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President Jerry Wheat

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Served: 1974 - 1977
Associated Alumni
Since Sister Carol Wheat and I arrived in Hong Kong for our three year assignment as Mission President, it has been almost 27 years. Much has happened in my life since that time.

Returning home in August 1977, I immediately picked up where I left off with my insurance profession. Those years were very good to me and my family. Blessings just kept flowing in, and it was very exciting to see our returned missionaries marry, complete their education, and begin their families.

In 1978 we began to build a new home in the Mt. Olympus area of Salt Lake City, just a few blocks from the home where we lived when we were called. We have experienced all of our children married in the Temple. Susan, our oldest child has two children, ages 12 and 4. Carl also has two children, 5 and 3. Darin has four children, ages 12, 19, 5, and 3. Linda, our youngest has two, ages 7 and three. Carl, by the way, is expecting their third child.

Since coming home, and before Sister Wheat’s death, we traveled a great deal in Europe, the Far East, and spent our Summer vacations out on the beaches of California.

I’ve served as Young Men’s President, Stake Mission President, and twice on the Stake High Council. Serving in any capacity is the greatest of blessings.

In 1990, Carol contracted cancer, which we fought for four and a half years. Sister Wheat passed away in March 1994. This was a great loss to me and to our family. I, also, at the same time was found to have prostate cancer. Our Father in Heaven has blessed me, since it has not been ten years, with full recovery.

In March 1995 I married Donnetta DeHaan Jacobson, who had lost her husband just one and a half years before Carol passed away. We have a very good marriage, and I hope that all of you who have not met her yet, will some day be able to have that opportunity. We have also traveled extensively.

In 1996 Donnetta and I were called to assist Church Public Affairs to train and organize the Hong Kong Public Affairs council. Our other assignment was to organize the three day VIP open house for the Hong Kong Temple. We lived on the Island of Hong Kong for one year. Our office was in the Kam Tong Building. We worked hard to motivate the Hong Kong Government people to attend the Temple Open House and get the Mainland Chinese people living in Hong Kong to bring their non-member friends to visit the Temple. Most of my time was spent visiting and inviting all the other church ministers and heads of all religions there in Hong Kong. We had over 450 attend the three day open house. This was a truly a great experience for Donnetta and I. During the off hours, we activated many of our old members that I knew when I was a missionary.

Since returning home, I have worked some as part time in the Insurance business and manage our farm, East of Salt Lake City, near Coalville. Utah. My health is very good at this time and we are blessed with 32 grandchildren at present.

Donnetta and I have been asked by Public Affairs to host VIPs during the 2002 Winter Olympic games, and be on the Church Legacy Committee for the Church, before and after the Olympics.

May our Father in Heaven bless you all and your families, as you serve to build His Kingdom her on earth.

I still know that God lives, Jesus Christ is our living Savior and the Gospel is true!

President Jerry Wheat

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