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Roylance Reunion - Oct 3, 2014 30 Apr 2014
Please reserve the date and plan on attending!

Ron Perry is organizing and making arrangements.

I'll post details in the Reunion section as they are finalized.
Scott A. Walker Send Email
Reconnecting 07 Apr 2013
I was speaking to my daughters about serving missions and began to ponder on where those I served with between '86-88 in Hamburg, Flensberg, Berlin, Hannover and Neumunster had arrived. I would like to hear from anyone from those areas. Also, if there is any information on the Jeromin family from Hamburg.
Kenneth Dalebout Send Email
Dieter Stoffers 06 Nov 2011
ANY missionary who served in the Itzehoe area should know Dieter...he was invaluable as a member missionary in the area. I've lost track of him..wondering if anyone knows what happened to him and / or has his contact information. Vielen Dank fur ihre Helfe!!
Jeff Pryor Send Email
Looking for Antje and Sybille Raun 16 Oct 2011
I have been trying to locate twin sisters Antje and Sybille Raun who were living in Wedel in 1979 and were baptised by my companion, Elder David Gilmore and me. If anyone knows how to contact either of them, I would love to know.
Steven Charles Baker Send Email
Elder Christopher M. Southwick 01 Jun 2011
Please know that Chris Southwick (who also happens to have married one of my first cousins, Jill Belnap) passed away suddenly on May 26, 2011 in St. George, UT. Please let me know if you wish to make contact with his family.
Brent J. Belnap Send Email
Change to Hamburg Mission 26 Apr 2010
Hello Everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that the Church is making a change to the Hamburg Mission. It seems this comming July 2010 the Berlin Mission will become part of the Hamburg Mission. Also, the Mission headquarters will move to Berlin. I am guessing this means Mission Home as well as Mission Office. Read it at:
Brad Grammer Send Email
Raimund Bartling 03 Apr 2010
I'm looking for anyone who might know the current whereabouts of Raimund Bartling. Elder Dave Christensen and I taught and baptized him in Hannover in 1963. In fact, if anybody knows what happened to Dave Christensen, from Chicago, that would be great, too!
Ronald Barker Send Email
Searching for Elders 1987 Bremen 26 Jan 2010
I was living in Osterholz-Sharmbeck outside of Bremen and was baptized in Bremen in April of 1987 I am looking for the Elders who taught me the Gospel. The gentleman who baptized me wa Craig Larsen who was a civil service worker on the Lucias D. Clay Kaserne Army Base. I attended the branch in Bremerhaven. I have no idea what mission these two Elders were in or there last names....can anyone help? My name at the time..Marcia Lee Ruiz and I lived in the officers housing. It's a long shot but maybe someone might know something! Oh they both were blond :)
Marcia Lee Garris Ellisor Send Email
Elders Lacey and Hugie 07 Apr 2009
Brother and Sister Werner and Heike Bast of Quickborn are seeking to make contact with Elder Allan Lacey and his companion Elder Hugie who converted them back in 1966. The Bast Family has done wonderful things in the church since their conversion and they want to share their experiences and express their gratitude to the two Elders who introduced them to the Gospel. Anyone who knows of these two elders, please contact me...Danke
Eron Harold Grisham Send Email
Gisela Plump 07 Apr 2009
About a year ago, Elder John Cawley was seeking the whereabouts of one Gisela Plump, formerly of the Bremen gemeinde. She was a member there in 1964 when I arrived in Germany. She had a close personal friend Cindy Buie who is seeking to reunite with Gisela. If there is anyone in Bremen who can solicit the information we are seeking and share it with us, it would be immensely appreciated. Danke sehr.......
Eron Harold Grisham Send Email
Re: Hamburg Tie 04 Mar 2009
Okay, so my wife says she is sure my Hamburg tie cost only 28 euro. Anyway, if you want an idea of what you are looking for, I am wearing it in my profile picture. It is for sure one of my favorite ties.
Brad Grammer Send Email
thanks 19 Dec 2008
A big thank you to the individual who notified Nathan Anderson that I was wanting to get in touch. We spoke on the phone for the first time in 27 years. how time goes by so fast. Thanks again.
Tad J. Haney Send Email
Re: Hamburg tie (and other ties) 24 Aug 2008
I recently (Aug 2008) went to Hamburg and searched all over for the blue tie w/ Hamburg logo. I had no Luck. I did find the new version which is red and blue with small white pinstripes, all of which run diagonal accross the tie. There is a very subtile, modern-looking Hamburg logo. The tie is real silk and cost 40 euro (ouch!!!). You can find it at the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof Information desk located on ground level NW corner of the Station. There is also a nice silk Bremen tie that has the Stadtmusikanten at the Bremen HBF Information desk for 18 euro. Berlin had no tie at their Info desk, but I found some cheap knock-off ties at the Europa Center in a tourist shop bottom level north side of the bldg. for 9 euro. They were just cheap ties with an embroidered Berlin bear or Berlin logo.
Brad Grammer Send Email
companions 11 Apr 2008
Looking for Marcus Hirschi served in 1979-81

Nathan Anderson served in Goettingen in Jan. 81

Scott Sommerfeldt
Paul Carter
craig Vielstich

Looking for information on Sister Gisela Schmiade, Hamburg Wartenau stake baptised 6-30-79

Looking for info on the Rakow Family in Neukolln he was bishop in 1980 Thanks
Tad J. Haney Send Email
Help 09 Apr 2008
Looking for Nathan Anderson who served in Goettingen in late 1980 early 1981.

Looking for information on Giesela Schmiada who was baptized in 1979 by Paul Carter in Hamburg, altona gemeinda.

Looking for Marcus Hirschi a companion that I served with in Bremen-Nord in 1979
Tad J. Haney Send Email
companions 09 Apr 2008
Looking for Marcus Hirschi who was from Ogden, Utah. Served in 1979 in Bremen-Nord together.

Also looking for Nathan Anderson. Served in the same district in Goettingen in December of 1980 and January of 1981

Looking for info. on a sister member in the Altona Gemeinda named Giesela Schmiada who was baptized in 1979 by Paul Carter.
Tad J. Haney Send Email
Gisela Plump 03 Mar 2008
Gisela Plump resided in Bremen in 1964-1967 and had a dear American friend, Cindy Buie. I have recently established contact w/Cindy and would love to reunite her with Gisela. Rumor has it she married an American and moved to USA---Idaho? Sabina Peters was also in Bremen about that time. Can anyone remember Edith Jusen from Wolfsburg? She was bapatized about August, 1966.
John E Cawley Send Email
looking for information 02 Feb 2008
I have been running a youth exchange with 15 students for 6 years now between a village called Hoenhalmn and Ogden Utah. I have had several adults ask about an adult exchange. I have 7 couples possibly 8 from the Northern Utah area that would love to come and stay with a German couple, and have the German couple come to Utah if they would like. This would be about a 7-9 day stay. If any one can help me get in touch with someone that would be willing to help me in this, I would be very grateful
Susan Dalpias Send Email
Familie Imbeck 27 Jan 2008
I'm sorry to post the same question again, but I somehow lost the contact info. I'm looking for an email address for Familie Imbeck. They live near Reinbeck. Any info would be appreciated. You can email it to me at

John Paul Turner Send Email
Missing Elders 24 Oct 2007
I am looking for the following Elders that I served with in the Hamburg mission 1985-1987;
Elder Poulsen (Geesthact)
Elder Barton (Hamburg Office)
Elder Bienek (Hamburg Office)
Elder Schroeder (Berlin) Dad works for Church in SLC?
Elder Timothy
Elder Sadler
Elder Kip Sheppard
Myles Aaron Reck Send Email
Bryson/Schwendiman October Reunion 22 Jul 2007
Brothers and Sisters,

Plans are in the works for an October Mission Reunion for Bryson/Schwendiman. It will be the Friday before conference. Last years reunion was great! Plan on attending and letting your Mitarbeiters and others know.

Brother Clark to join this site.
Lane Olsen Clark Send Email
Neumuenster question 07 May 2007
Did you get my forward of information that you requested? I realize it wasn't the most uplifting information, but at least you can know what happened.
Steven F Nielsen Send Email
Dieter Berndt 01 May 2007
Does anyone in the Neumuenster area know anything about the recent (April 6, 2007) death of Wolf-Dieter Berndt? Our family recently got news of his passing, but have no information other than the date. Any information about the family would be appreciated. We have not been in strong contact in ages.
Jonathan Peter Berndt Send Email
Looking to hire 12 Dec 2006
Hi folks, I'm not sure if this is allowed or not in this venue, but it seems like a pretty good place to find some really good people. So I'm hoping that this makes it through the filter.

I'm looking to hire two Inside Sales Managers and eight Inside Sales professionals for the company that I work for. These positions report up through me. If you know anyone that might be interested, please have them call me on my cell phone at 602-692-3818. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area, which is the same place these positions are located.

Vielen dank,

Ian Gilyeat Send Email
German hymnbook 19 Aug 2006
The German hymnbook was re-done several years ago and many of the songs were re-translated, with some significant differences between the old and new. Both versions are correct, depending on whether you're looking for the newer version, "Ich bin ein Kind von Gott" or the older version, "Ich bin ein Kind des Herrn."

I'm not sure why they changed some of the songs, though some (such as this one) were obviously changed to make them more readily doctrinally accurate. I noticed several times that those who grew up with the old German hymnbook stilll sing the old lyrics without realizing that the other people in the congregation are singing the newer lyrics.
Kenneth Cottrell Send Email
I am a child of God 17 Aug 2006
the words for this song are actually as follows:
1. verse
Ich bin ein Kind des Herrn,
der mich zur Welt geschickt
und dort mit einem irdschen Heim
und Eltern mich beglückt.


Führ mich, leit mich und begleit mich
durch die Prüfungszeit.
Lehr mich alles, was ich brauch'
zur ewgen Seligkeit.

2. verse
Ich bin ein Kind des Herrn
und hab' ein hohes Ziel,
bevor verronnen ist die Zeit,
muss ich noch lernen viel.

3. verse
Ich bin ein Kind des Herrn.
Viel Segen wartet mein.
Wenn ich nur immer folgsam bin,
geh' ich zum Himmel ein.

Sorry it doesn't help for your event but I just couldn't read the other version again without cringing. I was late finding your message the first time due to unexplained gremlins in the network at home.
Steven Childs Send Email
Geschwister Imbeck 04 Aug 2006
I am just curious if anyone has contact information for Familie Imbeck. I served in Reinbek in 1993 and got to know them very well. I'm not sure if they still live there or if they have moved. I would love any information anyone has about them.

John Paul Turner Send Email
Ich bin ein Kind von Gott 28 Apr 2006
The words you are looking for are:
Ich bin ein Kind von Gott. der mich zur Welt geschickt
und hier mit einem irdschen Heim und Eltern mich beglückt;
Führet, leitet und begleitet, daß den Weg ich find;
lehrt mich, alles das zu tun, was mich zu ihm einst bringt.
Ich bin ein Kind von Gott und hab ein hohes Ziel,
O helft mir doch, in dieser Zeit von ihm zu lernen viel.
Führet, leitet und begleitet, daß den Weg ich find;
lehrt mich, alles das zu tun, was mich zu ihm einst bringt.
Ich bin ein Kind von Gott, viel Segen wartet mein;
denn wenn ich Gottes Willen tu, werd ich einst bei ihm sein.
Führet, leitet und begleitet, daß den Weg ich find;
lehrt mich, alles das zu tun, was mich zu ihm einst bringt.
David Felt Send Email
Bitte helfen! 27 Apr 2006
Greetings to all! Can someone (anyone, please!) email the german words to I Am A Child of God? Or tell me where to find them online? I have to teach it Saturday at youth conference and realise I don't remember the translation (if I ever sang it). Feeble, I know, but I thought it would be simple to find online. Thanks, any help much appreciated!
Roger Bent Send Email
Looking for Elders Snow and Love 11 Apr 2006
Does anyone have information on Elder Rick Snow of Portland, OR or Corey Love of SLC. I served with Elder Snow in Heide in 1988 and with Elder Love in Berlin-Nord in 1989? Please contact me if you know of their where-abouts.
Vielen Dank!
Gordon Scott Seeger Send Email
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