i would like to get a hold of him! Thanks!
P.S. if anyone was going to get a reunion going it would be Sis. Bridges and Elder Kong eh?
Long live the gret UPM!
Brody McDearmid Send Email
In Utah 30 Aug 2004
Hey Everyone I will be all over Utah between Sept 3 and Sept 6 if anyone is around I would love to catch up My cell is 949 500 8777
Bryan Hall Bradshaw Send Email
Looking for Sis Peach(D'Razusno) 21 Aug 2004
Hey everybody,
I just met President Smith at Sis Lee Chui Peng's wedding tonight and he would like to know how he could get in touch with Sis Peach(who served Spanish-speaking) as she was supposed to help in the planning for this year's Reunion with Pres and Sis Smith(Yes, there's gonna be a reunion!). They were supposed to contact her but have lost her number. If there's any of you who's interested in helping to plan for this upcoming reunion, please meet on Tuesday(24 August '04) 7pm at Pres Smith's home. His address is 2068N 1060W, Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Oh yes, please get Sis Peach to contact me via e-mail! Thanks.
Marcus Yi Tian Khong Send Email
who's in Utah? 20 Aug 2004
I'm coming down to Utah at the end of the month so if anyone will be there at that time, write me an email and we'll get in touch.
Tim Pratt Send Email
Looking for JOE GESULLO 17 Aug 2004
Anyone out there know how to get in touch with Joe Gesullo? He was my trainer in 1990. I lost touch with him several years back and now have no clue how to find him. If you have any info...please email it to me.


Sam W. Morgan Send Email
Not lost just hiding 09 Aug 2004
Beans in reply to the "lost Sheep" ad Please read Doctrine and Covenants 4:7 and in addition to this scriptue (which we are all well versed in add) call and I will answer...if you are lucky! How is the fiance tell him Hi. I'll see you in December!
Erin Nicole Brassfield Send Email
figured it out 09 Aug 2004
patience & playing with the compuper, my profile is updated...
Teresa L Kilpatrick Send Email
Calling all VC wacos to the attention of the Pacific has anyone found the long lost sheep Erin? She is lost in love, please share who the lucky one is..........Ohana means family!
Rubena R Smith Send Email
New to Compuper Land 08 Aug 2004
After being home 9 years, i finally got a compuper. so please forgive me for leaving my information here is some missing info: Mission Presidents Humpherys & Hancock. Companions: Olson, Johanson, Williams, Trimmer, Garcia, Castroman, Winstryg, Edsberg, Martija, Bake, Trimmer, Fisher...also worked wkth Meneghini & Murray.
No children 3 dgs, been employeed same place 7 years...livin in Big D
Teresa L Kilpatrick Send Email
Maybe I shouldn't have cried wolf... 08 Aug 2004
Greetings Elders and Sisters,
Having already sent in a couple of false engagement announcements, I don't expect you to believe that I am really going to be married in September, but I am. If my companions and other mission friends could please contact me, I would really appreciate it. love and respect, David.
David Bertram Gunderson Send Email
Elder Mosquera 02 Aug 2004
Donde estas que no te encuentro?
llamame estoy registrado en el directorio del condado de Utah.
Robert Acuna Send Email
Sisters Not Techno-Savvy? 26 Jul 2004
"Where have all, the [Sisters] gone?"

Looking for Sis. Kim Williams (of Florida), Sis. Henkel/Hinkel (of Canada), Sis. Ford (of Arkansas?), and Sis. Maier.

And Sis.'s Southam, Camejo and Stapley were technically in our mission, though they served up at Temple Square (IIRC).

Time period was from '90-'91.
Beaufort Clifton Addison III Send Email
Where is sister Taylor from 2000 07 Jul 2004
I am looking for my last companion in August of 2000 Sister Taylor. If anyone can find her please tell me.Thank you.
Tara Messick Send Email
President Smith's Address 24 Jun 2004
Does anyone know President and Sister Smith's address I would love to send them an invitation if you do could you email me?

Note from the webmaster: If you are a registered alumnus of the mission, you can log in and then go to the Presidents page and see their address.
Kathrene Pearl Livingston Send Email
Kearly Sue's Hair 15 Jun 2004
I think the falling down of the hair can be attributed to the vast amounts of grease apllied to it, hair cant cope with all that weight! Hope you fellas are all doing well over there!
Paul Nathan Burdon Send Email
Denver and Gundy. 23 May 2004
I can't deny that I have a hot wife. But I must say. She'll never be as hot as Denver with his "David Beckham" hair and Gundy with his chissled abs. Denver, you need to post a pic of you before your recently chopped off hairstyle and Gundy, the one of you in the Canada apron (you know what I'm talking about). Peace out UPM alumni. Keep the faith.

P.S. D&G, You're both clowns. Mike Kearl.
Michael Craig Kearl Send Email
A timely suggestion 22 May 2004
You always had an eye for Beauty Denver.... remamber that one ward in Moab?...... Anyway, thank you for the words and thoughts on our friend Mike. That certainly is a breathtaking picture, which reminds me of that picture taken of us on that bluff just east of Moab as the sun was setting. Those ten o'clock summer sunsets were the most beautiful I can remember. Well I must be off. Until next time. Adieu.......Gundy
p.s. Did you see how Mike's hair fell in his face? Was that planned?
David Bertram Gunderson Send Email
advice 22 May 2004
If any of you have neglected to view the recent pictures posted by our illustrious alumni you have no doubt missed the pictures of Elder Mike Kearl and his wife. I would like to make a few comments concerning this picture; Day time soap operas couldn't have produced a more beautiful couple. Misty's beauty is only eclipsed by that of her husband Mike who is one delicious specimen of a man. I would like to thank his parents for their diligence and following through until theEnd. They're a true example of endurinmg to the end as they finally found perfection in Micheal as their last child.
Denver James Wigg Send Email
find Timi Burke Gickling 04 May 2004
who know Timi Gickling e-mail or telphone nummber

please e-maill to me

Jenny Huang Send Email
Elder Sangwong 22 Apr 2004
Does anyone know how to get ahold of Ratchatapong Seangwong from Thailand...he served under Gregson and president Smith. I served with him in Roosevelt...
Gary Jefferson Send Email
Sisters of the Great V-Cino 16 Apr 2004
I just want to give a congrats to Sister Christenson on her engagement!

Also A big fat Aloha to all my sisters from the tropical paradise of Hawaii! Every time I go to the temple and pass the VC here I think of the mission and the great Sisters of the Great V-Cino.

P.S. congrats to Brody MCDearmid on his something must be in the water.
Jonathan Smith Wright Send Email
Marjorie Pay Hinckley Dies at 92 07 Apr 2004
Just for those who haven't heard yet,

this is taken from the full article at


Marjorie Pay Hinckley Dies at 92
Apr. 6, 2004

Sister Marjorie Hinckley's funeral is scheduled for 11 a.m. (MST) on Saturday April 10th. KSL-TV will begin LIVE coverage at 10:30 a.m.

Carole Mikita Reporting

President Gordon B. Hinckley, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: "I guess the clock is winding down and we do not know how to rewind it."

Just two days after President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made those comments about his beloved wife, the hands on that clock are still. Marjorie Hinckley passed away this evening at the age of 92.

Marjorie Hinckley was respected throughout the world as a woman devoted to family and faith. She was a very sweet, warm lady; her friends and family describe her greatest gift as the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in her presence.
Alexander Edgar Carmichael Send Email
Illinois Apology to LDS Church 01 Apr 2004
An impressive apology to the church and long overdue.

The first link is to the news release, detailing Presidnet Hickley's
emotional reaction, and the efforts of some prominent non-LDS Illinois
politicians who crafted the legislation. The second link is to the
actual document itself.
Mark W Schefer Send Email
Sister Alvarez 15 Mar 2004
Does anyone know where our favourite Mexican Sister Missionary is.... sister elizabeth alvarez? She has dropped of the planet!!!! And how ya all going anyways? You best be helping out the missionaries in your areas, cause I know you all commited yourselves on the mish..."when I get home I'm going to be the kind of member that..... and ....... and " You know what I mean. As the Pres Smith said... JUST DO IT.... (right Hoagy). Anyways if anyone knows where Alvarez is than give me a holla (ola) hahaha. Peace.... Sister Aussie Smith
Rubena R Smith Send Email
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