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Making Telephone Calls to Argentina

Missionaries are generally allowed to call home twice per year, once for Mother's Day and once for Christmas, depending on the Mission President. It can be frustrating calling internationally, especially with the anticipation of talking to your missionary. While we don't anticipate you will experience any problems, it's always good to have a back-up plan in case you can't get through to Buenos Aires. This is particularly true at Christmas time when the whole world is celebrating the holiday. However, not all countries celebrate Mother's Day in May. In Argentina it's actually in October, even though the American missionaries call home in May for our Mother's day. So if you experience problems this time, next time may be better.

Here we provide a few hints, in hopes of making your Phone Calls more enjoyable.

What's the time difference in Argentina?

You can use World Time Server to see the current time in Argentina, or any place else in the world. Then you can calculate the time difference yourself.

International, direct dialing to Buenos Aires Argentina

Rates vary by telephone company. Check with your long distance carrier for international rates. Often by subscribing to their international calling plan, it can result in substantial savings. An example: when I call Argentina I pay $0.19/minute instead of over $5.00/minute.

Direct Dial: 011-54-City Code-Local Telephone Number.
Operator assisted dial: 01-54-City Code-Local Telephone Number

Here are some seleted city codes. More are available through the international operator. If you recognize some of the numbers in the local phone number provided by your missionary as the same as the last digits of the city code, do not duplicate these numbers when dialing. Also remember that not all local telephone numbers are the traditional 7 digits, like U.S. telephone numbers.

Buenos Aires, the capital and surrounding areas 11
Los Toldos 2358
Carlos Casares 2395
General Lavalle 2252
Las Heras 220
Derqui 2322 (and I believe, Lujan also)
Carilo 2267
Pellegrini 2392
Capilla del Senor 2323
Gonzalez Catan 2202
Canuelas 2226
San Antonio de Giles 2325
Las Flores 2244
Bragado 2342
Chacabuco 2352
Carlos Tejedor 2357
Carmen de Areco 2273
Francisco Alvarez 237
Ayacucho 2296

Collect Calling Information

In Buenos Aires there are two major telephone companies, Telefonica and Telecom. Your missionary can call collect from any phone in Argentina using the major U.S. domestic long distance carriers, often for less than using the Telecom or Telefonica operators. This is important to know, in case you can not direct dial, or in case you get disconnected and can't finish your call. Brief information on each of the providers is listed below. I only have personal experience calling from Argentina with AT&T. (*see note below)
The AT&T Toll Free International operator can be used to place collect telephone calls.
Telecom: 0-800-555-4288
Telefonica Argentina: 0-800-222-1288

Sprint's website gave the following information for the Sprint FONCARD toll-free international operator. They did not make mention of collect calls, although I imagine they offer the same services as the other carriers.

Telecom: 0800-555-1003
Telefonica Argentina: 0-800-222-1003

*The LDS Mission Network does not endorse, nor post advertisements for any specific company or service. The webmaster of the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission Alumni Site has chosen to list information gathered as a service only. We do not endorse one carrier over another, and urge you to investigate other carrier's services as well. The information here is not intended to be all inclusive, nor up to date.


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