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Type of bike 28 Apr 2011
Was wondering what kind of bike I should get from that bike shop? Any recommendations? Thanks!
Matthew Send Email
Bike 27 Apr 2011
Thank you for advice on the bikes! I called the mission home transportation department and long story short, I'm going to have to buy one of their bikes. Any idea what kind of bike I should get? The website is The bikes that are shown on my list is the 3500, 3700, 4300, and 4500. Not sure if those are the only bikes that I can get a discount on or not, or if those are the best for what I'm going to need.
Matthew Send Email
Bicycles 26 Mar 2011
I was rather displeased by the bike I bought through the mission, but it more or less lasted through the entire two years. If $400 is too steep, you could try buying one from a returning missionary. You won't be able to make such arrangements until you arrive in the field, and it may be hit and miss if any of the returning missionaries hasn't already found a home for the bike they're leaving behind. Also, we always rode our bikes kind of hard. If you buy a used bike, keep in mind it is going to be a USED bike. Congrats on the call!
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Send Email
Bicycles 24 Mar 2011
I was just called to the THSM!! In the paperwork I got it says I need a bike, but the cheapest one they have (the mission has a deal with a local bike shop) is $400. Can I buy a bike from a missionary that is returning home? I need to have a bike by May 10th as I report May 25th.
Matthew Skinner Send Email
Proper Attire for Sister Missionaries 18 Aug 2009
I've been asked for more information regarding wardrobe selection for sister missionaries in Houston. In particular, appropriate footwear for warm weather is an issue and the sister asking would like "a little more information about the skirts and shirts. [She] was kind of confused how they were supposed to work."

If any sisters could offer any helpful advice, please do so here or in the comments section.

Shaun Anthony (Peck) Send Email
Richmond Ward Jan '05 15 Jan 2007
Hi, I'm trying to find the two elders that taught me way back when at the Oldroyd house in January 2005. So, if anyone knows who was in the Richmond ward at that time I'd really appreciate the help. I'd really like to let them know what has happened since they taught me that one and only time.
Valerie Le Doux Send Email
finding maria hernandez 06 Apr 2006
hey i was wondering if anyone that served in the rosenburg spanish branch knew where i could find sister maria hernandez. i baptized her in 2003 with elder kidd. she has three kids with one set of twins. i really want to get in touch with her and be able to visit her when i visit in july. if you have even her latest phone number or address that would be great. i hope i find something soon. thanks.
Stewart Ward Send Email
New President 31 Mar 2006
Wy Wife's Uncle and wife have been called as the new president of the mission. President and Sister Allred from Arizona.

Luckilly for everyone serving the Lord in Houston, I married into a family that made up of people that are much better than me. :)

Should be a great thing for the mission.
Jens Eric Jensen Send Email
Findin the Rangel Family 01 Feb 2006
Hey I was wondering if anybody knew where the Rangel Family is. Last I heard they where in the Leauge City area and possibly could have moved to an area out of the mission. I just wanted to post this to see if anybody knows a thing. If you do plaese email me the info.
Thanks, Scott Mahkorn
Scott D. Mahkorn Send Email
Tukuafu's wedding!! 23 Aug 2005
Whassup?!!? Floyd and I have had about 2 1/2 weeks to pull this together, and for that reason have not actually sent out "real" invitations. SO, to make up for that, we have made a wedding website. For those of you who know me, I need you to please be understanding if I haven't been able to contact you in person, but if you can make it and want to pardy hardy up in SLC, please feel invited and come on down!

Aloha! Bella Tukuafu and family
Bella Tukuafu Send Email
wedding 11 Aug 2005
Sorry I lied about the date of the Arroyo Pilcher Wedding it is the 11th.
Jared Thomas Belcher Send Email
Weddings 03 Aug 2005
I just thought i'd be the one to post a quick note that Elder Christopher Arroyo and Sister Cali Pilcher are getting married on THursday the 11th of Aug. The reception is that night.

Also if anyone has info on Elder Bryan Fisk's wedding, and reception, could you forward it to me ASAP I think it is the first part of this month and I cant find the announcment.
Jared Thomas Belcher Send Email
Your local Pearland connection 29 Jul 2005
Hey kids,
I've been living in the pearland ward for the past nine years. If you served here and would information about a family, email me and I'll see what I can do. I also have limited information and connections to the Alief Ward in Houston.
Does anyone know what has become of Elder Brian McCann or Elder Kevin Kelly? I think I heard that Kelly got married, but we all know how reliable rumors are. Thanks!
Savannah Hinds Send Email
Updates/Reunions 06 Apr 2005
I want to apologize to everyone for the lag in updating, and for the lack of a notice about this last weekend's reunion.

A recent profile change misdirected the notifications I receive when new information is posted to the website. New info doesn't actually show up until I authorize it, but I wasn't getting the update notifications. So, I had assumed that no new information was coming in. Since, I have learned otherwise.

So, the problem is fixed, the website is functioning normally, and all the updates that were waiting for approval have been thusly approved. I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused anyone. Most especially I apologize to anyone who had come here in search for information regarding the reunion, only to find none. I will not let it happen again.

Your companion in the work,
Shaun Peck
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Send Email
Searching for Elders... 14 Jun 2004
Does anyone know where Elder Harris and Taylor are now? They were in the Clear Lake 1st Ward as a companionship in the summer and fall of 2002. One of them was from Payson, UT... Wondering what happened to them. Send their info to
Bro & Sis Zufelt Send Email
Anyone know where Alfa is?? 15 Mar 2004
Anyone know where Alfa Cortez dissappeared to?
Michelle Leah Canfield Send Email
getting in contact 21 Jan 2004
Hey Darci..... I saw your message, but cannot seem to get through to your e-mail address. Let me know how to contact you.... Hope to talk to you soon. buh-bye, Jaime Groves
Jaime Marie Groves Send Email
I'm getting married...finally! 28 Nov 2003
Yeah! I'm getting married! Everything is set for our Temple Wedding on December 12th, and I'm so excited! The wedding reception will be that night from 7-9 at 755 East Three Fountains Drive (5010 South.) I would love to see everyone there!
Jodi Perez Send Email
We have an arrival 23 Jun 2003
I just wanted to annouce the arrival of our daughter Camrynn Taylor into the world. June 3rd weighing in at 9.4 pounds.
Darci Lynn Clark Send Email
marriage 18 Apr 2003
Well the day has come and I'm getting married. What I need from all my companions and those I was associated with during my mission is your current addresses so you can get a invitation, you can email it to me at or call me at 310-217-0164.

Scott Mahkorn
Scott D. Mahkorn Send Email
Scott Mahkorn 19 Sep 2002
Hey party people, just want to say wuz up! And to all those slackers out there that haven't kept in touch with me drop me a note or better yet drop me a line.

Scott D. Mahkorn Send Email
Rosenburg Ward 17 Sep 2002
I was just wondering if anyone had any addresses for anyone in that ward. I am wondering how everyone is doing there. Patty, Laughmans, Whipples, Whitleys, Andersons, and many more.
Darci Lynn Clark Send Email
Hey to all those I know. 12 May 2002
I hope more and more people realize this is up and running. I am looking for Sister Groves, Sister Pitcher, and Sister Tamblyn. All those Elders who I became friends with as well I wouldn't be able to list them all. I miss yas' all.
Darci Lynn Clark Send Email
Leave messages, yo 03 May 2002
Hey, all... message board here to leave messages...

So leave them..

I had quite a few more companions than who are listed on this site, so if you know of any alumni who haven't visited this site, get on them about it, eh....

carroll out
Justin Carl Carroll Send Email

Thanks to everyone who writes in with suggestions, questions and compliments about the website. I try to answer questions as speedily and thoroughly as possible, but I do not always have time to respond to compliments that I receive. Please know that they too are greatly appreciated.

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