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This site is not actively maintained. We have created a Facebook account that is a better way to keep in touch these days

Welcome Brazil Maceio/Recife South Missionaries!!

We are glad you've all found this site and hope you can use it to keep in touch with some old mission buddies and relive your mission experiences.

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What's New?

05 Feb 2021   *Alumni: John Howlett
21 Apr 2020   *Alumni: Greg Dunn
25 Jul 2015   *Alumni: Thad Larson
31 Mar 2014   Alumni: Luciano Ribeiro
03 Oct 2013   Current: Kiersten Brody Gross
03 Oct 2013   *Alumni: Nathan P Sims
22 Aug 2013   *Alumni: Wayne Robert Hanson
20 Aug 2013   Current: Zachary Woodworth
17 Jul 2013   Current: Derek Johnson
24 Jun 2013   Alumni: Jamey Mora
22 Jun 2013   *Current: Brianna Nielsen
07 Jun 2013   *Current: Cailey Renee Barker
30 Apr 2013   *Current: Dereck Romero
07 Apr 2013   Current: Daniel Ammon Buffington
18 Mar 2013   Friend: Scott Roper
06 Sep 2012   Alumni: Matt Adams
22 Jul 2012   *Alumni: Scott Haines
08 Jun 2012   *Alumni: Angie Cannon (Liddiard)
21 May 2012   Current: Michael Tarbert
18 Apr 2012   *Alumni: Marcelo Leandro Primon
 * = Updated

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