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The Santa Maria Mission covers approximately the interior half of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the most Southern state of Brazil.  Temperatures range from C° -5 to  C° 45 (F° 27 to F° 113).  Although it can be somewhat cold and somewhat hot, neither of the two extremes are unbearable, and with a little bit of planning, the Lords work can continue unhindered. 

The people are referred to as "Gaúchos", a name which sets them apart as natives of the Rio Grande do Sul.  The Gaúchos are rich in history and stories, and are comparable to the old West cowboys.  The Gaúchos are warm and receptive people, open to better things in their lives as they toil daily for their bread (as do we all). 

Lunches are provided by members of the individual wards or branches for the missionaries, and any other meals or snacks are the responsibility of each individual missionary.  The missionaries receive a bi-weekly allowance which they are expected to use frugally and with consideration and care before spending. 

All traveling in the mission is done by bus.  Each missionary is expected to learn to love his companion, his zone, his area, and the people.  It is expected that the Book of Mormon has been read at least once by each missionary before he or she arrives in the field.

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