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Shaun Anthony (Peck) The passing of Sister Bertolino (courtesy of Jed Greenfield) 03 May 2009
Shaun Vernon Alumni Elder Ecker playing Rose Bowl!!! 19 Dec 2006
Jedediah B. Greenfield Ochoa Family 30 Sep 2006
Jodi Perez Travis Bastian 27 Jul 2006
Shaun Anthony (Peck) The Untimely Passing of Elder Travis Bastian 25 Jul 2006
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Apology for Slow Updates 15 Jan 2006
Shaun Anthony (Peck) E-mail from the Mission President Regarding the Evacuation of Mission 23 Sep 2005
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Hurricane Rita Info 21 Sep 2005
Shaun Anthony (Peck) The Untimely Passing of Elder Dillon Jenkins 06 Feb 2005
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Last Week's Incident 08 Jul 2003
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Vietnamese translation needed! 07 May 2003
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Juanita Soirez Update 10 Feb 2003
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Juanita Soirez 30 Dec 2002
Shaun Anthony (Peck) New Site 12 Feb 2002

Thanks to everyone who writes in with suggestions, questions and compliments about the website. I try to answer questions as speedily and thoroughly as possible, but I do not always have time to respond to compliments that I receive. Please know that they too are greatly appreciated.

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