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Long lost friends 28 Apr 2006
Are there any elders or sisters out there who remember this pathetic Elder Bahrt?
Michael CT Bahrt Send Email
Night before reunion concert 29 Mar 2006
To all those that are in town thursday night (the 30th) and would like to see a fellow Iowa Desmiones Missionary rock out, you are invited to a concert that my band, Early California, will be playing at. The venue is called The Circuit, and it is in Midvale. If you are interested give me a call. I have discount passes.
James Harward
James Vermont Harward Send Email
Elder Hughes 30 Jan 2006
I am looking for Elder Brian D. Hughes, from Seattle, last known location was Ogden, UT. I can't find info on him anywhere. If anyone has any info on his whereabouts please e-mail me at thanks!
Geoffrey Lowell Barber Send Email
info about pres van tassell 09 Aug 2005
hi everyone. i would love to hear from any elders, sisters, or members who were in iowa from 1981 to 1983. also if any one is interested i have located pres. van tassell. he and sister van tassell are doing well.
Stephen Miller Send Email
EMAIL??? 06 May 2005
Who are you allowed to email?
Carol Martin Send Email
engaged 27 Apr 2005
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm getting married this summer. August 26th. His name is Josh. Anyone who served with me if you send me an email with your address I will be happy to send you an invitation. Bye
Leana Jean Gray Send Email
New Wedding date 24 Apr 2005
for all those who Know me from the mission feild. I will be getting married on Sep 3 in the cloumbia River temple. If you knowq me send me a email with your adresse and i will make sure that you recive a invite.
Kevin James Wright Send Email
Missionary questions 20 Apr 2005
For Daniel Kennard~Pres. Driscoll does allow weekly e-mail. Depending on the area, you may have a car, bike or your feet. As for the temple, when I left we couldn't, but I have heard that departing missionaries can go to the Navuoo Temple. Well, I hope this helps you.
Krissy Lundeen Send Email
date change 11 Apr 2005
My fiance and I both decided that July was to early to get married so we decided to move the date to september. I will post a new date when we decide on one.
Kevin James Wright Send Email
wedding 04 Apr 2005
Hey everyone. I just got engaded and will be getting married on July 8th in the Seattle temple.
Kevin James Wright Send Email
Elder Hardin 19 Mar 2005
Hey guys! Well....the wedding is off. So, as for me, life goes on. Its like tracting, you knock one door and they are not interested and so you keep on knocking. Anyways, things are good in Georgia. Basbeball season starts....GO BRAVES!! So....any old comps and Elders want to give a holla, call me at seven seven zero eight eight three four nine two zero
David Lance Hardin Send Email
I need a Ride 05 Mar 2005
hey , i need a ride to the reunion. i can help with gas an all.
Cesar Andres Sanchez Send Email
need a ride to the reunion 04 Mar 2005
I am in need of a ride to the reunion on April 1 if any of you would love some company let me know and I will help pay for gas.
Melanie O'Brien Send Email
life is wonderful 22 Feb 2005
life is great in the Philippines, i've been here more than a year now. i've been made a legal resident of the country, i'm still an american citizen, for those of you that don't know international law. our lives are blessed by the Lord, if anyone has Pres. Rowley's email i really need it. congratulations to Mike Hilton and Jared Wood on their marriages! please send me word back, thanks guys!
Martin A Wilkins Send Email
Hey guys! I just wanted to announce that I will be getting married in the Atlanta Temple this July. Her name is Summer Waldrop. She and I met through singles. She is 24, from South Carolina and is working on her Master's in Speech Pathology. She is great. Contact me so I can send out some invites. Take Care and God Bless.
David Lance Hardin Send Email
Tyler Williams 20 Sep 2004
Elder Williams - have tried contacting you via email and it bounced back. The same thing happened when I tried to email your mom. Phil is getting baptized this Saturday (25th of Sept). Just wanted to say thank you!! Please keep in touch!
Lori Rolfe Send Email
Nate Ostermiller 14 Aug 2004
Just like everyone else on here- I am looking for someone: Nate Ostermiller. Last I know he was in Logan UT...but if you have any info email me at
Robert Maxwell Brems Send Email
looking for Rodney Hardy and Chris Barker 01 Aug 2004
Hay if any one knows the contact info on Rodney Hardy and/or Chris Barker email them to me. They are both from Utah and both were my comps. IT would be great to to get a hold of them. Thanks
Bryan Lee Bekkemellom Send Email
leonhardt/layton 21 Jul 2004
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Wendy Leonhardt (maiden name)...

She served in Waterloo alnog with Candace Layton. If you know of them please email!!

Both are from Utah. I know Candace married shortly after her mission, Wendy last time I talked to her she was still single but that has bee about 4 years ago.

Thank you.....Carmen (Ferree) Anderson
carmen anderson Send Email
President Pehrson's Homecoming 12 Jul 2004
Just to let everyone know that President Pehrson's homecoming is July 18th at 1pm in Driggs, Idaho.
If you have any questions let me know by emailing me at
Melanie O'Brien Send Email
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