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entrenador 09 Apr 2012
Holassss estee

alguien conocio al Elder Hubbard el foi mi entrenador esde sandy utha 2009 en junio
Jonathan Luis Zacha Rodriguez Noldin Send Email
Buscando a mi Entrenador 19 Mar 2012
Hola! Estoy buscando a mi Entrenador, el Elder Casey A. Hughes. Él sirvió en los años 95 - 97, bajo el Pte. Moore. Desde que él terminó su misión no he sabido nada de él. Si alguien me puede ayudar a contactarlo sería muy bueno para mi ya que fue un gran maestro y amigo y ha sido una gran influencia con su ejemplo para mi vida. Muchas Gracias!

Roberto M. Gerry
Roberto M. Gerry Send Email
Tuco 15 Oct 2011
The secret to an authentic Argentine tuco is to dump tons of oil into it. I swear sometimes the tuco was half oil, half tomato. The only time in my life that I've ever had acid reflux was on the mission.

My own adaptation is something like this:
-Can of tomato paste- add canned crushed tomatoes to make it a little nicer. If you want a different take you can just use tomatoes but you will have to simmer a lot longer. Paste is easiest and I think it tastes fine- but using fresh or canned crushed tomatoes is probably much more authentic- I don't know that the Argentines used paste.
-Oil to taste (for a small can of sauce I add probably a tablespoon or two- be you can add more if you want it "authentic")
-Water to consistency you like (more to past, probably none to crushed tomatoes)
-Salt to taste
-Italian seasoning to taste
-Garlic to taste

(Sorry I don't have exact amounts- I cook everything this way)

Simmer all of that over low heat until the oil and water integrate with the tomato paste. I personally like to use the "one pan" method where you cook the pasta only partially or not at all and add them right into the pan with your sauce ingredients and let the pasta cook in your tuco. The pasta soaks up the flavor better this way. You have to add extra water because the pasta will soak it up and keep an eye on it and add more water as necessary. You don't want to add too much at first or it will be soupy.
Matthew Scott Send Email
Tuco! 06 Oct 2011
Anybody have a good recipe for Argentine spaghetti sauce (tuco)? I would be grateful if someone sent me one.
Aaron Wilde Send Email
pouch 15 Sep 2011
Is it fair to say that it depends on the office staff? If you're in a zone near Capital you may get it more often than when you're in Campo. I found a few of my packages at Christmastime that had been sitting there for a while.
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
letters and email 11 Sep 2011
just had a question about the mailing system. the pouch mailing system is only for 1 sheet of paper, my friend is wondering what she should do if she sends me a longer letter? and how reliable is the mailing system? any letters or packages get lost? do you have to use the pouch system? and will i have access to computer to email my family every week?
James Send Email
Sleeping Bags 30 May 2011
We get asked a lot of questions about sleeping bags. When I served, they were optional, and I didn't bring one. A good pair of sheets and an extra blanket were all I needed. If you decide to use a sleeping bag, purchase it before going to Argentina. Everything you need for 2 years has to fit in your suitcase, and if you don't plan for it now, you'll have trouble making it fit once you get there.
Select a sleeping bag that can pack into a "small" stuff bag. One that is intended for hiking/backpacking trips would be ideal. Remember, it needs to fit in your suitcase. Your local sporting goods store should be able to help you find what you are looking for. Even if you opt for a sleeping bag, take sheets as well. While winter is cold, summer can get hot, and you won't want to be stuck in your sleeping bag in December and January.
Webmaster Team Send Email
Things to bring 28 May 2011
Is it best to by a sleeping bag in Buenos Aires. My mission papers suggest having one.
Oliver Papa Send Email
1990s Facebook Group 29 Apr 2011
Ricardo Navarro has set up a mision oeste Facebook group for RMs who served in the 1990s ( Come join the reunion!

Ricardo Navarro ha creado un grupo en Facebook para los ex-misioneros de los años 90 ( Vamos a la reunión!
Michael Owens Send Email
The Death Of Fabio Garcia 16 Mar 2011
It is with sadness in my heart that I post the message of Ex Elder Fabio Garcia's passing on March 04, 2011. Elder Garcia served honerably in the great Buenos Aires West Mission from 1994 to 1996. He is From Tucuman, Argentina and is Survived by his 10 year old Son Carlitos Garcia. Che Garcia. Te amamos y te vamos extraniar. Sabemos que nos veremos de nuevo amado hermano.
Benjamin L Gomez Send Email
Winter Coat 06 Oct 2010
Hola! My Name is Gauchay Danes, I'm entering the MTC next month going to B.A.W! I'm wondering about the specifications for winter coats: it says that it has to have a zip out liner, is it really neccessary? I already have a very good peacoat that should work fine, and I would hate to spend money on another one just for the liner and then not need it. Any advice would be helpful, Muchas Gracias!
Gauchay Danes Send Email
Feliz Dia 25 May 2010
25 de Mayo es Día de la Revolución de Mayo en Argentina
Philip Larkin Waters Send Email
Re: sleeping bag 13 Nov 2009
I apologize that I cannot address your specific question as to whether it would be better to buy one in Argentina or here, but please watch out for this in either location; when we bought my daughter's sleeping bag (US) we picked out a fairly high-end model because it was lighter (for carrying on the plane) and rated to lower temperatures. We selected the box off of the shelf, paid the full price, got it home only to find out that someone had taken a much cheaper model sleeping bag and slipped it in the box of the high-end model. Obviously someone stuffed the high-end model in a cheaper box and paid much less than they should have. Unless the box is sealed make certain that you're getting what you're actually paying for. Gratefully, it all worked out for us, but unnecessarily wasted time to the run-around of getting her ready to leave. Good luck!
Sasha Smith Send Email
sleeping bag 11 Nov 2009
So my daughter is leaving from the MTC in 2 weeks. I was planning on her getting a sleeping bag there in the field. Is it better to get one in the states or can she find one in Buenos Aires ???
Saren Hobbs Send Email
Anton Nelson 27 Jun 2009
Busco a Anton Nelson que servio como misionero durante los anos de 1999 - 2001. Alguien tiene el email o numero telefonico de Anton Nelson? Hay un argentino que fue bautizado por el, y quiero ponerlos en contactos. Por favor ayudame. Gracias.
Byron West Send Email
hope this answers some of you questions! 15 May 2009
Hola Rachel! My name is McKayla Scott. I am also entering the MTC in August! So I also have three months to prepare and it is so exciting!! The sleeping bag is to keep us warm in the cold winter months, it gets pretty cold at times and there isn't much to keep you warm there! I've heard that in Argentina there isn't airconditioning or electric heaters.... So definitely get a below zero sleeping bag! It might be tough to fit that into a suitcase but you can always take it as your carry on.

I found some great shoes at Macy's. It is good to get shoes with arch support, that will last, and that you will be comfortable walking in.
They can also be really cute!

I'm not sure about bringing Temple clothing.

I'm from NH so I hear you on the clothes thing. I'm not sure if you have TJMax in your area but I found some great things there! It's important to have clothes for Winter and Summer. It gets cold in the Winter and the Summers get hot. I hope this helps!!!

McKayla Scott
McKayla Scott Send Email
Just Called 12 May 2009
Hola! My name is Rachel Hulen. I have just been called to this mission as will report to Provo in August. I am hoping to hear of some suggestions from returned sister missionaries of this mission! It's difficult enough finding shoes and shirts that won't be too hot for the summers down there. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions (I don't live in Utah, so it's even more difficult to find missionary clothing).

I also was wondering about the temple and if I should bring my temple clothing with me.

And what is with this sleeping bag business? Should I be searching for a sleeping bag to keep me warm in the winter, or will it be serving another purpose?

I am very excited to serve a mission and get to work! Even though I will not leave my home for 3 months, I have to plan ahead in order to get everything together in time.

Muchas Gracias!!

(Renee is my mother. I'm hoping to convince her to use this website in the future. It will ease her nerves to see what wonderful work is going on!)
Rachel Hulen Send Email
Busco a la familia de Marcelo Villalba 23 Aug 2008
Queridos amigos de la misión: me gustaría saber si alguno de ustedes conoce la dirección actual de la Familia Marcelo Villalba. Ellos vivían dentro de los límites de LaFerrere 2 cuando se bautizaron, pero después se mudaron y perdí el contacto. Probablemente están por Rafael Castillo, I. Casanova, o alrededores. Muchas Gracias!
Roberto M. Gerry Send Email
Stuff to take/not take 19 Aug 2008
I would definitely take a good and sturdy umbrella.

I would not take an expensive watch. If you wear it, you'll probably get robbed.
Brian Lee Francom Send Email
New 19 Aug 2008
Hey will be going soon to the MTC, are there any specific things that any return missionaries would bring or not bring to the mission field? thanks
Quentin Kyle Brown Send Email

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