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John is retiring 18 Nov 2010
We just returned from two months in Madagascar, we were coordinating the church's efforts in the recent National Measles Vaccination Campaign. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to visit Madagascar again and witness the growth - we were able to attend the creation of the District in Tamatave. In addition, this month, there will be a district formed in Antsirabe and the Stake in Antananarivo will be split.

Many of you will remember John, one of the Mission Drivers (there were three, John, Roger and Marcellin). Well, John is retiring at the end of the year and President and Sister Donnelly want to put together a Remembrance Tribute for him.

If there are any of you out there who would like to submit a message to John, (they suggested it would be preferable to write it in French but I am sure Malagasy would be great too), please send it to me and I will forward it to President Donnelly. (I see that he is not registered on this website so I think it would be wise to not publish his email address)

Thanks for your help - we look forward to hearing from you.

DeMoine and Joyce Findlay
DeMoine Findlay Send Email
Pres. Gaya Reunion Oct 1, 2009 20 Sep 2009

(The BYU / UTAH STATE game is Fri. Oct. 2, 2009 in Provo at 7 pm, so Thursday is the best date.)

PLACE: Monument Park 1st Ward: 1005 South (Michigan Ave) 2000 East. SLC UT 84108

TIME: 6:00 - 6:45 pm:
* Missionaries-Parents* optional: Greet the Gayas

Parents* - That could be any parents who have had missionaries who served with the Gayas and may still be over there. You are welcome for that first hour. NO RSVP.

TIME: 7:00 - 9:00 pm (or a bit longer):

* Missionaries-Date/Spouse optional: Light Supper Buffet

* RSVP for Buffet ASAP to:

Catered by Lori Tolbert. If you would like to bring a $5 donation, that would be great!

* Program: after buffet. Tolbert, Fitts and Clark are coordinating the slide show. Send 5 photos to: ASAP

* Questions:




Thanks. The Gayas are very excited. We love them very much and we want them to be happy with this!
Addison Jenkins Send Email
Potluck in Utah Aug 15th, 2009 07 Aug 2009
Calling all return missionaries and families of the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission

It is time to meet everyone for a Potluck Dinner

Hosted By Lisa and formerly Elder Michael O'Day 

At  the home of

Carmen & Gerry Jones

August 15th at 5pm

1918 Tuscany Circle
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062-8563

Bring a covered dish enough to feed your family or those joining us for this glorious occasion. We finally get to meet everyone! For those of you Utah folks who have already met we still want to see you there. We look forward to sharing the movies that Michael has made since he came home from Mada 5 weeks ago and all the wonderful missionaries he served with.

Please include the # of people who will be joining us
Addison Jenkins Send Email
Current Status in Madagascar 13 Mar 2009
Hey, I don't know if anyone has been following the news, but things are pretty bad in Madagascar... what's going on with the missionaries? France 24 and BBC have been following the crisis there and France 24 has often featured it as their top story on their webpage. Last I heard the missionaries were still there, yet the BBC report says, "Meanwhile, foreign governments are advising people not to travel to Madagascar and the tourist industry, a vital source of revenue, is reeling. More than 95% of foreign bookings have been cancelled." Does anyone know if the missionaries have been evacuated?
Keith Alan McLean II Send Email
Travel 06 Feb 2009
My husband and I are presently making travel arrangements for a visit to the Seychelles, Reunion, and Mauritius in April. We plan to meet our son as he completes his Mission on Reunion, then take him with us to Mauritius and back home to Denver. We're looking for feedback and ideas from any other family who has gone to meet their Missionary. Also, does anyone know how to reach Sister Jill Vaughn or her family? We heard they did this sort of trip. Thanks, Mary Faith
Mary Faith Forbes Send Email
Tamatave branch meetings 02 Apr 2008

I thought I already posted on this topic, but I don't see the post here. The branch president is Jules Merci RAZAFINJATOVO, and here is his email:
Matthew G Gibb Send Email
Reunion 17 Mar 2008
Are there any plans for a mission reunion this year?
Thomas Tregler Wilson Send Email
Tamatave branch meetings 17 Mar 2008
Possibly current and if not, then former branch president who would know the Tamatave branch meeting info:

Razafinjatovo Jules Merci

--Matt Gibb
Matthew G Gibb Send Email
Tamatave Meeting Times 09 Mar 2008
Can anyone help me to make a connection in Tamatave so that I can discover the meeting location and times for Sacrament Meeting?

Thanks, Neal 033 013 4244
Neal K Ostler Send Email
New Missionary 02 Jan 2008
My son was just called to serve in the Antananarivo mission I was just wondering if there are anythings that aren't mentioned in the mission letter he should bring.
Any advice that people have would also be appreciated.
Phillip Lundgreen Send Email
Jensen 19 Nov 2007
Anybody know how to find John Jensen who served under P. Harmon?
Abraham K Contos Send Email
INFO 05 Jul 2007
I'm looking for the contact info of the BENNER, Neil and Norma BENNER, they served as couple miss in MAdagascar in 1996-1998, it's really important.

We are Having Twins~ 10 Jun 2007
Si tu n'as pas entendu des nouvelles, ma femme est enceinte et nous avons trouve cette semaine que nous aurons des jumeaux en novembre! J'aimerais bien avoir l'un de mes enfants d'avoir une nom francaise et doncje te demande pour des exemples. On ne sait pas quoi le sexe des bebes mias on est ouvert de tous! Peut-tu me donne des exemples s'il te plait?

Ok for all those non french speakers, my wife and I just found out this week that we are going to be having twins in Novembre. We aren't sure of the sexes yet, but will find out in the next week or so. We do know that they are identical twins, so 2 boys or 2 girls. We are trying to come up with some names now and we are asking people if they have any ideas. If you have some, please don't hesitate to email us at Hope to hear from you all soon!

Josh& Trish
Joshua A. Starkey Send Email
Mauritius 07 May 2007
Does anyone know the contact information for the Church or missionaries in Mauritius?
Steve Foster Send Email
Mission Madagascar 18 Apr 2007
Hey we are planning another humanitarian trip to Madagascar in June/July 2007. We will be taking a doctor and performing eye surgeries as well as distribute eye glasses to those in need. We also have another project in an orphanage.
Here is our new website:
Sally Ann Reay Send Email
Trying to find Soeur Springer 01 Nov 2006
Hi! I served with Soeur Springer in the MTC and I need to find her. IF you know how to get a hold of her, please email me and let me know.


Julia Morrow
Julia Morrow Send Email
Dress code for reunion 15 Sep 2006
The dress code for the reunion will be business casual.
Sally Ann Reay Send Email
Mission Reunion 02 Aug 2006
We are putting together a slide show for the reunion on Sept. 29. Please send any pictures you would like to add to
We would like any pictures you have from Madagascar.

Thanks for your help!
Sally Ann Reay Send Email
Swiss is getting married 10 Apr 2006
Hello there
Yeah :) even swiss get married. I'm getting married, the 25th/26th of August 2006. I'm looking forward since this is the best young woman ever. :)
These were the beans I had to spill

Vive the Dodo Zone

Raphael Schär
Raphael Schär Send Email
Mission Madagascar 07 Apr 2006
We have a group of volunteers going back to Madagascar to rebuild the showers, toilets, and the kitchen to make the Orphanage just outside of Tana more sanitary. We will be in Mada for 3 weeks doing this project. We will post our pictures when we return.
Check out our website at:
Sally Ann Reay Send Email
Sister Missionaries Removed 24 Mar 2006
Hey Brandon, I just thought I'd give you the shortened version of what I've heard from the sisters in Mada. Basically, they have been getting harrassed a bit but it's gotten worse and more frequent. So, they are pulling them out for security reasons. Sad, I know. Hopefully they will be put back in the future.
Bradley Wayne Kartchner Send Email
Sister missionaries removed? 13 Mar 2006
As per Anderson's last post and news I've heard from members in Mada, have all the sister missionaries been sent to South Africa? Why is this?
Brandon Scott Barrus Send Email
Wedding 22 Jan 2006
Well everyone, there comes a time in everyone's life where they must settle down after the mission and start making those babies and Heavenly Father is calling me to my next mission...I'm getting married this friday (27 Jan 2006) and the reception is the next was amazing and kinda wierd yesterday b/c I took my Fiance through the temple, but feelings wereconfirmed even more! So anyone who can make it, it's here in San Diego, CA at the San Diego temple and then the reception is at our stake center, if you need directions email me! Take care everyone!
Joshua A. Starkey Send Email
chat 16 Jun 2005
I think a chat would be great. It would be a great way for some of us older returned missionaries to find out what is going on in Mada. I wish there was someway we could get the mission newsletter sent to this website.
Tyler Ross Nicholes Send Email
Chat? 15 Jun 2005
Anyone up for using the chat function on the site? It'd be fun to get on with a bunch of people and catch up.
Brandon Scott Barrus Send Email
Goin back to Mada 13 Oct 2004
Hey there ya'll. Lookin for e-mail addresses; Mike Washington - St. Denis. Samuel & Silvie - St. Denis. Jean Claude - St. Denies. Pierre & Njara - Mada

Any leads would be awesome!!!! Planning a trip back at the end of the year through January. Thanks. Big kisses. Smithbe
Heath M Smith Send Email
Oct 04 Reunion 23 Sep 2004
Dear Friends,

Once again, it appears that we will not be able to be out for the reunion. We were there in Aug for a baptism and the Howell/Turner wedding and in Sept for a funeral, so unfortunately, for Oct. it's not good. Hope that you have a GREAT reunion and we'll be thinking of you.

PLEASE CHANGE OUR ADDRESS on your rosters so we're not missing out on any news and wedding announcements. It's 405 N. Broadway - Leavenworth KS 66048. Phone is 913-651-3176. Email is

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Love, Linda and Steve Flanagan
Linda Flanagan Send Email
Death of Loulou 06 Jun 2004
Dear former missionaries,

This morning, we were copied an e-mail message from the Harmons to the Flanagans announcing the untimely death of Sister Loulou (RAZANAJATOVO, Vololoniaina) from Ankadifotsy on Saturday, June 5, 2004. As you may remember, Loulou worked in the Mission President's apartment. According to Sister Harmon, she came to work last Wednesday and seemed fine, but developed severe stomach pains thereafter. She then passed away even after being placed in the care of a doctor. That is all we know at this stage. If you wish to express condolences, we are sure that you could do so by e-mail through the Mission Office ( Otherwise, the family address is: Lot IVL27, Ankadifotsy, Antananarivo (101), Madagascar. We believe that the funeral is on Monday, June 7.

We hope all is well with all of you and your families.

John and Marsha Hill
John Richard Hill Send Email
Suggestions/advice 01 Jun 2004
I have recently been called to serve in the Madagascar Anatananarivo Mission. I was wondering if there were any suggestions/advice that any returned missionaries would like to give me so that I may more fully prepare to serve the people. Thank you.
Benjamin Jack Sparks Send Email
how was the reunion? 16 Apr 2004
i made a last minute trip out to slc for general conference, but didn't get the chance to come out to payson. can someone give us an update on how the reunion went. any exciting news goin on with anyone???? i hear shakes is movin out to utah...what else...engagements..i heard soeur nelson was engaged to some hottie living in Alaska.....(that's an april fools's still the month of april) anyway, someone post up what's happening with everyone or else i'm gonna start some rumors on this site...ha ha ha...just jokin! have a great day to, lua tonga
Lua Tonga Send Email
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