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Mission President 10 Jul 2012
I am looking for a old mission president that served from 1983 - 1986. Donald G. Whitney. Please call if you have any information about him. 308 - 430 - 1372.
Jeff Rolland Burwell Send Email
President John R. Poulton Passing 09 Mar 2012
Dear missionaries I would like to inform all those missionaries that served under John R. and Nancy Poulton that Pres. Poulton passed away March 09, 2012. Following are details for his viewing and funeral:

Wednesday: "Russon Mortuary - 6-8pm." 255 South 200 East Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Thursday: LDS Chapel - 9:45-10:45a. 2215 Roosevelt Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Thursday 11a - 2215 Roosevelt Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Any questions please forward to ""

Eden Acuna Vera Send Email
Chris Poole 03 Sep 2011
Small correction: if you add other search terms, other than a middle name, they should be outside the quotes containing his name(s). Quotes denote a complete phrase to search for. Also, if you know the exact spelling of a phrase, and don't want Google to "guess" what it *could* be, then you should put a plus sign immediately before the word of phrase, like this:

+"phrase to search for"
Dane Austin Mutters Send Email
Chris Poole 03 Sep 2011
I don't have any specific information about this individual, but I can give you some helpful tips:

First, sign up with Facebook and Myspace. It's free, and will give you access to profiles on those pages. Then, go to and type in the following before clicking the Search button: "Chris Poole" OR "Christopher Poole"
[or] "Chris Poole" OR "Christopher Poole"

There will be a LOT of matches for each site. Please note that you should capitalize "OR" as given, so that you can search for anybody going by Chris or Christopher. You can reduce the number of irrelevant matches by adding in a middle name within the quotes, or by putting in some other words that could be pertinent, such as "lds" or "mormon" the city or state he lives in (if you know). You can also make sure that you have the right guy by looking at a prospective's "friends list" and seeing if your mutual acquaintances (if any) are present.

I hope that helps. Good luck, and have a nice day.

Dane Austin Mutters Send Email
Looking For 20 Aug 2011
I am looking for Elder Chris Poole who served with me in the Bernalio area.

I would love to catch up! You were a great missionary and a great example to me!

My phone number is 308-430-1372
Please call!
Jeff Rolland Burwell Send Email
Pictures 07 Feb 2011
Pictures of missionaries serving from 2006 to 2009 have been posted at:
search with key word: nmam
Wayne Cox Send Email
After my time 26 Nov 2010
I was released in 1980, so I don't have a clue who you are talking about. Sorry.
John Morgan Robertson Send Email
President Kelly's 70th Birthday 17 Nov 2010
Sister Kelly requested I pass this on…

President Kelly's 70th birthday party:
When: Dec. 18, 2010 from 5 - 8 PM (open house)
Where: Kelly's house, 10045 N 6300 W, Highland, Utah 84003

Please bring or email a 8.5" X 11" sheet with pictures, thoughts, and memories to add to a family scrapbook.

Sister Kelly's email is
Andy Bennett Aston Send Email
Former Companion 07 Nov 2010
Does anyone know where Elder Steve Summers is? He served under Pres Whitney in 1985. I would like to find him if possible.
Kenneth Jensen Send Email
Brown's need help 22 Jun 2010
Please look at the website I created for the Brown family and if you are in any position to help with any supplies or anything, please send them as soon as you can. Thanks for your help.
Matthew M Nelson Send Email
advice 26 Aug 2009
is there any advice from recent missionaries or missionary moms for a new elder in the New Mexico Albuquerque mission. please email me at my name is Kevin Bretzing thank you =)
Kevin Bretzing Send Email
finding old compaions 25 Aug 2009
i am trying to find old companions that i have served with during my mission

david woodbrey Send Email
The Wimmers 30 Mar 2008
Hey all, For of all of those that know the Wimmers, they would like to know how you guys are doing but don't have internet access so here is their address and phone number:
Nob and Myra Wimmer
2416 Waunita Ave.
Kanab, UT 84741
They still live in the same house outside of page and its now Bishop Wimmer!
Paul Theodore Puffpaff Send Email
Safety Video 2002 29 Dec 2007
The safety video that was shot in 2002 is finally available at the following website....

Please inform those who served during that time and especially Elders Gray and Miller.
Matthew M Nelson Send Email
Help! 01 Oct 2007
I am looking for the Elders who taught me the Gosple. Elder Stuart Allen Christiansen and
Elder Mark Gale Medonich. Elder Christiansen was the Trainer and Elder Medonich was straight form the MTC when we met. I was Baptizes 5 July 1980 in Albuquerque.
I would like very much to be in contact with these brethren. My home phone is 970-249-8694 Cell phone is 970-596-8439
My e-mail is
Michael Lee Sims Send Email
Rez Pictures 21 Sep 2007
I am presenting some research on Navajo health and was wondering if any of you fellow alum have old pictures of medicine men or of physicians treating Navajo patients or anything related to healthcare. If you have pictures, please email me a note regarding what you might be able to send me electronically. Thanks for your help
Matthew M Nelson Send Email
Looking for someone 01 Mar 2007
I was wondering if one of you alumni could help me out. I'm looking for missionaries from my district at the MTC. I was sent to Pennsylvania and the missionary I'm looking for was sent to New Mexico. We kept in touch while on our missions, but lost contact after. His name is Joe Thomas and served from 2002 to 2004. I know he is from Canada. Please e-mail me with any information. Thanks!
Caroline Hall Send Email
President Griffiths 28 Feb 2007
Looking for any information on President Griffiths, anyone know where he is now?

Duane Beazer Send Email
Getting Married 09 Jul 2006
I am getting Married on October 14, 2006 in the Portland Oregan Temple. My address is

James Crawford
260 Fifth Street.
Woodland WA. 98674
Apt. #3

My phone number is 360-200-2509
My e mail is
Hope to hear from you soon.

James Allen Crawford Send Email
Hi all. Help me 08 Apr 2006
Hi everybody. If you gyus know President Mansell's current address, email and phonenumber could you send me please.Thanks alot
Ariunaa Purevjav Send Email
Former Companions 25 Feb 2006
I just wanted to know if anyone knows were (Elder) Jonathan Freeman is? I served with him in Cortez from June 1999 to Oct. 1999. I talked to him on the phone once, although ever since that one time I haven't been able to get in contact with him. I would like to be able to find out were he is and what he has been doing. Please let me know. Also what ever happened to (Elder) Eloy Lorenzo? I served with him for a little while in Socorro.
Spencer Douglas Kelly Send Email
Mission Presidents 31 Jan 2006
We are looking for pictures from 1974 to 1995 of the Mission President from your years of service in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission could you please send it to the webmaster so we can update the Presidents with their photo on this website please.
Clark Richard Shumway Send Email
*Wanted* Elder Harper 29 Jun 2005
I'm trying to track down an Elder I served with. His name is Elder (Joe, I think) Harper and he served between 1999-2001. He served in Pinon, AZ and later in Albquerque.
Anybody have a clue? Let me know. My email is
Mitch Brent Davis Send Email
Mission Song 11 Jun 2005
Called to Serve Writen by Sister Hatke and Sister Baugh approx. April 93 - June 93 in honor of our Mission President who dearly loved the hymn. Permission is given to use freely please be sure to keep our names on it.

Called to the great Albuquerque Mission
Serving here among the Lamanites
Blessed to have the best of presidents
What more could we ask of God?

Called to serve with strength and dedication
Not forgetting our humility
Using song and prayer and inspiration
So the spirit can testify

Called to meetings every other week
How we love to visit our new friends
Feels so good to fill our empty cups
Then go and give again

Onward! Ever onward! Well be to the conf’rence soon!
Onward! Ever Onward! Did they say it starts at noon?
Forward! Pressing Forward! To where we will meet with smiles
Father help us ev’ry month so that we’ll not go over miles

When we’re called home and are with our loved ones
We’;; remember all we learned out here:
How to walk slow when sheep are hungry
How to dodge the rez dogs too.

Onward! Ever onward! Don’t you worry where they run.
Onward! Ever Onward! They are just trying to have fun.
Forward! Pressing Forward! As we search for our next door
God will lead us back, just do your part and draw a decent map

Can’t forget the ruts they call the roads
And the washes we go boating through
In the town was where we had the DA’s
Still I missed the mutton stew

Onward! Ever onward! It’s the green lights that mean go
Onward! Ever Onward! No one told me it would snow!
Forward! Pressing Forward! We will leave with tears in eyes
God protect the mem’ries of the best time of our lives.
Gail Marie Huff Send Email
*Wanted* 11 Jun 2005
Wanted, contact with people who remember me!I was very excited when I came upon the mission website! I could not wait to get in touch with as many old pals that I could! As many of you may remember my nick name was "Sister Chatke" and well I have not changed much! I still love to chat and keep in touch with people. I love e-mail and message boards etc so please send me out a shout! I would love to catch up with any of the missionaries who served when I did! I served Jan 92 - June 93. I also would love to catch up with any of the members who remember me. I sure loved my mission and think of it often. The decision to serve a mission was one of the best decisions I ever made. I still think of my mission often. At least once a month! Yeah, I know I am sentimental. Hope everyone is doing well!
Gail Huff (Hatke)
Gail Marie Huff Send Email
Where is everyone? 18 Apr 2005
DOSE ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE FOLLOWING MISSIONARIES ARE? Elder Jeff Crosland, Elder Ron Waite, Elder Kris Johnson, Elder Trent Peterson, Elder Harry Mobley, Elder Kevin Jessup, Elder Dan Griffths, Elder Greniger, Sister Ellen Gertch? Sure wish they would put a profile on this website. Because I know there were more missionaries serving with than whats on the site.
Clark Richard Shumway Send Email
Looking for Elder Kitchen 24 Oct 2004
It is a small world in this church! I've come across a family that was baptised in El Paso in 1980 or so, and they'de like to write to Elder Kitchen, or any missionary who taught them. I'm talking about the Regusters family--first black family to be baptised in that area, at that time. Anybody know where Elder Kitchen is especially. Thanks, Elder Keegan
Terrance Keegan Send Email
Pres Sellers 03 Jun 2004
I don't know where he currently is, But he served as Portland Oregon Temple President for 3 years a few years ago. I was able to visit with him, since it's the temple my ward is assigned too. He was doing well as well as Sister Sellers.
Tracy Thompson Send Email
Hiya! 15 May 2004
Looking for Sister Slater, I lost track of her bout 3 or 4 years after our mission. She's married now, cant remember the last name. Last I knew she was living in Salt Lake with her husband and 2 Children.

Also looking for other companions and Elder friends I knew! =)
Tracy Thompson Send Email
Reunion for 1998-2000 missionaries 01 Mar 2004
Does anyone know if there will be a reunion for the missionaries who served with President Kelly? Please let us know if there will be one in April. Thank You
Spencer Douglas Kelly Send Email
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