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Registered Alumni, Current Missionaries, Friends, Members and Family are welcome to post to the news section below.

Please be sure to share any news you hear from the mission field, or other church information related to the mission.

Wedding announcements, births and any other significant life events that you wish to announce are also welcome!

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Alan H. Hess President Keith E. Garner Passes Away 05 May 2013
Alan H. Hess President W. Brent Hardy passes away 26 Mar 2012
Bill Lok Ka Shum new Marriott Reservations and Customer Care Center in Guangzhou, China 25 Jan 2011
Darren Ka-Wai Wong Scott Shimamoto 16 Oct 2009
Michael Parkes Pres. Wan's New Book: Kom Tong Hall 15 Mar 2008
Shon Tamblyn Myspace Group 31 Jan 2008
Jimmy D. Martin Getting married 04 Nov 2007
eleaonor vale montera im getting married 11 Oct 2007
Ann Dee Ellis Author Ann Dee Knight Ellis Releases Book "This is What I Did:" 16 Jul 2007
Chun Wai Marco Lok Farewell, Elder Au 03 Jul 2007
Kit Wing Lui Returned Missionaries Reunion 2007 31 May 2007
Kit Wing Lui Returned Missionaries Reunion 2007 31 May 2007
Shawn "TEX" Lee San Diego 06 Feb 2007
Mike Daniels Sad News for those who served under President Armstrong 18 Jan 2007
Logan Stinger Guestbook Shutoff 26 Dec 2006
Scott Kenji Omae Important to Help Out 27 Jul 2006
Derek Spencer Matsumori MISSION REUNION 2006 16 Jun 2006
Caroline Chung Lawrence Tin passed away 06 Mar 2006
Ashlee Eav Baby 05 Nov 2005
Laura Jeanne Wan Mission Reunion Follow-Up 13 Oct 2005

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