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Looking for member from Tenerife 15 Aug 2010
Does anyone have any contact information for a member from Los Realejos, Tenerife named Fran? His full name is Francisco Javier Gonzalez Avila, and he was baptized in Puerto de la Cruz in 1995. He would be about 40 years old now.

Bernt E White Send Email
Visit w/ Doly & Braulio, Pte. y Hermana Francis 02 Aug 2010
Hi - for those that served with Pte. y Hermana Francis ('91-'94), we are having dessert this Sunday, August 8, 2010 from 6-8 pm. Doly (Vega) and Braulio Aleman and their daughters will be here. Please drop by! 11213 N. 5600 W. Highland, UT 84003. Any questions, email nkelsch@gmail.com
Nicole Kelsch Send Email
How many missionaries on each island now? 14 Oct 2009
Now that the Canaries have been absorbed into the Malaga mission, does anyone have any idea how many missionaries they have on each of the various islands?

I suspect that there are fewer than 20 on El Hierro! I've just been curious about this for a while.
Dave E. Hibbert Send Email
Zack Balog 07 Dec 2007
I'm looking for Zack Balog. I'm heading out East next month and was looking for his contact information. Please email me at willbrewer@gmail.com.


Will Brewer
William Laurel Brewer Send Email
Canary Islands 22 Jul 2007
Hello everybody !

This is Jose Bolanos from the Canary Islands.

I live in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

I would like to keep in touch with some elders whos served here.

Like Enoch McDowell (UT), Jonas Sappington (TX), Jeremy Price (CA), Kenji Takahashi (CA), Joshua Beal (CA) and Jensen ( who served in Fuerteventura).

Perhaps they moved to other states. I´m in touch with almost 200 elders and sisters but I don´t have some mails like above.

Thanks for your help.

Saludos desde las islas del platano y el gofio.

Jose Bolanos
Jose Bolanos Send Email
Does anyone know where Justin Storm is? 28 May 2007
I am looking for Justin and Jana Storm. Last time I heard from them, they were heading out for North Carolina. If you have contact info for them, please email me at kevin.purcell@hcahelathcare.com
or call

Kevin S Purcell Send Email
Noelia Diaz Diaz's wedding 23 Mar 2007
My daughter Jessica and I flew into Gran Canaria and attended the wedding of Noelia from the Galdar branch. She was wed in Galdar and there was a wonderful reception with all of the great canarian food. She left the next day to be sealed in the Madrid Temple. Jessica and I only stayed for one night as we were on a family vacation in Ireland (St. Patrick Day's in Dublin!). We stayed with the Sanchez family in El Lasso. We had a wonderful time.
Clinton B. Burch Send Email
Just Got Back 22 Mar 2007
Just got back from a visit to the islands. Some things have changed a lot, others not so much. The mission is way different now being part of the Malaga mission. There are only 34-36 missionaries in the islands now vs. 120 when I was there. I would love to talk to old comps, friends from the mission. Send me an email and lets get in touch again. Take care.

Dax Logan Mangus Send Email
Youtube 27 Feb 2007
Hey all! Wanted to send you all to youtube! Just type in Canary Islands, individual island names, even gofio and let the fun begin. There are hundreds of videos from the islands! Enjoy!
rebecca j baca Send Email
Vacation in Canary Islands 17 Oct 2006
First, thanks to Adam for all of his work on this web-site. We all appreciate everything that has been done.

I would love to hear from Hermana Jennifer Barnes and Elder Matt Wilson.

I am going to be in the islands for the first two weeks of November. I hope to find a few of the friends and members that I met while serving.

God Bless.
Clinton B. Burch Send Email
Veronica Trachta se casa 27 Aug 2006
Hola Elderes y Hermanas,

Veronica Trachta de Guimar, Tenerife se casa el dia 30 de diciembre, 2006! Se casa en el templo de Oakland, CA. Ella quiere invitar a los misioneros que le conocen. Ella quiere saber de Elder Rojo, Elder Sappington, Elder Baker- el pijo;), Hma Holt, y Hma Norman. Ella ha nombrado a algunos pero quiere saber de todos. Pueden escribirla a: trachtav@hotmail.com

Su familia no puede llegar, menos su madre, por la distancia y falta de dinero. Si viven cerca a Oakland o Sacramento (es estudiante de la universidad) y la conoces, por favor escribele. Se casa con un buen chival de Oklahoma.
R David Shepard Send Email
Losing our Mission 06 Mar 2006
This is devastating news! I know that the Lord's work continues regardless of mission boundaries. I think this is difficult to swallow because of all the hard work that thousands of missionaries and who have labored to bring the gospel to the wonderful people of the Canary Islands and the determination of 6 mission presidents to improve the work there. I pray that our children will turn this around and be prepared to bring hundreds of missionaries back to the Islands.
Todd M Balog Send Email
Viva la memoria 06 Mar 2006
Me siente triste de averiguar acerca de la noticias de la mision. Concerniente las circunstancias, espero que nos recordemos las memorias de la mision viviente y que la obra siga adelante. Por favor, repasa cualquier memoria dulce para que viva la mision.

Disfruta a todos!
Brian S. Hurley Send Email
Las Palmas Mission Absorbed 06 Mar 2006
In case you haven't heard, the mission is being absorbed. i have attached an email from President Morrison that I received this morning before I left for chruch:

Dear Missionaries,
What many of us have heard through the grapevine was made official in yesterday's Church News. In the list of new mission presidents it is indicated that the Spain Las Palmas Mission is being absorbed into the Spain Malaga Mission.
No explanation is given. But we all know that the total number of missionaries in the world is decreasing (members are having fewer children and the bar has been raised) and emphasis is being placed on areas where missionaries are more successful.
Obviously we all are sad to see this happen to our mission. But remember that the lives you changed because of your faithful efforts are not erased at all but will reap eternal benefits.
Take care!
Pte. M

This is sad, but the mission will live on. I have read messages from greenies going to the islands, I guess they will be going to Malaga instead, who knows. Please post new stuff as you find out.
Douglas James Hughes Send Email
Looking for Elder Hirschey 30 Jan 2006
Hi there!

Anyone can tell me where Elder Hirschey is now? He was my companion in Telde in 1995. Thank you!

Manuel Contreras
Manuel Contreras Send Email
Looking for Eva Hernandez 06 Jul 2005
Hi. I'm looking for Eva Hernandez's current E-mail address. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hola. Estoy buscando el E-mail de Eva Hernandez. Muchas gracias.

Tom Wilcox
Tom Wilcox Send Email
Looking To Find People 03 Sep 2004
I realize haven't done all that much to keep in touch with everyone, but I would like to get emails from anyone who may remember me and who wants to find out where I am and what I am up to. I am anxious to find out how many of you are doing. I also want some addresses for people in the Canaries if you have them.
Jared Manuel Hunt Send Email
Buscando a los Mitton 01 Sep 2004
Hola a tod@s;
Me gustaría contactar con Elder y Hermana Mitton. Si alguién sabe su dirección de correo electrónico o la de su casa porfavor haganmela saber.
Muchas gracias a todos. :-)
Ernesto Morales Morales Send Email
e-mail 28 Aug 2004
I am trying to reach Elder Manolo Moreno. I need his e-mail address.
Charles Clark Gray Send Email
SALUDOS 08 Jun 2004

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