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Temple 18 Apr 2011
Flights are around $700. I am very interested in going. Should know by next month if it is going to work out.
Ryan Richey Mandar Mensaje
Temple 13 Apr 2011
I am thinking of going to the dedication also. Anyone been back recently? Wondering what airfare and hotel prices are like.
Paul Riley Coon Mandar Mensaje
Temple 08 Apr 2011
I would like to go to the temple dedication. Has anyone been back as to visit. I'm wondering about car rentals, safety, etc.
Travis Brannon Bartschi Mandar Mensaje
Moncagua 02 Oct 2009
I served in Moncagua zona San Miguel in 1998. Would love to hear from anybody that served there after me to know how the members are doing.
Pictures would be great.
Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen Mandar Mensaje
Que alegria que anunciaron la construccion del Templo El Salvador se que eso es una gran bendicion para todo el Pueblo Salvadoreño espero ver a la mayoria de lso compañeros de mision ahi cuando sea la dedicacion falta mucho tiempo asi que debemos de ir a El SAlvador asi ya tenemos la escusa perfecta para ir a visitar de nuevo ese magnifico pais y recordar las aventuras vividas
Jimmy Diaz Lopez Mandar Mensaje
Temple Dedication Trip? 31 Dec 2007
I was wondering if anyone was planning on going to the Temple Dedication when it is dedicated?
Jeffrey Alan Redmond Mandar Mensaje
GREETINGS To The EXMISIONEROS FROM 1995 To 1997 30 Jan 2007
Estimados Amigos de la misión

Espero que todos esten bien, he tratado de comunicarme con algunos de los conocí por allá de Nov de 1995 a Mayo de 1997.
Alguien sabe algo de Jendalyn Mabey? por favor díganle que necesito que me escriba, ella fue mi compa en Soyapango.

Les amo mucho ya han pasado 10 años y todavía les llevo en mi corazón.



Leana Pérez

Dear Amigos of the mission I hope that all esten well, I have dealed with to communicate to me with some of I knew them by there Nov 1995 May 1997. Somebody knows something of Jendalyn Mabey? please díganle that I need that it writes to me, she was my compa in Soyapango. Them master much already has spent 10 years and still I take to them in my heart. Escríban

excuse I am not so good in English

Leana Perez
Leana Carolina Perez Mandar Mensaje
BUSCANDO A MIS AMIGOS AÑO 1997-1999 02 Nov 2006
Raul Estuardo Ureta Alvarez Mandar Mensaje
Looking for friends/companions of Elder Marroquin 19 Oct 2006
I was living in Guatemala and met a returned missionary who served in the San Salvador East Mission when President Nelson was serving. His name is Luis Antonio Marroquin Arias. We started dating while I was down there are we are now engaged to be married. He will be coming to the United States in a few months and we will be getting married in the Salt Lake area.

I know that he would be over-joyed and thrilled to have some of his mission companions and friends attend. He speaks very highly of all of you. I know that his mission is one of the things that changed his life. If you were his companions or a friend who would be interested in attending the reception and/or sealing, please contact me.

I am especially looking for the contact information for an Elder Nathan Bird and an Elder Gregory Ernfield since those are two names that I remember him mentioning. If anyone has information for contacting either one of them, please let me know. I would appreciate it and I know that he would be grateful as well.
Abrial Kathryn-Anne Hunter Mandar Mensaje
Emfield 17 Aug 2006
Does anyone know how to get in contact with good ol' Emfield (Greg from Idaho)?
Brett D. Aland Mandar Mensaje
Derrick Grayson 13 Jul 2006
Hi, I am the sister of Elder Derrick Grayson who was recently killed in a car accident. I would like to have people e-mail me their feelings about Elder Grayson or any crazy experiences they have had with him. He truly loved being a missionary, and he loved serving in El Salvador. I know that he was grateful for all of you who were so loyal to him. Thankyou for your faithful service to the Lord.
Anna Grayson Mandar Mensaje
Hola; Es una gran oportunidad saber que cada uno de uds. estan bien y que siempre se esfuerzan por aplicar lo que enseñaron el la mision, estoy 100% seguro que fue uno de los mejores momentos y expriencias que tuvimos. Me gustaria saber de cada uno de ustedes, asi como los misioneros que compartimos grandes logros en el tiempo misional, y asi mismo a las hermas que estuvieron en mi sistrito y en la zona, en la cual estuve al pendiente, por el amor que desarrolle por uds.
Rafael Estuardo Tay Yancor Mandar Mensaje
mama raquel 25 Nov 2005
pls, if someone knows the telephone for hermana Raquel (the best cooker ever)in area central,in zone san miguel. i need the number pls than you...
angelo roy carvajal Mandar Mensaje
President Cardon Reunion Notice! 25 Sep 2005
Hi Everyone,

This is a friendly reminder of our fantastic mission reunion that we will be having this coming friday (09/30/05) at 6:00 PM at the Cardon's Residency.

Cardon's Home
987 W. 2200 North
Pleasant Grove, UT, 84062
United States

Activities: Buffet dinner...bring your family. Please RSVP

Contact 1: Jackie Cardon
801 785 0141

Contact 2: Marlon Sofoifa
801 298 5022

Here are the directions:

1: Take the 5TH EAST exit- EXIT 279- toward AMERICAN FORK / PLEASANT GROVE
2: Turn LEFT onto S 500 E / UT-180
3: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto E STATE RD / US-89
4: Turn LEFT onto N 1300 W.
5: Turn RIGHT onto W 1800 N / W 1300 N.
6: Turn LEFT onto N 900 W.
7: Turn LEFT onto W 2200 N.
8: End at 987 W 2200 N
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062-9239, US
Marlon E. Sofoifa Mandar Mensaje
reminder 31 Aug 2005
Here is a friendly reminder:

"We have great news! President and Sister Cardon are back from their third mission and they would love to have a mission reunion on 09/30/05 at 6:00 PM (Friday before conference) at their home in Pleasant Grove, UT. Please bring your spouse, children and friends." See 'reunions' section in this website

Sister Cardon's Phone 801-785-0141
Marlon E. Sofoifa Mandar Mensaje
las canas 29 Aug 2005
Has anybody served in Zona Ilopango, Las Canas? I have lost contact with a couple friends there and would love to know how they are doing. Does anybody know how Moroni, Alvaro, Karla, Evelynn are doing. Any information would be great. Thanks.
Eric Hansen Mandar Mensaje
Moncagua 12 Aug 2005
Has anybody served in Moncagua? Is there a Chapel there yet or are they still meeting in a house? Would like to know about a couple families. I served there in 1998.
Eric Hansen Mandar Mensaje
Hey, I'm going there! 14 May 2005
Hi everyone! I'm going to the Guatemala City's MTC on 7th July, and then I'll go to the El Salvador San Salvador East Mission, so soon I'll be joining you all, just search for an Elder Alvarado, and you'll get me.. See you then.
Juanjosé Alvarado Mandar Mensaje
find this guy 23 Feb 2005
hey tracted into a Noe Vasques that grew up in the town Los Morales in the state of Chalatenango in El Salvador-he wanted to know if we could somehow get ahold of a guy in that town that has his own church by the name of El Amigos-wanted to know if we could get a bible and a Book of Mormon to him-i told him we would do what we could-the guys name is Alonso Flores-he didnt have an address or a phone so do the best you can
Chance Hobbs Mandar Mensaje
saludos 15 Oct 2004
Quiero saludar a todos por estar siempre fiemes queiro que sepan que yo estoy muy bien y que siempre me acuerdo de los buenos momentos que pase en la mision al lado de algunos de ustedes quiero decirles que fue mi mejor tiempo hasta el momento . Se que al iglesia es verdadera y que el libro de mormon tambien lo es se que si seguimos adelante con firmeza en cristo podremos llegar a la presencia de nuestro Padre Celestial algun dia . Sigan adelante se qu epodemos todos saludos a todos y los que no se han registrado y los ven por ahi me los saludan tambien . cuidesen

su amigo
Elder Diaz Lopez (el tico )
Jimmy Diaz Loepz
Jimmy Diaz Lopez Mandar Mensaje
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"You are a great army of returned missionaries. Go forward with new zeal and determination, and through your example shine the light of the gospel in this troubled world. This is the Lord’s work in which we are engaged. God lives. Jesus is the Christ. We belong to His Church. This is my witness to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
- Elder L. Tom Perry
Ensign, Nov. 2001
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