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Eric Bramwell 18 Nov 2014
I am not sure everyone is aware, but Elder Bramwell passed away in September of this year. He is a great guy and it is so sad to be taken so young.

Brian Llewellyn
Brian Llewellyn Send Email
Christmas CD 31 Aug 2011
I'm looking for a copy of the Christmas CD for 2001. If anyone has it I would like to get a copy of it.
Thomas Price Send Email
Kids 05 Oct 2009
Well my Utah Provo Alumni,

Things are going really well. We have been married for almost 8 months now. Doing great. We are expecting our first kid in March. Doing well.
Daren Todd Manis Send Email
Oct 2009 UPM Reunion: Pres Smith or Pres Merrell? 30 Sep 2009

Does anyone know if there is a mission reunion this Friday (2 Oct 2009) for either Pres Smith or Pres Merrell? Any information would be appreciated!

Marcus Khong
Marcus Yi Tian Khong Send Email
10 years! 27 Jul 2009
It's been just about 10 years since I went to the MTC... lots of thoughts and sweet memories of my mission. I miss all you you elders/sisters of Israel.

Life has been very busy since the mission. After undergrad at BYU, then medical school, now I'm in my 2nd year of residency in Internal Medicine in North Carolina. We have a 2 year old little girl who runs into my arms every day I get home from work... it's the best! I love you all. I miss you and think of you often.
William Chadwick Burton Send Email
NCAA Track & Field Championships 05 Jun 2009
I don't know if anybody that I served around is in the Fayetteville area, but I will be competing in the NCAA Track & Field Championships at the University of Arkansas. If anybody is there let me know and we can get together. I will be in town from Tuesday (6/9) to Saturday (6/13) and will compete on Thursday and Saturday in discus if all goes well.

Wish me luck!

Greg Pilling
Gregory B Pilling Send Email
Tongia Vaitaki 17 May 2009
Has anyone have infromation on how to get a hold of Tongia Vaitaki?
Jordan James Cook Send Email
where is everyone? 11 Apr 2009
looking for my lovely VC sisters that served 2003-2004! where are you guys????????? e-mail me when you lovely ladies get a chance! love you!
elaine akoteu Send Email
recordatorio 12 Feb 2009
hola como estan amigo espero que alguein se acuerde de mi y me escriba pronto extraño mucho mi mision en utah provo
Jose Luis Cardozo Send Email
People asking for Homer Simpsons Plan of Salvation 25 Oct 2008
Hi y'all

A lot of missionaries and old investigators have been asking for the Lighthouse Program and Homer Simpson's Plan of Salvation.

Well they can be downloaded from my website ( I have also added a bunch of things for people investigating the church.

There is also a section there called find your missionary. This shows the mission album from 1999 and if people click on the photos it takes them to the missionaries profile on this site. If anybody wants me to remove their links then please email me and let me know.


Michael Ratcliffe
Michael Ratcliffe Send Email
hoy,, 23 Sep 2008
musta kn..ang tagal nkita ninahanap.ano na nagyari sa yo.mukhang buhay mayaman kn jan,
magparamdamdam k please email me
Hannah Vidal Clemente Send Email
Hello! 16 Sep 2008
Just wanna say hi to all my mission friends,companions and mission parents...

Love you all..this is the fafa from the philppines..

Crisanto Matimatico Molina Send Email
Surprise Scott Willmott 13 Sep 2008
This is actually Scott's wife, Kari (the one he wrote to... yeah, I waited the whole 2 years!). Anyways, I am trying to give Scott a HUGE surprise for his birthday. I have created a "surprise blog" where I am posting birthday wishes from as many people as possible. I know Scott would love to hear from all of his mission companions and other missionaries he knew. If you are willing, PLEASE contact me. I have put my email as Scott's in the directory. THANK YOU.
Scott Willmott Send Email
1999 banjo hymns album anyone? 07 Sep 2008
for those who served in 1999, i'm looking for the album that was quite popular amongst missionaries around that time. it was banjo music and the last song of the album was some danish song (i think) that wasn't a hymn. ring any bells? i'd love to hear from you if you have any clues.

Tyler Dale Zobell Send Email
Looking for Sister Stephenson! 26 Jun 2008
Hi! Everyone. I am trying to find Sister Andrea Stephenson from Belair, Maryland. She served Sep 2005-Feb or March 2007. If someone knows her and her contact information, please let me know. She was my last companion and I really want to keep in touch with her.
Badamkhand Mandukhai Send Email
Anyone around for General Conference? 25 Mar 2008
I am very excited to finally be able to visit Utah, I haven't been back there since the end of my mission. If you are around from April 02 to April 06, let me know. I would love to catch up with you and remember good ol' times.

P.S.: my contact info is available on my profile! Shoot me an e-mail in case you want my cell phone number or something like that.
Carlos Eduardo de Sousa Send Email
Update on Elder Workman 17 Feb 2008
Hi There Everyone!

This is Ivan Workman. I am temporarily staying in Issaquah, Washington, and spending time with the family til the end of March. If anyone is in the area that would like to visit let me know. My home phone is: 425-557-8525 or my cell at 714-414-3344. I just updated my information on the UPM website. I am doing fine, still finishing school. I will be moving back to southern California at the end of March. I will be doing some work in the Glendale, California as well as in the UK for the History channel over the next year and a half. For those who are curious, I am still single but, I am still dating; just haven't met the right one yet. Anyway, feel free to give me a ring or an email. I look forward to hearing from anyone.


Ivan Workman
Ivan Lee Workman Send Email
Hi 13 Feb 2008
Dear everyone, drop me a line sometimes.

Elder Anderson Aureliano
Anderson da Silva Aureliano Send Email
missionaries 24 Jan 2008
looking for missionaries that served in the utah provo mission area in 1989-1991
John Williard Pedersen Send Email
Visiting Utah 15 Jan 2008
All of you dear friends who served with me in the great UPM and live in Provo want to give you a great new.... I'm going to be there by february 15 and 16 hope we can see each other.
Alfredo Fuentes Garcia Send Email
Please Help 06 Nov 2007
I am in second grade this year, and I would like to do a Flat Stanley project with my class. I need people who have a color printer and a digital camera. I will email you “Flat Stanely”, and you need to print him out in color. I will keep the originals in Alaska. You will need to take a few pictures and email them to me. I am creating a bulletin board called “where did Flat Stanley go?” I will put the students’ original “Flat Stanleys” and the pictures on the bulletin board along with an essay written by the students about the location. I am excited about this project because I think it will be a lot of fun! I hello to all the people I know. I hope to hear from all of you. Does anyone know what happened to Sister Pilar Pena from Spain?

Cherri Anderson

Sister Anderson
Ms. Anderson
Cherri Lynn Anderson Send Email
Blessed of the Lord Exceedingly 20 Oct 2007
It's been a long road, but the Lord has finally led me to my eternal companion. I met Melissa almost a year and a half ago, and although I disliked her and she ignored me (funny story -- I'll have to tell it sometime), the Lord eventually opened our eyes and we began to date early this year.

As of Wednesday the 17th, Melissa and I are officially engaged. We haven't set a specific date for the wedding yet, but are thinking of either January 19th or February 16th. Any of you who knew me are invited to the reception of course, and I need help contacting those missionaries I knew but who aren't registered on this site (like Elders Layton and Reeves, for example). Just email me at so I know where to send the invitations.

P.S. As an interesting aside, some of you might remember Melissa's cousin from the mission field -- our very own Edie Chamberlin (Langford).
Michael D Dozark Send Email
The Wright Family 11 Jul 2007
Well I finally figured out how to post pictures on the UPM website, so take a look at them. I hope all those who know me are doing well. It's amazing the things that happen after the mission, sometimes I can hardly believe I'm happily married and have two sweet children. I feel very blessed. I miss everyone a lot so if you do remember me drop me an e-mail! And enjoy the pictures I posted too! Love, Shawna Wright (Brainard)
Shawna Rae Wright Send Email
Visit to Nevada and Utah 22 May 2007
Hello to all in the great Utah Provo Mission.
Adrienne, the Kids, and I will be in
Mesquite Nevada May 26th - May 31st
Beaver Ut June 1st
Provo/Utah Valley June 2nd & 3rd
Loa Ut June 4th & 5th
Back to Mesquite/St. George June 6th - 9th.
If any old companions or mission friends are around maybe we can get together and do lunch or whatever might work.
Cheers Denver Wigg
Denver James Wigg Send Email
US Travels for a Swede 14 May 2007
Hello everyone! I will be going to Columbus, Ohio for work next week, friday May 25th and saturday 26th I'll be around Kirtland. After that I will be going to visit my brother and his family in Austin, Texas.
If you know me and are somewhere near these places feel free to write or call!
The alternative is to visit Sweden...
e-mail and phone in the alumni
Best to you all, Jan Ottosson
Jan Johan Ottosson Send Email
Good News 17 Mar 2007
Hello everyone

How is everybody? Well, I am just sharing some good news. Just good, because they will be great when I share with you my wedding announcement. But for now I am happy to inform that after a year of hard work and a lot of studying done, I have been admitted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I am very happy and I just wanted to share this moment with all of you. Since I have applied for the year-in advance program, classes will start only in the fall of 2008. So I am hoping to be able to stop by Utah and visit some of you. Well, I hope you all are also reaching goals and pursuing dreams. I would love to hear from you! Keep in touch! Carlos (former Elder Sousa)
Carlos Eduardo de Sousa Send Email
email request 12 Feb 2007
Does anyone have Elder Chwalek, Elder Compton, or Elder Michael Jensen's (from California) email?
If they do and would forward them on to me that would be great!
Brody McDearmid Send Email
Sentimental 11 Feb 2007
I just found this site again... I don't recognize many of those whe have posted but in the chance someone who knows me see this... this is my life. I got married to Adam Michaelson in June of 2000. We have had 4 adorable and active boys - Joshua (5.5), Daniel (4.5), Sam (2.5), and Jared (10 months). We are still in Utah but will be moving to Minnesota in July. I am able to stay home and am a doula (trained birth assistant) on the side - our last baby was born at home, (yes, on purpose).
I loved the growth I experienced while serving the Lord in the great UPM. Thank you President Gregson for teaching me so much about the priesthood. I need all the help I can get in raising these sons. They are incredible spirits. Much smarter that I ever was.
Summer Michaelson Send Email
Elder Irwin 31 Jan 2007
I am trying to find Elder Irwin that served in Duchesne in 2000. Does anyone have an e-mail address for him?

Casey Lance Send Email
Lighthouse Program Anyone? 06 Jan 2007
Hey Elder Busken

You can download the lighthouse program from:

You can also download the Simpsons 4th discussion from the same page.

Just be sure to get the Bishop on side, it seems to make a huge difference to any program when you are serving as the WML.

Good luck

Mike Ratcliffe
Michael Ratcliffe Send Email
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