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We provide this information as a service for people who are unable to find members—and in particular, former missionaries whom they are looking for. We strongly encourage you to use the following resources first in your search:

  1. Missionary Alumni directories (See our Current mission Web site list)
  2. Conventional and online phone directories
  3. Relatives and friends of the person you are seeking

If you are looking for a current missionary, please send your letter to their mission home. Do not bother the membership or missionary departments.

This information is reproduced with the permission of Craig Olson of the staff of the Usenet newsgroup

How to find members through the Church

Call the Member and Statistical Records Division at the church office building. The phone number is (801) 240-3500. If you're not in the USA, or if you'd rather do things in writing, the postal address is:

Member and Statistical Records Division
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
50 East North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
84109 USA

  1. Request a copy of their Membership Contact Form. They will mail it to you promptly.
  2. Fill out the form, which asks for information about the person's name, age, birthplace, and other facts that might be helpful in locating the one you are trying to each. You will also need to make a brief statement about why you want to contact this person.
  3. Return both copies of this form to the address given at the top of the form.

One of the copies of this form will be sent to the person you are trying to locate, who will then decide whether or not to contact you. If the person cannot be located, the office will notify you of that.

(In the past, this division would forward letters that were sent to them. Currently, though, it is considered too risky to forward an unopened letter to anyone.)

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