Texas San Antonio Mission Information

Current Mission President:
President Todd Baldwin Polley

Current Mission Address:
404 E. Ramsey Rd. #105
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 349-3268

Mission Song

Sing to tune of hymn # 307

1st verse:

From the wandering rio grande to the yoakum farming lands.
From the plains of Crystal City to Seguin.
From the savior comes our call, we must teach to one and all,
We will teach the truth, the truth will make men free.

Chorus 1:

Here our banner is unfurled.
We have lots of work to do.
'Til this noble task is through.
We are proud to take this message to the world.

2nd verse:

As an army here we stand, we are at the Lord's command,
We must fight the adversary to the end.
We will win and when we do, with our colors brave and true.
We will stand tall as the kingdom we defend.

repeat Chorus1

3rd verse:

We know what we have to do, to our callings we'll be true,
for we know just how much every soul is worth.
In this greatest brotherhood, we'll do everything we should.
For we're in the greatest mission on the earth.

Chorus 2:

We don't quit when we baptize.
We're not satisfied with less.
Here we serve with all our hearts,
True and faithful from the start.
Texas is the place to serve, it is the best.

4th verse:

In this labor full of love, with our faith in God above,
And a heritage of sacrifice untold.
With the Lord to guide us through, and a living prophet too,
We'll proclaim the truth like Paul in times of old.

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