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The current Mission President is President Roger W. Mack.  Unfortunately the staff of the Brazil Santa Maria Mission site does not currently have any information about the President.  Please check back later for more information as it is provided.


Contact Information

All missionary mail should be addressed directly to the Mission Post Box.  Please verify that all letters and packages contain the correct name of the missionary.  Consult the mission roster to verify your missionary's name.

If you have an urgent need to contact a missionary in the field, please contact the Mission Office and the Elders present will advise you of the next step of action.  If you do not speak Portuguese and decide to call the Mission Office, please request to speak with an English speaking Elder.  If you'd like to try your hand at Portuguese when you call, say: "Boa tarde!  Inglês por favor."

Telephone calls from the United States:

International Access Code +

 Country Code + 

Area Code + 

7-digit Number






Mission Office

Office Staff 
Rua Alberto Pasqualine Nº 121, Sala 401/403  
Centro - Santa Maria - RS - 97015-010  

International Voice Fax

55 55 222-1666 55 222-1666 55 223-9488

Mission Post Box

Caixa Postal 0339  
Centro - Santa Maria - RS - 97001-970  

Mission Home

Avenida Medianeira Nº 1286, Apto. 1001  
Medianeira - Santa Maria - RS - 97060-002  

International Local

55 55 222-9156 55 222-9156

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Roger W. Mack
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