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Elders Munoz and Eltonzetting 04 Oct 2010
We are trying to locate these elders who served in the Broadmoor building in Colorado Springs in 2001 before the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission was formed. These Elders were the missionaries who converted Stephan Cherry. If anyone knows where they might be or how to get in touch with them please email me at or Thank You.
Dana Cherry Send Email
Meyer and West 08 Jul 2009
Does anyone know where Elder Jerry West and Elder Keao Meyer are? They serve in 1990-1992. Both if which were in the Thornton Zone in early 1992.
Brian Kopelowitz Send Email
Elders that Baptized my niece. 22 Jan 2009
Does anyone know if Elder Scott(from England) and Elder Petersen (USA)are still serving in Colorado? They baptized my niece in Grand Junction. My family would like to get in touch with them.
annie spear Send Email
More lost friends! 09 Oct 2008
Anyone know where to find Adam Hoyt? he also served in Pueblo with an Elder Bosley. Help if you can...Thanks!
Nathen & Lisa Hepworth Send Email
Help! Lost contact with a few friends! 09 Oct 2008
Anyone remember Elders:
Brian Gardner from Idaho
Sean Hossman or Housman from Alaska
Elder Johns from Alaska...(but we think he
moved to Ohio)
Please contact us and let us know...
The Hepworth Family
Nathen & Lisa Hepworth Send Email
Where's Sister Harmon been? 05 Apr 2008
I think I know:
Joseph Price Send Email
Brian Young 17 Mar 2007
I'm looking for an Elder Brian Young from Las Vegas who I believed served in this mission from 2000-2002. We were in the MTC together and lost contact. Please send me his contact info if you have it. Much appreciated.
Dan Rock Send Email
Trying to find 08 Jan 2007
Does anybody have any contact info for Sister Milagros Colon? We served together in Aurora under Pres. Fleming.
Christie Carlson Send Email
Looking for Bobby Fields 27 Dec 2006
Does anybody know how to contact Elder Bobby Fields served 1998-2000? All I have is a Utah phone number that is 3 years old.

Thanks in advance.
Nathan Coffey Send Email
Trying to Contact... 18 Dec 2006
Bobby Lee Fields.

I have an 801 phone number for him in 2003 but that's it. Does anybody have his email address??
Nathan Coffey Send Email
Chris Killinger 20 Nov 2006
any one Know where he is? E-mail Ect.
David Aaron Vanbruggen Send Email
Cory thompson 20 Nov 2006
you were spouse to get back to me when you moved, were are you man.
David Aaron Vanbruggen Send Email
Trying to contact an old companion. 11 Oct 2006
Anyone know how to get a hold of Elder Gevondyan (spelling??)? He was my comp. way back in 1994 in Colorado Springs.
Let me know.
Andrew Lee Send Email
Sister Lehr 22 Nov 2004
Does anyone have Sister Jeana Lehr's address up in Canada? Thanks!
Amy K. Purves Send Email
looking for some peeps 08 Oct 2004
hey yal! i'm looking for some peeps! elder stratton, nettles, and fenau, hook me up fo shizzle! thanks!!
Beau Tyrone Yancey Send Email
Clay Boy 12 Jul 2004
Hey, anybody got a phone number or email address for Clay Geilmann????? I lost his number.
Scott Thomas Smith Send Email
Fordham 04 Jun 2004
Anyone know how to get ahold of Elder Paul Fordham from Bakersfield?
Edward Kyle Hayden Send Email
Costa search 12 May 2004
Does anyone have contact info for Elder Costa (2000-02) from Brazil?
Russell D Payne Send Email
Elder Gifford 12 Mar 2004
Hello All!!! I am trying to get a hold of Elder Benjamin Gifford served in the denver south mission 2000-2002 any info phone e-mail or address would be great! thank you
e-mail me at

-Steve Thiriot
Steven Joseph Thiriot Send Email
Looking... 28 Feb 2004
Does anyone know Bord Lacey's contact info? How 'bout David VanBruggen?
Cory Thompson Send Email
Looking for... 23 Feb 2004
Hey, if anyone knows how to contact Boyd Lacey (served 1995-1997) or David VanBruggen (served 1996-1998) I would love to have their contact information.
Cory Thompson Send Email
Sister Z 05 Feb 2004
Does any one know where Sister Zarate, also known as Sister Z is?
Amy K. Purves Send Email
Looking for Elder Jeremy May 25 Nov 2003
Does anybody have any contact info. for Jeremy May (the one from Utah)? I know he was living in Pueblo for a while but have lost touch. Please let me know.
Paul D. Pratt Send Email
Looking for info 08 Nov 2003
I'm looking for an email address, home address for Elder Fort. If anyone knows any of this information please email me.
Robin M Williams Send Email
K.C. Nance 19 Oct 2003
Does anyone have contact with K.C. Nance? Or know where he is or how to contact him? If so - please contact me - thanks - Bill
Bill Fronce Send Email
Elder tyson beck 12 Jul 2003
I here Tyson beck is home. Can someone give me an email address to contact him or phone #,or Address. that would be wonderful

Robin M Williams Send Email
Rick Williams 06 Jul 2003
Where is the legendary Rick Williams? The WML with the Card File. All you Elders who know what I'm talking about please forward me Rick's info if you know it.

Nathan Muirhead
Nathan Muirhead Send Email
any info would be great 23 Apr 2003
Does anyone know Sister Jeana Lehr's (Alcorn)parents address in Cardston? I have somehow lost it. Thanks.
Amy K. Purves Send Email
Anybody know? 26 Feb 2003
Does anyone know how I could get in contact with Paul Pratt? Let me know if you do! Thanks!
Matthew L. Olsen Send Email
Looking for Keetch 14 Jan 2003
Does anyone know where Elder Jared Keetch from Idaho is hiding? I'm looking for him. If you know where he is, send me an e-mail please.
Burns Hill Send Email
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