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I forgot my User Name and/or Password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten or lost your username and/or password:

  1. Find your profile from the Alumni List.
  2. Click the "Edit Profile" link that appears either above or below your profile.
  3. On the login page that appears, click the "Request Password" link next to the login button.
  4. You will then be prompted to verify that you do indeed want your password sent. Click the "yes" button and your username and password will be sent to you.

If you have changed your email address and can no longer receive emails at the address listed in your profile, you will then need to contact the webmaster and request that your email address be updated.

I am looking for a former companion as well as a few people I baptized during my mission. My companion is not listed in the database, how could I get in contact with these people?

The Church has a "Membership Contact" service through the Member and Statistical Records Division. To find out more about this service, go to Mission.net's "Member Locator" information page

Where is this site hosted?

This site is hosted from Provo, Utah. Consequently, we are not in direct contact with the mission office, or anyone else in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We do not know the current status of missionaries, members, or other persons in that region and will therefore not be able to answer any questions concerning said persons.

Who finances this site and keeps it running?

The site is hosted for free by the LDS Mission Network on their Mission.net server. The LDS Mission Network is a non-profit organization that was created in 1996, and is registered in the State of Wyoming. If you would like to help defer the cost of this service, please make a donation to the LDS Mission Network. The webmaster does not directly accept donations, but information regarding donations can be found on the LDSMN donations page.

Who is the site administrator?

The current site administrator is Phillip J. Ludlow. He has served as a volunteer webmaster and designer since 2001.


My company is looking for Spanish speaking individuals who are familiar with customs in Central American countries. Will you pass along information to your alumni concerning these positions?

The policy of Mission.net requires that any messages or publications on (or coming from) our site be void of solicitations not affiliated with Mission.net. This includes but is not limited to: advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc. Companies and alumni selling products or services (LDS oriented or not) will not receive special treatment with regard to this policy and should not inquire about the possibility of a variance. Any messages/postings that do not meet these requirements or are found to be in conflict with this policy will be altered or rejected at the discretion of the site's administrator.

I am a researcher doing a study on cultural differences in Spanish speaking countries. I am looking for participants who have spent a considerable time in Honduras to help in this endeavor. Could you please relay this information to members of your site who might be interested?

From time to time, Mission.net administrators receive requests from academic, anthropological, or theological researchers to send emails to alumni on their behalf in an effort to recruit participants for their studies. Because of the specific nature and objective of sites affiliated with Mission.net/LDSMission.net, we cannot publish communications to alumni or to the web site soliciting participants for surveys or studies.

A suggestion which may prove more productive than attempting to contact returned LDS missionaries through websites such as ours is that researchers contact the Missionary Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Missionary Department
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
50 E. North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

A significant number of LDS missionaries attend college after completing their missionary service, many of which will associate with the LDS Institute of Religion at their respective college or university campus. It may prove beneficial to you to contact the Church Educational System, which administers these Institutes.

Church Educational System
2370 S. Constitution Blvd.
West Valley City, UT 84119

Another approach you might take is to contact the language departments, newspapers, or other points of contact at the various colleges and universities that have a significant number of LDS students. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

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