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Looking for the Turvavilles 07 Mar 2016
Hey! Does anyone have any contact information for Brother and Sister Turvaville who served in Macau between 2002 and 2004? I've lost contact over the years and would love to reconnect. Any information would be appreciated!
Devin Nielsen Send Email
Looking for James Anderson 22 Jun 2014
Hi members.
I am Thai and I got baptized in HK in November 1991. I was introduced to the church by E.James Anderson who served a mission during 1989-1991...something like that. If anyone can reach him please tell him that I wanted to reconnect with him. My email address is
I am currently living in San Diego, CA. Thank you.
I tried to send an email to a mission president but it didn't go through. There was an error and I can't contact the webmaster.

Nikki, Nugoon
Nikki Nugoon Sugarman Send Email
Can't send emails? 10 May 2014
Hey, I've been trying to send emails with the email feature on here but keep getting an error message. Anyone able to get a hole of Logan Stinger the site's webmaster to ask him about this problem???


You can email me back directly at
Todd Bullock Hebdon Send Email
job listing Mgr,Public Affairs Sr. - Hong Kong 08 Oct 2013
I found this job posting, and thought someone might be interested in applying. Sounds like an interesting opportunity working for the church based in Hong Kong.
Benjamin Thomas Adams Send Email
2013 Reunion 05 Feb 2013
Anyone knows when the SFEM Reunion will be held at the Joy Luck Restaurant at Bountiful, UT this year (2013)?
Mary Charlotte Larson Send Email
Passing of Carol Harvey Stewart 22 Jun 2012
I wanted to let you know that Carol Harvey has passed away. She served under President Armstrong. She passed away on April 17, 2011. We just found out. Nancy Gibson Bowen was looking for something and her obituary came up. She died of cancer. That's about all we know. She left a husband and six daughters, she was 49 yrs old.
Ruth Ann Byers Send Email
Looking for Cantonese Learning Materials 20 Mar 2012
I served a mission in Hong Kong in 1964-1966. Upon returning to the USA, I lost my Cantonese language skill because we never got a chance to speak it. I am now close to retirement and have a very strong desire to re-learn Cantonese. I want to write, and read traditional Chinese and speak fluently Cantonese.

Maybe I will have the opportunity to serve again a mission in Hong Kong or some other Cantonese speaking mission.

Is there any one that has the current Cantonese Missionary Training material that I could buy, Or does anyone know where I can get them. Please feel free to contact me via email.
Judd L Humpherys Send Email
Passing of Sister Nora Siu Yuen Koot Jue 07 Nov 2011
Mom would have wanted us to let you know as soon as possible that she suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke this past Tuesday. After our week-long “tug-of-war” with the other side of the veil, she passed away peacefully yesterday morning. Since Mom never knew her own mother in this life and barely knew her earthly father, we are sure that it was a joyous reunion. Although we feel her loss keenly as a family, we are profoundly grateful for the Gospel Plan and for her example of its truthfulness in the legacy of her life.

Funeral services are currently scheduled for next Saturday, November 12th, 11am Pacific, at the Chapel on 4977 San Felipe Road, San Jose, CA 95135. Please share this info with any others who might like to know. The Gospel is true.

With Love and Regards, The Jue Family
PS We’ve been writing her personal history, and if any of you have stories or experiences with (or about) her that you could share, we would greatly appreciate it.
Logan Stinger Send Email
Preparation 14 May 2011
Any suggestions on what would be most beneficial for me to do in the next four months before I leave to the MTC?
Tanner Duane Nield Send Email
Book on Church History in SE Asia 31 Mar 2011
I am writing a book on the history of the church in SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma). I am looking for connections to missionaries (or servicemen) who served in Vietnam in the 1960s or 1970s.

Vietnam was assigned to the China Hong Kong mission for many years. For the last few years it has been assigned to the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission.

If you were such a missionary or can help me contact any of those missionaries or servicemen I would appreciate it if you would contact me via e-mail.
Reed Haslam Send Email
Re: Family History 25 Feb 2011
In addition to contacting the Hong Kong Temple, you might also want to contact Sister Grace Chen, a Chinese family history missionary located at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City. I will send you her e-mail address privately. She is an excellent resource.
Vic Walker Send Email
temple work for Chinese names 25 Feb 2011
Some of the messages have asked about preparing family file cards for Chinese names so that the temple work can be done. The Family History Center located in the basement of the Hong Kong Temple can be of assistance. They assist with many Chinese genealogies in extracting the names using Chinese characters (several different romanizations can be applied, e.g. Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokka, etc. You can obtain more information by Calling Bro. Lee or Bro. Choi in the Hong Kong Temple Recorder's office: 852 2339 8100
William R. Heaton Send Email
Hong Kong packing list 15 Feb 2011
Does anyone know of a current packing list for missionaries going to Hong Kong online anywhere?
Diondra Elizabeth Darcey Send Email
Family history 11 Feb 2011
Hello I am originally from Hong Kong and I have family history to do but don't know where to start. I live in England where info is limited. I have 10 generations of temple work to get done of records of the male line from my dad's side only. How do I get this completed?

1.If I do it here I need romanisation. Where do I get records from to find their wives and sisters? Is there someone in Hong Kong who I can send it to to do?

2. Where can I get records from to find their wives and sisters?

All and any help will be useful, thanks.
P Lee Send Email
Branch in Hainan? 24 Jan 2011
Is there a branch of the church in Hainan? I will be there teaching English for the next five months. I've asked my bishop and a few other people if they know and I haven't been able to find anything. It's also not published on the churches website. Can anyone help?
Samantha Wise Send Email
Teaching jobs in China 11 Sep 2010
English teaching jobs in China from my good friend Tony Tao who is a former Beijing Olympic consultant, a native of Nanjing China educated in Hong Kong and graduated from BYU-Hawaii.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send your resume and scanned certificates and he will match your background with the right job and/or business opportunities in China. Due to China's rapid development in education, you may come to China starting with a basic job, but could end up with a lucrative business venture here if you are entrepreneurial.

Job: Preschool Instructor, Shanghai China (10 openings, URGENT)
Employer: Gymboree China (; Gymboree China has hired BYU graduates in the past and found them highly effective.
Work Location: Shanghai, China
Starting Salary: RMB 12,000 per month (Equivalent of USD 3,300 per month calculated according to cost of living). Note: Job promotion is very likely or opportunity to engage in educational business ventures for those who are entrepreneurial due to China's rapid development in education.
Contract: One year
Work Hours: 40 hours/week
Other Benefits: China work visa, health insurance, airfare reimbursement
Requirement: Native speakers of English (Caucasians); Outgoing, enthusiastic & enjoy working with children; B.A./B.S. preferably in child education, early childhood development, TESOL, etc. The elites with high school diploma can also be considered. Knowledge of Chinese is NOT required.

About Gymboree:
Gymboree ( founded in 1976 in the USA, is the global leader in early childhood development program. Based on its 32 years of research and experiment in the field, Gymboree helped families in 40 countries and regions to learn and enjoy early childhood development through music, art and play. Everyday, over 300,000 families participate in early childhood development programs offered by Gymboree. More than 700 Gymboree centers covering the Americas, Europe, and Asia offer programs which systematically develop a 0-5-year-old child potentials, guide young parents to study their child growth, and understand the world of infants and children.

Gymboree came to China in 2003 and has established over 150 centers in China today. As one of the fastest growing Gymboree centers in the world, Gymboree China will continue to expand its business in the coming years, planning to establish another 200 centers throughout China. In addition to the Gymboree centers for newborn and toddlers, we have also launched Gymgarten, the kindergarten for kids age 3-6. Currently we have 3 kindergarten and we aim to have another 30 built this year in China.

Job: Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor, Gymboree Kindergarten (1 Opening)

Job: ESL Teacher with various English schools in China (12 Openings, URGENT)

Job: Kindergarten Principal, Singaporean educational group located in Foshan, China (1 Opening, URGENT)

Contact Person/Recruiter:

Tony Tao
Vice President
Eastgate Inc.
Cell: +86 139-8336-3774 (China Mobile)
Skype: TonyTaoChina
Bill Lok Ka Shum Send Email
Lunch in Utah with Sister Choi Wai Lan 22 Aug 2010
Choi Wai Lan and her husband Tim Kwok will be in Utah the next couple of weeks to drop a son off at the MTC and they also have two kids going to school here and in Idaho.

We will hold a lunch with them on Saturday, August 28th at the "Golden Corral" in West Jordan at 12:00 pm. Everyone is invited to come catch up. RSVP isn't required but a heads-up if you think you may come would be greatly appreciated. (My email and phone are listed in my profile here.)

Golden Corrall
8860 S. Redwood Rd. (1700 W.)
A room is reserved in my name.

The Kwok's will be in Ephraim at the beginning of this week and then in Salt lake until around the 6th or so when they'll be in Idaho until they fly home on the 10th. They'd love to see as many old friends as possible while they are here! You can reach them at:

435-851-6306 (cell), or


-Bruce Williams
Bruce Williams Send Email
New to Guangdong 08 Jun 2010
I'm a member of the Church and I'll be consulting with a business in Zhuhai (not far from Macao) and in DongGuang City for at least the next year or so. I will be dividing my time between my home in the US and living in China. Is there a branch in Macao? Are there any expatriates living inland that I could meet with? I do not speak Mandarin yet and until I do I have very limited ability to get around.
Philip Lam Wai Keung needs a kidney transplant 12 May 2010
Elder Lam served in Hong Kong 1978-1980 under Pres. David Chen. He's now in kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant asap. If you know of anyone that would be interested in being a donor or if you can forward this info onto any others, please do so. For more info, contact him or his wife, Eva Chan Man Ying. (She also served in Hong Kong under Pres. Chen, 1978-1980.) Their Utah home phone: 801-942-3975 or cel: 801-631-4334. They'd appreciate your putting their names on the prayer rolls also. Thank you.
Alison Affeltranger Send Email
Sister Bostwick 11 Dec 2009
At this moment, our daughter, Sister Rebecca C. Bostwick, is en route home from her mission in Hong Kong. She had a wonderful mission, served with marvelous companions, served in many areas (concluding with Macau), loved learning Cantonese, met many great members, and, most importantly, loved the people in Hong Kong. The last 18 months have been a great blessing for Sister Bostwick and our family. We thank the mission presidents she served under, all of the wonderful people in the China Hong Kong Mission and our Heavenly Father for her mission experience.
Jeff Bostwick Send Email

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