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Experience Needed

As continues to grow, we need the help of those of you with experience in programming using PHP or PERL. Our sites also require quite a bit of time spent in the area of System Administration (Linux and NT); including Network Security and Database Maintenance.

The LDS Mission Network is completely run by volunteers. We've provided this service for free and would like to continue to do so. We don't offer much, besides comaraderie, friendship, and a bundle of knowledge. If you are willing to accept these terms, take a look through the following openings, and let us know:

How to volunteer

If you have solid experience for one of the positions listed to the right, fill out this form:
OR, if you are a quick learner with some experience and are willing to learn on your own with little supervision or help, you may also apply (most of us were that way).

Your Information

Your Name:

E-mail Address:

Languages spoken:

Your Abilities

Which of the following areas would you be able to volunteer in? What is your level of knowledge? Please comment on if / how you may be able to contribute in the following areas:

Example:I rate myself as an excellent MySQL admin

Postgres/MySQL Database Administration

Systems Administration: (Red Hat Linux)

Perl Programming:

PHP Programming:

Layout / Graphic Design:

Webmaster: (site enforcement)

Public Relations:

Legal Counsel:


How much spare time can you contribute on a regular basis? What are your competing commitments? (We probably have many of the same commitments as you!) Anything else you'd like to tell us?

To verify you are a real person, please enter these characters into this box: ACR329

This form is NOT for volunteering to do missionary service. Contact your local church official if you would like to serve in the mission field.