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Mark Raymond Clements - Died January 19, 2007 28 Sep 2018
My good friend and former mission companion Mark Raymond Clements passed away on January 19, 2007. Mark served in the GKLM from 1986 to 1987 under president's Ostergar and Gardner. Mark was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma or Bile Duct Cancer in October of 2005 shortly after running the St George Marathon and through the months that ensued waged a courageous battle against this rare and fast moving cancer. If you are interested here is a great blog site that documents those months of mark's battle. The video and life sketch posted here are also great remembrances. I think of Mark every year at this time as October conference and the St George Marathon approach (first weekend of October).
Kim Wilkey Send Email
In Memoriam 26 Aug 2016
Former President Reed Benson passed away in Provo. Here is the link to his Obituary
Lance Nelson Send Email
looking for missionaries 06 Jul 2016
2 missionaries were tracting in Clarksville Indiana back in 1982 or 83 and I excitedly invited them to come teach since I had just found out my ancestors were LDS but they wanted my husband to be there and he was only up in the middle of the night due to his work hours so they got permission to come at 2AM to teach us, all seemed golden then I stopped letting them come and I know they wondered why, their work was not in vain and I was hoping to tell them, since the 2 AM meeting was unique I was hoping someone would remember it
Christy Burbank-Birch Send Email
Wanting to say hello again 13 Mar 2015
i am looking for the 2 Elders who baptized my mom & I they were Tefteller & Menlove 1 of them was waiting on his Visa to go on his mission in a different country but anyways wanted to tell them hi.
lacey hensley Send Email
Timeline 25 May 2014
Hey everyone it's been a long time wanted to hi and so much has happend when I was home I mostly worked a lot and just kept busy I found my wife 5 years ago we have our son and living in Idaho I have found a great job I enjoy doin , I work doin maintence for hvac heating and air condition been working and still pushin forward I have a question does anyone have a copy of the timeline we used from the discussions my brother is getting ready to go on his mission and I know this is a great tool and need to keep the timeline alive leet me know if you have a copy
Greg Purvis Send Email
official Church News from the mission 07 Nov 2010
In case you haven't seen this already from the weekly Church News published every Saturday:

Roger Brown Send Email
Elder Mitch Menlove died July 19th 2010 20 Jul 2010

If you knew Mitch, please leave a message for his family on this obituary page.

Mitch was one of a kind. He served the Lord through hard work and obedience as a missionary. He continued that work at home and was called as a Bishop in Phoenix, AZ while still in his 20's. He was a powerhouse and was respected and admired by his peers.

This is a sad day for us and a glorious day on the other side of the veil. Mitch continues the work he loved so much while living in this preparatory state. God Speed Mitch!
Justin Wade Criddle Send Email
Passing of Elder Claye Robb 29 Nov 2008
I regret to pass on to other alumni who knew Elder Robb. He was my second to last companion and I dearly loved him.

Elder Robb passed away on Nov. 21, 2008. He was hit by a car while out walking.

Just a few facts about Elder Robb. He was a coach for the High School Softball team, recently appointed head coach.

He was currently serving as a Second Counselor in the Glines Stake Presidency. He has 4 daughters and a wife left behind.

In honor to Elder Robb, he was certainly a dedicated missionary, a hard worker. And obvious to his testimony he has certainly blessed the lives of several people. He will be missed!
Gary Penrod Send Email
Looking for... 30 Oct 2008
I am a researcher in Mormon history. I am tracking down a "Mission legend" about the Tennessee Mormon Massacre. I am looking for information on two elders who served in Lewis County Tennesse in 1974 when it was the Kentucky-Tennessee mission. Their names were Elder Roberts (no first name given) and Elder Kyle W Wilson. Both of their names came up while I was researching oral histories of the massacre.
Bruce Crow Send Email
Christian Nielson 25 Aug 2008
As many have heard Elder Christian Nielson and his wife were in a serious plane crash on August 16, 2008 in Arizona. They are currently at the Maricopa Burn Center in stable, but critical condition. Please check out their website for updated information and ways to help out:
Lindsay M. Waters Send Email
That Timmy Tim 04 Jun 2008
As many of you may have heard Timmy Tim is doing pretty well in Tennesee, Much thanks to Tim Gates and his family for taking care of him. He is walking pretty good but still needs some help. If any of you are interesting in helping Timmy Tim please e-mail me at or call 801-465-1069


Matt Stewart
(Stewy Stewart)
Matt Stewart Send Email
TIMMY 09 Sep 2007
Timmy Is doing alot better. He still however is not walking, and is in a wheel chair. He is now eating on his own, and the feeding tube has been permanately removed. His mental state has fully returned. He is the old Timmy that we all remember, but not as happy. Please keep him in your prayers, that he will work hard to be able to walk again. By October Timmy will be living in Nashville with me and my family, as to provide him with a better quality of living. NO MORE NURSING HOMES! I will keep you updated
Tim Gates Send Email
Timmy Tim 29 May 2007
As of today Timmy will be moved to Trinity Health Care, the address is 1053 West 1020 South Provo, Ut. The number is 801-373-2630. You will have to ask for Timmy's room. I just talked to them and he was just getting settled into his room. When I visited him at the Hospital today he was asleep, but apparently he has been talking the nurses ears off. That is hard to believe I know ;). Anyways, I will post more info. when I get it. God Speed Elder AAP Timmy Gathof
Justin John Redfearn Send Email
Timmy Gathof 25 May 2007
Many of you will remember "Timmy Tim" Gathof. I recently found out that Timmy was involved in a serious accident on April 24. He was struck by a car, broke multiple bones, has had multiple surgeries, and has suffered some brain damage. He is currently (as of today, 5/25/07) in Utah Valley Hospital, preparing to be transferred to a nursing home sometime soon.

Timmy is an unforgetable guy. He lived in Louisville Kentucky for years, and was a huge fan and supporter of the missionaries there. He had a "missionary" badge labeled "AAP" (Assistant to the Assistant to the President). He often helped us out in various ways. He frequently called the missionaries in Louisville to wish us good night and would often sing (like "May Tomorrow be a Perfect Day"). Some vintage Timmy lines are: "you're the best!" and "uh, huh, yea!" and "that Johnny Johns" (or whatever your last name happened to be). He is, of course, a huge fan of the Osmonds. For the last several years Timmy has been living and working in Utah.

It turns out that this accident made the news in Utah. Maybe some of you have visited Timmy. I talked to him for a few minutes on the phone. He could say a few words but was unable to sing to me when he tried. It broke my heart.

Timmy would appreciate any letters, pictures, calls, or visits.

For now, you can call Utah Valley Hospital at (801) 357-7850.
Timmy's cell phone number is (801) 347-8122

You can send mail to:
Timmy Gathof
c/o Dani Harding
545 S. 670 E.
Orem, UT 84097

Take care,
Brian Johns
Brian A. Johns Send Email
I believe We are forever missionaries... 21 May 2007
I am grateful that I have served in two missions, Kentucky has thought me to be a strong and faithful valiant missionary, and I become complete as a missionary because of the experiences that I gained there. Nauvoo thought me to be a real missionary, I have understood that it is not a matter of title that I can be a missionary, the name tag is not the missionary work, but the serving with an eye single to the Lords glory is the work. Now that I am no longer using my title as a full time missionary by heart I know who I am. I know that little things that I do are great blessing or wasting, so my agency is a power to use for me to choose whom I wanted to glorify, either my self or the Lord. But I choose to give glory to my Father in Heaven and my Lord Jesus Christ, because I want to receive the happiness that they have, and because I love them. Just like the Pioneer, simple things that they have done in Nauvoo, such as building their houses and the temple, even the whole city, in spite the fact that they know they will be leaving everything behind, yet they know that it is the Lords eyes that matters most. No matter how simple our life will be, or how simple tasks or everyday activity we do, it is important to think "the Lords glory for we are missionary forever". The principle of missionary work is to understand our purpose to work, and by this we will comprehend the Lords purpose for the work. Have a wonderful day to every one! (=
Geralyn Suarez Ty Chico Send Email
The New PBS documentary on the Church 24 Apr 2007
For those of you who are interested in knowing what the PBS documentary, "THE MORMONS", is going to be like, here are some links to stories I did for BYU's paper that will help you out. I got to preview the whole 4 hours of it, and the Church comes out real good in this.

also, you can see the trailer at
Nicholas Ryan Newman Send Email
that was fun 17 Apr 2007
hey yaz all that was a fun mission reunion but there were some faces i was sad i did not get to see
casey c fisher Send Email
Wedding 27 Feb 2007
Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be getting married March 24th, 2007 in the Boise Idaho Temple.
Jaromy Michael Emery Send Email
sister jensen ans Jenkins 11 Feb 2007
Hello, my name is Ella. i lived in Louisville Oct 2005-Aug 2006. and when i just got there from Russia i met wonderful sister missionaries. there were three of them they served in 1st crestwood ward. i remember only sister Jensen and sister jenkins. i was wondering if somebody knows their contact information, so i could get back in touch. you can email me thank you
Ella Ibragimova Send Email
Facebook - Packard missionaries 03 Feb 2007
Hey those of you who use facebook, a group has been created predominately for those who served under President Packard. When you sign in search for the group "Kentucky Louisville Missionaries" Just thought I'd let you know. Also, you can begin to plan for the Packard Mission Reunion. It will be March 30th. More details coming. Invitation will be sent out via e-mail, so if we do not have you e-mail address please send an e-mail to and request an invitation. Thanks.
Joseph Spencer Stocking Send Email
Happy New Year!! 05 Jan 2007
We would also like to send our warm regards at this time of year. Last year was quite challenging as we adjusted to our new home in Southern Japan (very tropical.. a big change). We are also adjusting to our growing family and all the young men and women that we serve here. We hope that you are all anxiously engaged in the Work. Love the Jacksons of Okinawa
Victor Lynn Jackson Send Email
Happy New Year 02 Jan 2007
I just wanted to be the first message of the new year. I hope things are finding everyone well and enjoying life. Tiffany and I send our love and wish the best for everyone working so hard to continue the work of the Lord. Thanks a bunch. Love the Odells
Michael James Odell Send Email
Hey my great grand parents served here! 18 Sep 2006
Hey a little while after i got my call my grand parents Gertrude (grandma) and Ezra (grandpa) Moore, where called to his same mission in 1974! of course the mission was a little different and covered a little more of the area but i thought that was really cool. They have both since passed away but i was lookin to see if there is anyone who knew them or anything like that. that would be sooo great if you could let me know. I am hoping to get some type family history info work done and i pray that i run into someone that knew them from them serving in the area! please any of you Alumnis let me know.

Elder Sanders
Ryan Cody Sanders Send Email
Just passin through 03 Sep 2006
We spent a month in Florida in August (crazy huh?) and our trip took an interesting turn of events. It entailed that we drive a van home to Utah instead of flying home. In the course of driving through, we passed through Kentucky. How much I wanted to go back there and prosylite among those great people again!

For those of you who knew Bro Gschwind in Erlanger (northern Kentucky), I fear he has passed on as I have not been able to find or visit with him as I have passed through on business trips. Last time I visited with him about 7 years back, he was not in very good health, but he was very happy. He was, and is still an inspiration to me in my life. A man of superior charactor and integrity.

And to add to being a small world, I was in the Oklahoma temple taking in a session when I noted the name tag on one of the officiators (not certain, but I think he was a counselor in the presidency of the temple) of Bro. Fish. I inquired of him if he knew Bishop Stan Fish of Cinci, one of the wards up there. He certainly did! Said it was his favorite uncle! He was delighted to hear stories I shared with him about his uncle.

This is a great site. I certainly hope all allumni find this site and get registered in. Thanks for the efforts in setting it up.

Gary Penrod
Gary Penrod Send Email
wedding 19 Aug 2006
Alan and Tracy Mentzer
are pleased to announce
the marriage of their daughter
Danielle Idland
Joseph Bennett
son of
Steve and Marilyn Bennett
at two oclock in the afternoon
in the LDS Stake center
1095 Golconda Avenue
Reno Nevada

Anyone is welcome
Joseph T. Bennett Send Email
Elder Prior 16 Aug 2006
I'm leaving soon! let me know how the mission is
Daniel Kenneth James Prior Send Email
Theresa Packard Wedding in SLC 01 May 2006
President and Sister Packard will be in Salt Lake City for their daughters wedding and they would love it if their missionaries came and saw them. They would be especially pleased if those that could not make it to the reunion could come and see them.

Open House for Derek Battistii and Theresa Packard
Saturday, May 20
from 6:30 to 9:30
at an LDS Chapel
1400 South 1250 West
Salt Lake City, Utah

Y'ALL COME!!! Love, President and Sister Packard
Joseph Spencer Stocking Send Email
Reminder 09 Mar 2006
Hey everyone...I just wanted to let you all know that I got an email from President Flake & they WILL be coming to the mission reunion! I am so excited to see all of you! Check out the "reunion" section for more information! Don't forget, the location make sure down the new address! :)
Renee Layton Send Email
Hi 09 Jan 2006
Hey l would hear from all served when did in 80-82 email me at Thanks
David W. Barnsley Send Email
Elder Jones 14 Dec 2005
Hey . . has anyone seen or heard from Elder Jones "Christopher Micheal Jones". He was my trainer under President Neilson. He also served as an assistant to the president. Please send any information you may have.

Thank you,

Todd Hansen
Todd Hansen Send Email
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