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Rowley/Pehrson-ites 22 Sep 2003
Looking through all these messages is kind of depressing. Because there are messages from people from 1988 and not from recent missionaries. I want to hear from people like, Elders Tingey,Fackrell,Greer,Cottrell,Calvin Jensen,Jorgensen,big dawg Iloilo,Overson,Ewell,Delight,Kelley,Gideons,Chuchran,Stubbs, and all my other favorites, you know who you are! E mail me!!!!!! COME ON ROWLEY/PEHRSON-ITES REPRESENT!!!!!!!!
Wayne Mclaws Send Email
Companions 06 Jul 2003
In case any of my old companions or those of you who served in the mission when I was out there read this message, drop me an email at I would love to hear from you.
Paul Moody Send Email
My Sister 12 Apr 2003
If you receive the bulletins you will see that Krissy Lundeen just received her mission call to the missions. This is my baby sister. I am really excited for your to be going to Iowa and maybe some of the places I served. =)
Darcy Cannon Send Email
Elder Jolley 15 Nov 2002
Elder Jolley, Nice of you to drop your name into the mission alumni site and not leave anyone a way to get a hold of you. Drop me an email. Later, Jeremy Andra
Jeremy D Andra Send Email
Return and Report 28 Aug 2002
Alena and I are seetled in our home in Orem. I've taken a position with a firm based in Lehi, and all's awesome
Andrew Walter Johnson Send Email
looking for Gunnar 18 Aug 2002
I'm looking for Elder Eric Gunnarson. I know he is in the Tooele area but can't seem to get any info on him. If anyone else has info it would be appreciated.
Michael G Smith Send Email
lost friends 07 Aug 2002
I am looking for all my good friends who served around the creston/ osceola area. i was the mission leader there and i miss all whom i worked with.

please e - mail me
Where are they now? 13 May 2002
OK a shout out to the Elders of past:
DeMick, Coffee, Johnson, Hutchinson, Humphries, Zirker, and the rest of you boneheads that haven't hooked up with me.....Drop me a line. I want to hook up!
Later Jeremy Andra
Jeremy D Andra Send Email
Elder Humphries 04 May 2002
The wife of Elder David Bishop has been searching for a missionary with the alias of
Elder Kevin Humphries from Simi Valley, CA
that served with him in Ottumwa in 1988.
If anyone knows Kevin's whereabouts please let me know!
Thanks! Julie Bishop
David Errol Bishop Send Email
President Hatch 23 Apr 2002
President Hatch is currently serving as the Temple President at the Los Angeles Temple. My wife and I recently had a nice visit there with he and his wife. He will be there for 3 years. He has served a mission to Spain, and also stayed there for 3 additional years as the Area President. It was a great experience to visit with him. (April 2002)
I'd love to hear from any of my old mission buddies out there!
Ken Bean Send Email
Abraham Pena 17 Mar 2002
Hey does anyone know Elder Abraham Pena's email address or home address? If you do, let me know please. Thanks
Ian M. Winslow Send Email
Missing persons 03 Dec 2001
I am looking for information about Patrick Wheeler, Jake Hall, Dustin Benson, Tyson Ekker, Seth Becker (my trainer), and Byron Preston. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, and how I could get in contact with them, I would appreciate it very much.
Michael CT Bahrt Send Email
President Rowley's Homecoming! 17 Sep 2001
President Rowley's Homecoming was held on July 8th in Orem, UT. There were a lot of Missionaries in attendance. I was grateful to be able to serve around such an amazing Mission President. He really taught me a lot and I feel very blessed to have served in that mission. He did a lot for just the mission itself.
Shauna Braegger Send Email
The Field 08 Sep 2001
I just want to tell all the new people that are going out to Iowa on their missions that I am home and that I hope that your girlfriends dump you so that you will go to Iowa focused on the Lord's people. They are ready for you. The mission is on fire and I have only been home for 4 months. So, While I am home dating I want you to Reap some of the fields that my companions and I have sown.
David Lance Hardin Send Email
wanting to hear from missionaries 12 Jun 2001
I would love to hear from any of the missionaries I knew during my mission under President Manning. 1987-1989.
Jeremy D Andra Send Email
President Rowley's Return 11 Jun 2001
Hey anyone who can get me some information of President Rowley's return home that would be greatly appreciated.


See news!
Lyle Don Affleck Send Email
Where are you guys? 09 Apr 2001
Tony Holden; Syd Beazer; Gerald Keller; Randy Brown; Mark Fishburn; Mike Brown; Sandy Johnson


Give me a note to let me know what you've been up to for the last 23 or 24 years.
Michael Dee Mansfield Send Email
hello companions of mine 21 Mar 2001
Hello companions of mine how are you all doing. I would love to hear from you if you see this message.
Clayton Jay Ingram Send Email
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