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The purpose of this section is to list any church news relating to the mission or to announce important information you have heard from the mission field. You are also welcome to post wedding announcements, births, deaths or any other significant life events that you wish the majority of the alumni to be aware of.

If you are trying to relay information to only a few individuals or have a mission related question or comment the Messages section would be the appropriate place for you to post your message.

Please remember to keep the content of your posting in harmony with the nature of this site and also with the spirit and mission of the Church. Any postings that do not meet the above requirements will be altered or rejected at the discretion of the site's administrator.

The policy of Mission.net requires that any messages or publications on our site be void of solicitations not affiliated with Mission.net. Companies and alumni selling products or services (LDS oriented or not) will not receive special treatment with regard to this policy. You may view the Site FAQ or Terms of Use for more information regarding this policy.

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Giovanni Roberto Samaniego Honduras-Tegucigalpa Temple Dedication Date Announced 06 Dec 2012
Ryan Owen Reunion with President Shumway 09 Feb 2011
Phillip Ludlow Meetinghouse Maps 01 Aug 2009
Marc Stevens Reunion with President and Sister Oliva in Salt Lake City 25 Nov 2008
Marc Stevens President and Sister Oliva coming to Salt Lake City 18 Sep 2008
Jeremy Christian Holm A rather big day for this alumni 25 Mar 2008
Phillip Ludlow Site Optimizations 19 Oct 2007
Annette Gabriella Hno. Rutilio Carias de La Ceiba 26 Feb 2007
Alane Nicole Benson Hna. Villalobos 26 Aug 2006
Phillip Ludlow Belize Transferred From Mission 26 Jul 2006
Phillip Ludlow Nuevo correo electronico por Pte. Laparra 26 Jul 2006
Phillip Ludlow Website Redesign 22 Jul 2006
Michael Hales Honduras Temple 26 Jun 2006
Dany Leonel Lopez Jeronimo informacion 04 May 2006
Phillip Ludlow Attn: Site Guidelines 29 Mar 2006
Phillip Ludlow HSPS Mission Site Update 27 Jan 2006
Jason Edward Wright Marriage! need addresses 13 Sep 2004
Jace Dargue Birchall MISSION REUNION!!! 09 Sep 2004
Rebecca Kellum El Fallecimiento de Hermana Rebecca Kellum 01 Sep 2004
Rebecca Kellum Rebecca's Obituary 10 May 2004
Rebecca Kellum The Passing of Hermana Rebecca Kellum 10 May 2004
Colby Dennis Zobell Reunion Update 10 Sep 2003
Jacob P. Crockett Party in Columbus 08 Sep 2003
Lance Eric Elsasser Reunion with Pres. Oliva 08 Sep 2003
Colby Dennis Zobell Reunion with Pres. Oliva 04 Sep 2003
Colby Dennis Zobell President Oliva is coming to Salt Lake City. 28 Aug 2003
Phillip Ludlow Quick Notice on Website 20 Jul 2003
Phillip Ludlow More on reunions 02 Apr 2003
Phillip Ludlow Concerning reunions... 01 Apr 2003
Phillip Ludlow Humanitarian Project 31 Jan 2003

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